Chapter One

"Come on Hermione we are going to be late for class. You know how Snape gets when we are late."

"It's Professor Snape and we will not be late if you would have just finished your homework last night instead of waiting until the very last minute like always." Hermione answers while she is walking briskly towards the dungeons.

"It is not my fault, not everyone does their homework one bloody week early for every assignment and besides, I have quiddich practice" moans Ron.

"I am not even going to dignify that with a response Ronald, and if you do not move it we will both be late for potions. If we are late I am not going to help you in class; as far as I am concerned you can fail on your own.

"Come on, don't be like that Hermione. I really need help."

"You know what I think Ronald Weasley? I think you are just using me so that you do not have to do your own school work! You just want me to do it for you so you can spend all your time talking about and dreaming about quittich! Well news flash Ronald there is more to life than quittich!" Finally making it to the dungeons Hermione opens up the door with a bang and waltzes in leaving a dazed Ron behind her.

"It's about time you dunderheads decide to show up, twenty points from Gryffindor each for excessive tardiness and classroom disturbance," snarked the Potions Master, "Miss Granger would you be so kind as to tell us what we are working on today?"

"Today we are working on making a calming drought potion." answered Hermione in a calm voice.

"Correct Miss Granger, and just for today you get to work with Neville Longbottom."

You can practically hear the groan coming from Hermione as she walks over to Neville with a smile; upon seeing Hermione coming Neville passes her the most apologetic smile on his face he can manage. Oddly touched at this Hermione gives him a genuine smile and asks him to kindly get the ingredients that they need for this potion from the supply closet. While Hermione is brewing the potion Neville drops the wrong ingredient into the potion causing it to explode, Professor Snape manages to get a shield charm around everyone but Hermione, because she is too close to the potion. After using a smoke clearing spell everyone looks in shock that where Hermione Granger once stood is just a pile of clothes, and in her place is a little baby with big bushy hair. While everyone is staring Malfoy shouts out "even as a baby she is still bushy haired." Professor Snape not even noticing Draco stares at Hermione in shock. He quickly picks up baby Hermione and rushes to the hospital wing, not even stopping to dismiss class. "Well I guess she will not be able to help me on my homework for awhile," sighs Ron.

"Honestly Ron, your best friend just got turned into a baby and all you can think about is that she won't be able to help you with your homework? I have half a mind to send a bat boogey hex your way!" hisses Ginny.

Meanwhile in the hospital wing Madam Pomphrey is staring at baby Hermione in amazement. "So Neville Longbottom did this you say?"

"Yes, I believe he did. I don't know what he put in that potion but when I find that dunderhead I will hex him to kingdom come!"

"Not so loud Severus you will wake up Hermione."

"Now where is the headmaster I have a class to get back too," snarked Professor Snape.

"Here I am Severus," enters Dumbledore, "Ah I see and who is this little bundle of joy?"

"That little bundle of joy is Hermione Granger; also known as the Gryffindor Princess," sneers Severus.

"Oh, I see. Well Poppy how long until you can age Hermione back?

"Well Albus, because of the potion that was spilt on her she can not be aged for awhile. I am guessing that can try to age her back in about three months from now." Poppy calmly states.

"I see, than I guess we will just have Severus watch over her until she can be aged properly."

"WHAT!" seethes Severus, "I am not a proper guardian for her and besides why can't we just give her to her parents'?"

"Honestly Severus can you imagine trying to explain to Mr. and Mrs. Granger how their daughter ended up getting de-aged, it will be much simpler to just have you watch her. I will be sure to add a crib to your class room, office, and dungeon. And there is no need to thank me Severus." With that the headmaster walks out of the hospital wing with a twinkle in his eye, leaving the Potions Master holding a baby Granger that is just starting to wake up.