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Epilogue: What You Leave Behind

Sawyer thinks he drifts off to sleep once again as they're sitting there. There is a period of time, and it can be anything from an hour to ten minutes, when a darkness, not tormented but blissful, draws over his mind, and when he comes back to reality, his head is still heavily slumped on Kate's shoulder, her hair sticking to his forehead with their joint sweat. His head feels fuzzy in a pretty enjoyable way.

"Are we moving yet?" Sawyer slurs.

Kate looks at him, to her best effort with the way their heads are placed.

"Not yet," she says. Her voice is soft in a way he can't quite identify. "They've got the engines working, though, so it shouldn't be long."

Sawyer nods. There's a pause.

"Am I squishing your shoulder?" he them mumbles and rubs the back of his hand against his eyes. Kate chuckles.

"No, it's okay. You go back to sleep."

Sawyer looks up at her. When he sees her in profile, with the sunlight flowing in through the opposite airplane window, every single strand of her hair looks like a thread of gold. Her skin glowing, her lips never so soft.

"I don't want to sleep," Sawyer says.

Kate looks at him. Sawyer can tell by the way she smiles that she knows that what he's saying is something completely different from what he means. That this is the new beginning, and they don't even have to talk about it because it's so damn obvious that they're going to spend it together.

Just as obvious as it is that Sawyer leaves behind the ghost of Juliet on the island. All his luggage, all those things that used to ruin it for them is out there, outside of the plane. And it won't follow them back home.

Just as obvious as it is that Sawyer's going to miss Juliet. How he's still going to be terrified of intimacy, how he's still going to have the deep, basic belief that he doesn't deserve to be happy, one that might never go away. But all that's easier to fight now.

But despite everything they don't have to say to each other, Sawyer would still rather watch Kate than go back to sleep.

Kate looks at him again. He sees it again, in her eyes. How they're still sparkly and vivid, but still seems to bear the remaining pains of an old woman. Sawyer gets a sharp twang of pain in his chest when he realizes just how much of that he must've inflicted on her.

"I'm sorry, Kate," he says.

"It's okay," Kate answers. "I'm sorry, too."

It doesn't hurt less. But it's still easier now.

Kate's eyes suddenly look younger. Their lips meet again when the plane starts moving.