Naruto's Lesbian Stalker

Summary: This is a continuation of chapter 118 of Silent Magi's Randomness from the stalker's POV.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

Hi there. This is the story of how I fell in love with a beautiful blond busty naked babe. No not Tsunade Senju, Ino Yamanaka… or any other Yamanaka. No, I'm talking about Uzumaki Naruko. I met her when I stumbled upon Uzumaki Naruto in the middle of training.

He had yet to notice me and was obviously going through a list of his jutsu when he said the words that would forever be my favorite jutsu in the world. "SEXY JUTSU!" he announced and there emerged my angel. She was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. My heart fluttered and my panties dampened. Her body was straight out of a porno with her tight but supple legs, arse, and boobs.

He spotted me after transforming and immediately began apologizing. I couldn't understand why he'd apologize for turning himself into such an angel of seduction so I waved it off and continued on my way.

But when I got home it gnawed at me. I wanted to hold such a sexy woman in my arms and make love to her like only another woman could do. I'd even put up with her male counterpart in exchange for an hour of Naruko-chan time each day. It was then I decided I had to make her want me. Nodding I set out on my mission the next day. I found where Naruto-kun trained, having forced myself to call him Kun, and asked him nicely to train as Naruko-chan. I knew I'd have to become her friend before I could become her lover. He declined and I asked him to think about it then left back to my home to worship the shrine I made to her holy image.

I continued doing this for several weeks until I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to talk to her. So, finding his training ground once more I began begging him to train as her. I even offered the pig ramen in the hope that he'd cave and allow me to speak with my angel. He declined. Two weeks later I was desperate. I begged him on my knees to let me speak with Naruko-chan. I begged him to train as her just once and he refused me.

I was temporarily enraged until I realized that Naruko-chan wouldn't love me if I hated her male-half. I could deal with him as long as I got my Naruko-chan. So now I began following him around and appearing in random areas with ramen for him as a bribe so he'd train as my love. He denied me and began going out less only for training and missions. Still I followed him begging for Naruko-chan.

I began appearing outside his house at night trying to serenade him into letting me see my love. I knew he wanted her all to himself. Who wouldn't but it wasn't kind of him not to let me see her. I needed her and so I began calling for her all night. I rested during the day when he would escape the village on missions and called for her.

I even began begging Tsunade-sama to force him to train as her. I begged her to send the two of us on seduction missions so I could see her. I begged her many times to do anything at all she could to help me talk to my angel. She seemed amused at my plight actually amused. I was outraged but she promised to see what she could do. Unfortunately I couldn't get into his complex to beg him from his door so I just continued to beg from his street hoping he'd realize the futility of his actions and allow me to be with my lady love.