Heya my lovely readers, who will review xxx I know that in detention they wouldn't be allowed out the room, but I waved my fanfic wand to make it happen!


Me- I'm bored.

Lissa-shhh! the films about to start.

Me- Team Edward!

Girl in front of me- Shut up!

Ten mins later...

Lissa- Great we got kicked out!

Me- Now can we play a game. Truth or dare!

Lissa- I guess. Truth or dare?

Me- Truth (laughs like a maniac.)

Lissa- Do you own Vampire academy or Twilight?

Me- No. I thought Rose was evil, I'm dissapointed in you Lissa.

Lissa-(Takes off mask)

Me-(Gasp) Your Rose! (faints)

"Who's going to start then?" slurred Adrian.

"How about we spin a bottle." suggested Dimitri.

We agreed and spun Adrian's now empty beer bottle- it landed on Emmett.

"Truth or Dare, Rose?"


"Okay, I dare you to go into the canteen. Stand on a table and announce to Mike's table that they shouldn't sit there. As you and Dimitri had some 'fun' on it!" he said grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"Pathetic!" cried Rose as we made our way to the canteen.

Rose walked over too the empty table next to Mike's and stood on it.

"Hey you guys!" she yelled at them.

"What do you want?" Lauren spat.

"Just thought I'd tell you not too sit there, because one day when you were happily in class and I felt 'sick' me and Dimitri made good use of that table!" she shouted for everyone to hear.

They looked at her wide eyed, quickly standing before Jessica and Lauren gave cries of disgust. We laughed and made our way back to room 12.

"Dimitri, truth or dare?" she smiled.


"You do know you ruined my idea for a dare don't you?" she moaned, " okay then, describe any fantasies you've had today!"

"Well, errrrrrr, you in nurse outfit. And the, you... know- cabin." he mumbled.

"Wow- Dimitri Belikov thinks about something other than training!" Joked Eddie.

"Cabin? Wait! Do you mean the cabin Aunt Tasha stays in?" asked Christian.

"Yup" Rose replied popping the 'p'.

"That's gross guys- she has too sleep there!" he cried.

"Well atleast they don't do 'it' in the church attic." smirked Eddie.

We all turned (apart from Eddie, Mia, Rose and Dimitri) to Christian and Lissa, who'd now gone red in embarrassment, and looked at them outstanded.

"Lets get back to the game." instructed Dimitri.

"Church attic. Church attic. How could we have missed that?" muttered Emmett under his breath.

"Alice, truth or dare?" Dimitri asked.

"Dare!" she squeled.

"Okay- seeming as how much you love shopping, you can't step foot in a shop or anyplace that sells anything for a month. This also means you can't borrow anybody elses clothes or get them to buy clothes for you."

"Why!" she yelled getting on her hands and knees to beg.

I couldn't stop myself, I burst into laughter. Alice glared at me.

"Seeming as you think that's so funny truth or dare!"

"Dare." I replied still laughing.

"I dare you to tell Mike that Renesmee wants to marry him and that you've come to give him the ring. When he asks who Renesmee is you have to tell him she's your daughter!"

I froze. Is is possible for vampires to die of fright? I reluctantly made my way to the canteen with a haribo ring at hand.

"Mike. Renesmee wants to marry you so I have come to give you a ring to propose to her with." I told him through my teeth.

"Who is Renesmee?" he asked, grinning.

"My daughter!" I smiled.

The whole table gasped.

"You want to set Mike up with a baby!" laughed Tyler.

"No! It was a dare!" I screeched.

Laughing we made our way back to room 12.

"Okay, Adrian truth or dare?" I asked.


"Are you in love with anybody?" easy enough question.

"Yes. Little Dhampir!"

Before I could ask who that was, Rose punched him in the face. That answers that question.

"Eddie truth or dare?" Adrian slurred.


"I dare you to write on your silver Volvo- my sparkly skin brings all the humans to the yard, 'cause there blood is better than bears!"

Edward stiffened besides me, I knew how much that car meant to him.

"Don't worry I will buy you a new one." said Jasper.

"And I will fix it up, so it goes at your preferred speed." offered Rosalie.

"Thanks!" smiled Edward as we made our way too the car park.

Adrian handed him a permanet marker. Edward wrote all over his car using vampire speed.

After Edwards dare we made our way back to room 12- again.

"Lissa truth or dare?"


"I dare you to hit on Mr Lawerence, the maths teacher." He smiled his crooked smile.

"What did I ever do to him?" Lissa muttered as she made her way to Mr Lawerence's office.

She knocked on the door.

"Come in."

she walked in and shut the door. We Listened to the rest of the coversation.

"What do I owe this pleasure?" he asked.

"I need your help sir." she purred.

"What with?"

"I've been having troubles following the rules." Lissa replied, "I need you to help me."

"I think I undersatnd." he replied.

There was a few minutes of silence.

"Yuck! I didn't mean like that. I came too you to help me with maths. I have trouble following the rules of algebra!" she shouted before bursting back throught the door.

"He tried to kiss me!" she cried.

"Thats because your so hot, babe." Christian told her before giving her a kiss.

"Cut the PDA out guys!" Rose moaned.

"PDA?" asked Dimitri.

"It stands for Public Display of Affection!" I told him.

"Truth or Dare Rosalie?" Lissa asked.

"Truth." she yawned in reply.

" When was the last time you and Emmett have sex?"

"Toilets, third period." she grinned.

"Gross." exclaimed Eddie.

Truth or Dare than Eddie?"


"Are you and Mia dating."

"Yes." he mumbled.

"What was that?" asked. Rosalie.

"Yes." Eddie said.


"Yes. Me and Mia are dating!" he yelled.

Eddie asked jasper next and he choose dare. Eddie dared him to dress as a goth tomorrow.

Jasper than asked Mia.

"Dare!" she smiled.

"I dare you to kiss the person next to you, tomorrow everytime someone says the word room."

"Alright. Emmett truth or Dare?" Mia asked.

"Dare, baby!" he shouted.

"I dare you not too touch, Rosalie for two weeks!"

"What!" he moaned.

"Starting now!" she laughed.

The bell rang meaning it was time to go. I dragged Edward, who was still mourning over his car, to class.