My name is Isabella Marie 'Bella' Black, I'm the daughter of Zara and Ephraim Snr. I'm the second oldest out of three, There's my older brother Ephraim jnr. Me and my younger sister Brooke. I'm also 80 years old but I don't look any older then 20. I live in La Push, my younger sister died when she was 4. My older brother died when he was 26 when I was 24 (but I still looked 20). My parents died along with my sister in an accident.

When I became 20 I transformed into a wolf. My older brother explained it to me and the treaty we have with the Cullen's. I hated the Cullen's for what they did to me, but I didn't mind because I got to spend forever with the only family I had left my brother. But that all changed after my brother imprinted on a girl named Sabrina. She was from La Push and was a lovely girl and perfected match for my brother. They got married after a year then had a child called Billy. He was so sweet, When Billy reached one years old. Ephraim made the biggest mistake of his life and stopped phasing.

My brother and Sister in law went on a pick-nick in the forest and got attacked by a bear. Ephraim was to badly inured to phase and save him and Sabrina. So I had to bury the last family member I had, but I had Billy left. I helped raise him with the help of the Uley, Clearwater and Ateara family Billy grew up to be a great man and loved his culture.

When Billy was 26 he fell in love with a women named Mia and they had a son called Billy Jnr. Black. Billy Snr. And Mia Black died off old age when Billy Jnr. Was 25. Billy jnr. Had gotten married to a women called Sarah and had three children. Rebecca and Rachel were the oldest and twins. And then came Jacob Ephraim 'Jake' Black. But when the children were small Sarah died in a car accident and Billy Jnr. Is now in a wheelchair.

I was there and I looked after my family but I also looked after the tribes family's. Such as the Uley, Clearwater, Meraz, Connweller, Pelletier, Call, Ateara and among other family's in the tribe. Their hasn't been any more shape-shifters since Me, my brother, Uley and Ateara. The Cullen's haven't been here for over 60 years, they came back while I was away on a trip with Jacob, Rebecca and Rachel in Hawaii but I got a call from Billy saying Sam had phased so we had to cut the holiday short and I went back and helped Sam with the legends, rules and patrol.

I was very close to the Clearwater family. So when Sam phased I told him to end his relationship with Leah because she was my best friend and I didn't want her to get hurt if he imprinted on someone else. But I didn't push it because I knew how much Leah loved Sam. So when Sam imprinted on Emily a week before Leah's and Sam's wedding I felt ashamed, and angry at myself and Sam. I was there for Leah she's actually really nice when you get past the bitchiness.

So when Jared Phased I told him to not see any of his friends or his girlfriends because I didn't need another broken hearted girl in La push on my conscience and I didn't want him to loose his cool like Sam did and hurt his friends or imprint, he later imprinted on a lovely girl called Kim Connweller.

Paul joined after he is probably the worst tempered boy I have ever seen. He got angry really easy and would phase but he has got better. He is a sweet guy when he wants to be and a awesome wolf. He doesn't mind being a wolf, he just loses his temper to quick. He has no family he lives on his own but I help him out along with Sue who gives him a job at the café along with the rest of the pack. Because if need be they can leave when needed and not get fired.

Embry Call so far the last person to phase. No one knows who his father is it could be Sam's father, Quil's father or Jacobs father my great nephew. His mum doesn't know about him being a wolf and his always grounded but he still wont tell her. He is very patient, tolerant, funny and he loves to gamble. Embry is also best friends with Jacob and Quil but because of the secret he isn't aloud around them any more. Because of this Jacob hates me because he thinks that were a 'cult' and I'm the leader.

I was in the living room of Billy's house with the elders and the pack. I lived with Billy to stay close to them. We had known for a while now that a Cullen was dating a Human. We had kept a eye on it because Billy was friends with her father. But now it seems they have gotten to attached. Jacob was out with Quil so we were free to talk.


Paul was shaking now as he shouted that. I stood a growled out in my alpha voice.

"Paul shut up and leave the house before you completely wreck my nephews house!"

Paul ran out the door nearly taking it of the hinges. I saw Emily walk in the house and sit on Sam's lap.

"Now we can talk to the Cullen's but we are not going to kill them! We have nothing to go on by! You lot have forgotten that I was there when the treaty was made. Now if you have a problem with going to have a meeting with them then speak!"

No one spoke they haven't seen me this angry in ages. Sue got up from her husbands side and walked over to me and placed a calm and gentle hand on my shoulder.

"What's the matter Bella? Your more upset then use all."

I looked around the room and my eyes looked at all the children I had looked after in all my years.

"Today is the day of my brothers death. And on this day I do not want to betray my brothers beliefs."

They nodded there head.

"So boss what time is the meeting tonight?"

I looked at Jared, and smiled.

"I will call there house and arrange a meeting for tonight at 12. Now go home, Go home to your family's, imprints and rest. I will patrol along side Paul as he cant seem to keep his anger in check. Now of you go."

Everyone started to leave apart from Billy as it was his house and Harry and Sue.

"Sue I'm going to stay here and watch the game."

"Ill take you home Sue."

She smiled at me, "Thank you sweetie but can you drop me of at the café?"

"Of course I needed to stop by then anyway."