Chapter 27

Epilogue- 20 years later

Bella P.O.V

I stood on the deck looking down on the beach with a smile on my face. After I had woken up it wasn't all smiles and happiness it was tears, sadness and a lot of anger. When I woke up I was furious at Leah for what she had put all of us through, what she put me through.

Leah spent 3 months making it up to me, I couldn't forgive her. I nearly died but eventually we started to work things out. We started all over again, we become friends and then we started a relationship but not until a year later. This time we both put in. We stayed together through the good and the bad.

After we got back together I decided to leave the pack, Leah joined me. We still phase so we don't grow old. After 5 years together we got married on the beach in front of our house that we moved into after 2 years together. We then started a business together. We own several restaurants, car shops book shops and sweet shops all over Forks, La Push, Port Angeles and Seattle. We gave 10% of all our profits to the pack and the community of La Push. Also everyone in the pack had a job in one of the businesses. After 10 years together we had kids, Leah carried them and we had twins. A beautiful girl named Briana and a handsome boy named Aiden.

Ashley is now with Angela Webber who is expecting. Ashley's son Michael is happily dating Isabelle and thinking of getting married. When Isabelle reached 3 Kim and Jared had a son named Sonny. Jared also stopped phasing to grow old with Kim.

Seth and Edward have been dating and are happy how they are. Edwards's punishment was spending a 5 years doing jobs all over the tribe and having to do it with one arm, as it was taking for 5 years. It took Edward awhile to come to terms with being in love with a man who is also a wolf. He gave up and started loving Seth back when Seth snapped and told him to take the stick out of his ass.

Quil and Embry were still the same goofy teenagers and had no imprint but were still very much happy. Paul and Rachel married and had a toddler named Mary. Jacob was still an ass but he had grown up and was as mature as Jacob could be, he also had no imprint. Sam and Emily had gotten married and had a son named Jack who was also the same age as Briana and Aidan, which is 10.

Ellie and Naomi got married a week after my near death experience. Ellie freaked out and wanted Naomi to know she loved her so Ellie proposed. They got married and are living in a nice little cottage on the edge of La Push. Naomi has also stopped phasing so she could have all the experiences with her beautiful wife. They have four children they had twins 3 years after they got married called Nathan and Brooke who are now 17. They had another lot of twins 4 years ago called Hayley and Danny. Nathan and Brooke are highly protective of them, which is really sweet.

I smiled as I felt arms wrap around me. I turned my head and pulled Leah into my chest as we stood there watching our children play in the sand.

"What are you thinking about my beautiful and amazing wife?"

I smiled down at Leah and kissed her forehead, god I love this women.

"Well my hot and stunning wife, I was thinking about how we all survived the battle and how amazing our lives have turned out, Mrs. Black."