My first try at a pregnancy story.

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No,no! this couldn't be happening, I gripped the sink counter even tighter. I could not be pregnant, I clare Edwards could not be pregnant. People like me do not get pregnant at seventeen years old, especially when they are in every club, go to every game, and stay up studying just to make sure they maintain a B+ at the least. I should have never gave up my purity ring. Eli would have understood. But no, I decided it was the perfect moment, it was after all our year anniversary. He tried to talk me out of it at first because he knew just how much my purity meant to me, but when I told him I would feel hurt if we didn't he gave in. I'm not going to lie, I regret the whole thing. No matter how perfect the moment was, no matter how amazing eli was in every single way, if I would have just used my head I wouldn't be holding a three dollar piece of plastic that confirmed my future as being horribly destroyed and I most certainly wouldn't be facing motherhood at this moment. I slid down to the floor and leaned my head against the sink cabinet. There was no way in hell I was going to be able to tell my parents. They would expect this from darcy, not their perfect-in-every-way daughter. First I was going to tell eli though. If he was going to be a part of this babies life then I would be able to handle it but if he was going to bail on me then I was going to need more time to figure out what I was going to tell my parents. After sitting on the cool tile floor of my bathroom for at least an hour, I decided I was first going to call eli, then we were going to talk about it and go from there. I pulled my cell phone out and dialed the number of my boyfriend, and soon to be baby daddy.

"Hello?" a soft voice said from the other side of the line.

"Eli, I need you to come get me. I have to tell you something"

"what? what's wrong Clare?" he said in a panicked voice.

"a lot Eli a lot. Please come get me. You don't want to hear this over the phone."

"okay, I'll be there in a few." he sounded worried and confused.

Pretty soon he was going to be shocked.

I groaned internally, the first time I have sex, I get pregnant. That is so typical. I cant believe this.

I got up off the tile floor and wrapped the pregnancy test in a tissue, and then put it in my pocket.

It was a Saturday and it was only noon so my mom wouldn't have any reason to say no to me hanging out with eli, her worst fear just happened so what else did she have to be worried about? Even if she didn't know it yet...I went downstairs and saw my mom sitting on the couch,

I tried to make my voice sound light "uh mom im going to go over to eli's for a while, I'll be back later k?"

She looked at me suspiciously "uhm, ok. Whats wrong clare, you look a little keyed up?"

Of all days for my mother to pay close attention today had to be one of them.

"I'm just tired"

She eyed me for a second before finally deciding that my health wasn't at risk "okay, have fun."

"thanks" I said before heading out the door. Have fun? Yes, telling your boyfriend of a little over a year that your pregnant after the very first time you have sex is just a walk through a field of daisys.

I sat on the cement steps for a few minutes and then I saw eli pull up, he was about to get out of the car when I held up my hand. I was desperate to get in the car and get to his house before I started to have a break down again and give him a heart attack.

He looked confused for a second, but noticing that I looked like hell probably got the best of him and he didn't argue.

Once I got in the hearse, I turned to look at him.

I must look a lot worse than I thought, because he practically went into cardiac arrest, his eyes got so wide I swear they could have popped out, after blinking a couple of times he started to panic.

"clare, what happened? Whats going on? Why do you look like you just cried a river? Are your parents getting divorced?" he said as he frantically wiped away the tears from my cheeks, and kissed my forehead.

"no their not getting divorced, and I'll tell you whats wrong once we get to your house okay."

"uhm,okay" he said as he started morty and drove off. the way he said it was almost in a questioning tone. Poor eli. He was just so confused. But if I told him while he was driving we could all quite possibly die. I sighed and moved closer to him and rested my head against his shuolder. He moved his right hand from the steering wheel and pulled me closer, then he interlaced my fingers with his and squeezed my hand every few seconds.

Finally we got to his house. When we pulled up I groaned. Both his mom and dad were home. I never even thought about that, I should have told him somewhere else.

"eli wait, shut your car off." I figured this was the quietest place to tell him and best.

"okay, now you need to tell me. What is wrong?"

I took a deep breath and started "here" I said pulling the wrapped up pregnancy test in a tissue out of my pocket and putting it in his hand.

He looked at me confused for a second so I gestured with my hand for him to open it.

He slowly unfolded the tissue. When he saw what was in it a million emotions flickered across his face. Shock, fear, confusion,worry,and more shock. He stared at it for a few minutes willing it to have a negative sign just the way I did when I saw it. Finally inhaling he turned towards me.

"your p-p-pregnant?" he asked in a disbelieving tone.

"you have the proof right there" I said as we both looked down at the piece of plastic betrayal.

"how did this happen?"

What. Is he being serious? "do you really have no idea?"

Even through all that I just told him he still had the guts to smirk at me. I would have punched him, but I have to keep myself under control. "that's not what I meant clare, I meant how? We used protection and the second it broke I pulled out"

"I know, we were a second too late. I'm freaking out too okay, I've spent over three hours trying to tell myself that there is no way I'm pregnant" I couldn't hold it in anymore, I started crying. Well more like bawling.

His face turned alarmed and he crushed me to his chest gently and crooned "shh, its okay clare. Everythings going to be okay. I promise. I'm not letting you do this alone for one second." in a soft but pleading voice over and over again.

I stopped crying immediately when he said that "what? Your not going to leave me?" how could he stand this, why isn't he running?

He lifted me of his chest a little and looked me in the eyes "why would I leave you?"

I looked down trying to avoid eye contact. He put his finger tips and lifted my chin up so he could see my face.

"clare look at me" he whispered.

Unwillingly I met his gaze, his eyes were soft and gentle.

"im not leaving you now, and im not leaving you ever. I promise it will be okay. I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it. Please don't cry, we can do this Together we can give this baby the best life we can." putting both hands on my stomach he continued "This little thing is going to have the most amazing parents in the world."

I smiled at that and leaned my head on his chest again. "I like the sound of that"

"me too blue eyes me too" he said as he stroked my hair.


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