Chapter Eleven

"Draco, how could you be so stupid?" Bouncing Hermione on my hip I rub soothing circles on her back, trying to get her to stop crying. "Miss. Granger if you would stop crying Madam Pomphrey will be able to take care of your cut."

"Now really Severus there is no reason for you to take that tone of voice, poor Miss. Granger is still in pain." Taking Hermione out of Professor Snape's arms Madam Pomphrey fixes Draco with a glare.

"Mr. Malfoy, there was no need to bite her, she is just a small child. Now you will sit there until Dumbledore comes!" Placing Hermione on the edge of the bed, so her legs are dangling off the end, Madam Pomphrey starts to examine the rabbit bite.

"But she turned me into a BUNNY!"

"No, excuses Mr. Malfoy. Now let's get this taken care of." Tickling Hermione on the stomach she lets out a peal of laughter.

"I can tell she's in a lot of pain." Mumbles Draco.

"Hush, Draco."

Heading towards the back of the room, Madam Pomphrey starts to take out all different kinds of Band-Aids in different shapes and colors. While the nurse's back is turned Hermione sticks her tongue out at Draco and fixes him with an evil glare.

"She should have been in Slytherin."

"What was that Mr. Malfoy?"

"Nothing Madam Pomphrey, I was just commenting on how cunning Miss. Granger is." Nodding her head, Madam Pomphrey leans over and disinfects the wound. "The worst of this is over Hermione. Now which Band-Aid do you want? We have one with little snitches flying around, one with little bunnies running around, and one with little bats flying around."

"Bats please Miss. Pompry."

"Of course you sweet girl, now be good for Mr. Snape, ok?"

"Ok Miss. Pompry." Letting out a giggle she holds her arms up towards Professor Snape. "Up pease."

Reaching down to pick up Hermione, I fix her with a glare. "Don't you think being cute will get you out of your punishment Miss. Granger."

Finding her still trying to stifle her giggle, I sigh and reach down to place her on my hip.

"I can tell that she finds you very intimidating Severus." Drawls Dumbledore. "Now I noticed that there seems to be a great influx of bunnies today. Do you know anything about that Hermione?"

Turning her head towards my chest, I can feel the heat coming off of her face. "It would seem that her blush says she does, Albus."

"I see, well what should your punishment be I wonder? I could give you a detention, but I think that will interfere with your nap time and eating schedule. Severus, what do you think her punishment should be?"

"Well Albus, I highly doubt Miss. Granger will be doing anything like this ever again, no matter now entertaining these last few hours have been for her." Hearing her giggle against my chest, I look down and see the Band-Aid that has flying bats flying everywhere picking out bugs out of "mid air." "There is not much we can do about this right now Albus, but I think an apology would be a good start on her punishment."

"I think you are right Severus. Now Hermione do you have something you would like to say to me?"

"I sorry Dumbore." Noticing her eyes are starting to get teary, Severus starts to rub soothing circles on her back.

"I think that's enough punishment Albus."

"I thought I would never see the day when you would become a softy, Severus."

"I am not a softy, you twinkly eyed, color blind, old coot."

"Yes, very creative Severus. Now I think an apology is all the punishment Hermione needs." With a pinch of a cheek, Albus glides out of the hospital wing.

"I know, Miss Granger. I wouldn't like my cheek being pinched either. Let's go home, you and I have a very long conversation ahead of us tonight about the proper use of magic. Though I do have to give it to you, seeing Minerva as a bunny made this entire experience worth it. Draco, I will talk to you tomorrow evening, maybe Madam Pomphrey can get ride of that blue streak going through your hair." Noticing Draco running his hand through his hair self-consciously I let a well known smirk cross my face.

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