Hi! This is the first chapter! YAY! Bella and Edward are married and have Renesmee but they still go to Forks as it fit with the story. Also none of the cullens have graduated yet. Rose and Lissa are both eighteen and Dimitri never turned strigoi :) Plz review...

To humans we would look like a group off extremely pale, beautiful teenagers, with no social skills. To anybody who knew us well enough would know that we were hiding a secret that could be endangering not only the lives of our family; but the world. Our secret? We are Vampires. Vampires. Pale and blood drinking monsters- I would disagree with this. Yes we are pale and drink blood (my family only drink animal blood) the word monsters wouldn't be what I described us as being. We were far from it. Carlisle is a doctor, Esme is the most loving person you could ever meet, Alice is energetic, Rosalie looks like a goddess, my husband is an amazing musician, Emmett is the life of any party and my daughter Renesme brought mortal enemies together. If that's what monsters sound like to you then my name is not Isabella Marie Cullen- wife of Edward Anthony Mason Cullen and mother of half-human half-vampire named Renesme Carlisle Cullen!

We arrived at school in Edward silver Volvo – Renesme was at home with Carlisle and Esme. Forks high school was reaming with gossip. Today we would not only be gaining a new teacher, but two new students as well! Edward had been listening to the teacher's thoughts and had found out that the teachers name is Dimitri Belikov and the students' names being Rosemarie Hathaway and Vasilisa Dragomir. Speaking in voices to low for human hearing we made our way to our homeroom. (A/N I think this is right- in the UK we call it form room)

I am in homeroom with Edward, Alice, Jessica, Lauren, Mike, Eric, Angela, Ben and Taylor. Edward, Alice and I sat down in our normal places at the back of the room.

"Hi Bella, you look amazing!" exclaimed Angela.

"Thanks, Alice and Rosalie decided to give me a makeover." I laughed.

"Well a few of us were thinking about going to catch a film tonight. You're welcome to come." She said.

"Yeah, I think I can." I replied looking at Edward.

"Don't worry Alice has given you the night off." He smiled, showing his perfect teeth.

"I can speak for myself." Alice snapped bouncing up and down in her chair.

Angela laughed and went back to her desk. We continued talking in hushed voices; until Edward said the teacher was about to enter. As Ms Munder entered the room students went quiet and sat down at their desk. Ms Munder was a typical middle aged women- with slight laugh lines, raven black hair and fairly thin.

"Good morning." She sung.

"Good morning." We chorused.

"Today we have two new students, please make the feel welcome!" She said as she sat down.

Two girls entered the room. One was really pale and tall, with long white blond hair and jade green eyes. She was wearing a pink petite spot bow tiered dress, black heels with pink bows on, a netted faux pearl necklace, pink pearl earrings with tiny diamonds at the top, a four row pearl bracelet with a stone in the middle, she had a light pink flower in her hair and was carrying a bejewelled pink purse.(A/N clothes on profile)

The other girl was shorter and more muscle, she was tanned with long brown hair, that looked nearly black and brown eyes. Her choice of clothing was slightly different to the other girls. She was wearing slightly baggy white and red stripped top, black skinny jeans with zips, black buckle biker boots, a gold necklace hanging with lots of parts, gold hooped earrings and was carrying a white handbag.(A/N clothes on profile)

"Hello my name is Vasilisa Dragomir, but I prefer to be called Lissa." The girl with the blond hair smiled.

"Hi I'm Rosemarie Hathaway, call me Rose. If you call me Rosemarie you won't live to see another day!" she glared at Ms Munder, then smiled showing her brilliant straight white teeth.

"Why don't you tell us a bit about yourselves?" Ms Munder asked them.

"We have been best friends ever since we were five. We had been paired up and made to spell our names- Vasilisa Dragomir and Rosemarie Hathaway. Rose didn't think this was fair and called the teacher something I won't repeat, and then throw a book at her head." Lissa laughed.

"I hadn't known what those words meant, but I did know who to hit a moving target." Rose shrugged.

The class laughed at this.

"A few years ago my family died in a car crash, I was the only one that should've survived. Rose some how managed to live." Lissa said grimly.

I could see Angela with tears in her eyes and Mike trying to hold back sobs.

"About a year ago we went to a ski lodge with our school. Some friends and I went to Spokane whilst Lissa stayed. We were kidnapped and one of our best friends Mason was killed in front of us." Rose said with tears trailing down her face.

If I was still human I would've been crying. The bell rung and it was time to go to class.

I had P.E first with Emmett. I noticed that Lissa and Rose where in this class too. Being the polite girl I am I went over and introduced myself.

"Hi I'm Bella Cullen and this is my brother Emmett. Would you like to be in a group with us? I heard we were going to be running in group." I asked.

"Sure. " They agreed.

"I'm not a very fast runner, but if you want I could always pull few strings and get out of it?" asked Lissa.

"No. If we think you're to slow you can just jump on my back!" Emmett exclaimed

We laughed at his sudden out burst as we made our way outside. The new P.E teacher stood there wearing a white tank top and grey jogging bottoms. He had tanned skin, brown eyes and brown hair tied back in a pony tail.

"Hello I am your new teacher Dimitri Belikov." He introduced himself with a slight Russian accent.

"Can I call you Russian dude?" asked Emmett grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"If you want." He replied with a slight smile.

Rose started clapping.

"The 'great Dimitri Belikov' smiles. We can all die happy now!" smirked Rose.

"One lap of the field Rose!" He told her.

"Sure thing, comrade." She replied as she set off.

She came back after about ten minutes not even breaking a sweat

"Do you know Dimitri or something?" Emmett asked

"His my boyfriend," Rose smirked.