When she pulls away- pull her back

Antonio was worried. Again. About Lovina. Again.

She had been quieter lately, morose, almost. Antonio knew it wasn't about Turkey again; knew that it wasn't another nation making her feel like this.

"Lovi?" He hugged her from behind, silently noticing how she stiffened slightly. "What's for lunch?" Antonio rested his head on hers, breathing in deeply and enjoying the scent of her shampoo. Hey, just because she was sad didn't mean he couldn't appreciate the way she smelled!

"Pasta." Lovina's voice was quiet, almost emotionless. Antonio was starting to panic (Lovina was the cause of all his stress issues); she should have insulted him! Said something like 'of course it's pasta, you fucking dumbass!' Not just named the food and kept cooking! Why was she cooking anyways? Normally it was Antonio's job to cook!

"Lovina." Antonio flipped the stove dial to 'off,' and spun Lovina around to face him. He knew from the expression on her face that she understood the significance of him using her full name, and that he wouldn't stand for any lies. "What's wrong."

Lovina blinked, once, twice, and looked at the floor. Shit. Not a good sign.

"Have you ever thought about… us?" She asked, still looking downwards.

"I think about us all the time! Well, mostly, I think about you…" Antonio trailed off when Lovina didn't respond with a huff and a 'stupid.' "Lovina, tell me why you're acting like this."

"Us." She repeated. "It shouldn't work. I'm a total bitch; you're the nicest man in the world. I'm lazy, and I run away at the first sign of fighting. You're always full of energy, and I don't think I've ever seen you back down from a fight without at least three people trying to convince you to. The only things we have in common are tomatoes. It just… shouldn't work out. You deserve someone better than me." Lovina finally looked up, eyes hardened, and the little voice of Francis in Antonio's head went 'Oh shit!'

"Lovi!" Antonio cried as she wrenched herself out of her grip and walked to the door. What are you waiting for? When she pulls away- pull her back, you moron! Antonio didn't stop to think that the voice in his head sounded more like Arthur than Francis, and paid heed to the advice.

He followed Lovina, and grabbed her hands. "Lovi, I do deserve you! Who else is going to make sure I don't accidentally use rotten tomatoes, or get distracted while the stove's on? I need you, Lovi, please don't leave." Antonio used his momentum to yank Lovina back and into his chest, crushing her in a hug. "I'll always pull you back," he whispered into her ear, meaning every word. "Always."

"… Idiot," Lovina said softly, and Antonio grinned. It was going to be all right.

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