Lovina jumped off the couch, fuming. A very confused Antonio was left on the couch as Lovina stalked down the hallway, trying to remember what had gone wrong. It had been a wonderful afternoon; he'd snuggled up with his Lovi for their siesta (after she'd fallen asleep, if he tried to sleep next to her when she was awake she would hit him! Antonio could deal with a violent girlfriend, but he wasn't a masochist!) and when she woke up, her face was bright red and she was staring at his head (which was pillowed on her chest)… Oh… Oh!

He'd called her a tomato! She normally got mad, but why was she going away now?

Follow her, a voice seemed to say in his head. When she walks away from you, mad… Follow her!

"Thank you!" Antonio said cheerfully to the voice, and ran after his Lovi. "Lovi, Lovi, what's wrong? Are you mad at me again? Why are you mad? Please tell me so I can make it better!"

"You fucking bastard," Lovina hissed, "I am not a fucking tomato, and I am not as cute as one! Can't you come up with something better to call me? And stop being so fucking oblivious!"

"… Alright then!" Antonio grinned. "I'll say it in my head. But my mouth will just call you Lovi! Or Lovinita, Lovivi, or something cute like that! But not a tomato! Because you're cuter than a tomato, and-"

"You can shut up," Lovina placed a hand over Antonio's mouth, looking exasperated and somewhat pacified. "Just…" She scowled slightly, and looked down. "Don't call me a tomato. They taste good and everything, but… just don't."

Antonio licked her hand, and grabbed it when she tried to pull it away. "Ok, Lovi-love. I promise."

Lovina struggled for a moment, her expression switching from amused to annoyed to calculating. "Not that any of your other nicknames aren't annoying, it's just that-"

"Shh," Antonio put his own, significantly larger hand, over Lovina's mouth. "Let's get back to our siesta."

Authoress' Random Ramble

Ok, I found this in someone's profile (the whole "if she walks away, yadda, yadda, yadda) so I decided that it fit fem!Lovi and Antonio perfectly! Therefore, I am gonna write short one-shots with the little saying thingies.

Less than three, less than three