Omnipotent: A Menry Story

Hello, my good people! I bring you my first Unnatural History Fanfiction story that I hope you will greatly enjoy. For all you Jaggie fans, if you don't like Jasper being murdered and Henry and Maggie falling for each other then you might want to stop reading. I hope you don't, however, because I don't plan to just make this a mushy story, that's not my writing style. It will be romance, but let's add some action and mystery in there, shall we?

Ages: The three main characters (Henry, Maggie and Jasper) are all seniors in high school so that would make them…seventeen, going on eighteen, yes?

P r o l o g u e

Near the door
He paused to stand
As he took his class ring
Off her hand
All who were watching
Did not speak as a silent tear
Ran down his cheek
And through his mind
The memories ran
Of the moments they walked
And ran in the sand hand in hand
But now her eyes were so terribly cold
For he would never again
Have her to hold
They watched in silence
As he bent near
And whispered the words
I love you in her ear
He touched her face and started to cry
As he put on his ring and wanted to die
And just then the wind began to blow
As they lowered her casket into the snow

This is what happens to man alive when friends let friends drink and drive.

- The Silent Tear

In Washington DC the first snow of winter had begun to drizzle down from the clouded skies, covering the grounds of Smithson High in a shimmery silver layer of icicles. Crumpled, dull-brown leaves littered the stone pathways and various sidewalks, residue from the once brilliant display of green on the now bare trees. Students huddled under the school's awnings, protected somewhat from the frost-bitten weather out in the grey world ahead of them; freshman to seniors griped about the fact that the fall semester didn't let out for several more weeks.

A shiny, red Corvette rounded the corner of Berkely Street, the headlights illuminating the school ahead as the driver smoothly directed the expensive vehicle into the nearest parking lot. The young woman inside smirked at the fact that, being a senior and an over-achiever, she didn't have a class for first period and so she could sleep in.

As the engine's roar died off the driver's door swung open in a slow arch and a petite figure emerged. Waist length brunette hair swayed lusciously around her elevated cheekbones and upturned shoulders, her dark brown eyes calculated the scene in front of her cautiously and she wore a small, confident yet humbling smile on her face.

Margaret Winnock glanced in the direction of the school as she bumped the edge of her hip against the driver's door, allowing it to glide shut. A simple click of a button on her key-ring locked the car, an earth-shattering alarm set to ready just in case some bozo attempted to break into her precious ride.

A group of guys gawked at her new car as Maggie made her way onto the sidewalk running perpendicular to the parking lot; instead of waving at them like a cheerleader would have done she tossed her head to the side, ignoring their boisterous remarks. School is always more important than boys, she reminded herself silently as she trudged through the snow caking the walk-way towards her next class: Chemistry with Mr. Blatz.

"Maggie!" A familiar voice rang out and a smile touched the girl's lips as her best friend and newly transferred student Henry Griffin came to a sliding stop in front of her.

"Hey, where were you?" She asked him, a dab of annoyance darkening her tone for a second. "I told you that I would pick you up at 8:15 but you weren't there!" She cried, crossing her arms as he fell into step with her, shortening his stride to match hers.

"Sorry, I was out looking for Jasper," Henry admitted with a frown, glancing in her direction. "I couldn't find him anywhere this morning and he's never late for school."

"He probably just drove here early, you know Jasper," Maggie attempted to reassure her friend, linking her arm through his as they approached the towering building. But inside her reasonable façade lurked worry for her other guy friend, one who'd been repeatedly hitting on her lately.

"I don't have time to date, besides, I don't even like anyone," she muttered under her breath, only realizing a minute later that she'd actually spoken her embarrassing thoughts aloud.

"Huh? What did you say?" The blonde male asked his best friend, still slightly scatterbrained himself. It wasn't like Jasper to just take off, not like him at all. A horrible suspicion began to form in his over-active imagination but he brushed it off, not willing to worry Maggie.

"Oh, nothing," Maggie mumbled, a nervous laugh emitting from her pursed pink lips as they dashed under the awning of the school. "Just talking to myself, that's all."

She grinned comfortably at Henry as he slid ahead of her, opening the door wide and holding it for her as she stepped through into the crowded hallway. "Thanks."

"You're very welcome," he answered politely, grabbing hold of her left hand as they migrated through the throng of teenagers gossiping and grabbing various books from their lockers. For the most part the kids at this school were well behaved, considering their parents were government officials or positions of the like. Of course, there were always the exceptions.

Maggie shivered as a hand stretched out, hindering the two of them from moving forward. She felt Henry squeeze her fingers gently, lending her some comfort in the fact that he was there no matter what. She controlled the instinctive blush from creeping up her cheeks; she and Henry were just friends but for a guy he was pretty good-looking, anyone could notice that. Add his charming personality to the mix and you had yourself excellent boyfriend material. But we're just friends.

"Margaret, Henry," the dull voice of Reed Parkinson began as the boy glanced at them, a wry smirk etched onto his pale face. She gulped and stiffened instantly, forcing a gentle smile on her face.

"Hey, Reed. Sorry, we're kind of…late for class," Maggie lied, her heart beating in her chest harder and harder with each second. Reed had transferred to Smithson after his mom died in a horrible car crash. But no matter how sympathetic she was towards him he still gave her the creeps.

"Class doesn't start for eight more minutes," the taller boy remarked quietly and Henry pushed Maggie behind him a little bit; he did it almost without thinking, especially when his danger radar went off in his head. And right about now it was ringing incessantly.

"We have to ask Mr. Blatz a question," Henry supplied in a neutral tone laced with warning. He glanced slightly back to meet Maggie's slightly frightened gaze and smiled a little in her direction. "But it was nice chatting."

Reed's arm slowly retracted from Maggie's waist and the brunette female let out a tense breath she hadn't been aware she was holding.

"I'll look forward to seeing you both again, very soon," Reed muttered, his chilling silver eyes connecting with Maggie's chocolate orbs. She shuddered, pressing into Henry's back as the disturbing teenager walked off into the throng, still glancing ominously in her direction.

"Are you alright?" Henry asked her in a quiet voice, pulling her into a brief hug before releasing her. His hazel orbs gazed at her, concern visible in the tinted green depths.

"Yeah," she told him, forcing yet another smile onto her face. It did no good to act scared, especially with the danger past them. "Let's get to class before the second bell rings."

Henry followed her as she set off in a brisk place towards the Chemistry lab, where they were greeted with a disturbing sight. An empty chair, Jasper's to be precise. To others it may have just seemed that the attentive brunette male was simply playing hooky for the first time in academic life. But to the boy's two best friends it handed out sinking hearts and a feeling of confusion.

Jasper never missed class; it just wasn't in his nature. Heck, this was the teenager who'd built the huge Wild West exhibit just for approval from a member of the director's board at Yale University.

Something was wrong.

"Tea?" Bryan Bartlett asked the brunette as she hopped onto the counter, swinging her legs monotonously back and forth. In the far corner Henry pulled the drawstring on the curtains, allowing them to undulate down until they hit the floor, hiding the curved quarter moon as it gleamed far up in the night sky.

"Sure, thanks," Maggie responded quietly, hugging herself as her gaze locked with the plaid design on the carpet below her. She could distinctly make out the roar of a truck as it rambled through the heavily lit neighborhood, specks of light that were the machine's head-lights illuminating the front yard for a moment.

"What about you, Henry?" Mr. Bartlett asked his nephew cautiously, wondering what the boy's reaction would be; the blonde male was pacing steadily over by the china cabinet, his face an ambiguous mask.

"No thanks," Henry muttered, not even looking in his uncle's direction as he continued his pacing.

Bryan turned back to the pot of water on the stove, his trembling fingers fighting to turn the gas heater to life. His un-coordinated movements were the sole sign of how worried he was about his son.

Maggie's gaze flickered up to look at Henry and she found herself moving across the room to reach him. "Henry, this wasn't your fault," she found herself mumbling softly, her fingers stretching out to touch him on the arm. A brief shock ran through her at contact with his warm skin.

"Jasper lives here, of course it's my fault," the teenage boy responded angrily, shaking his arm out of her grasp. "What could I have done differently?" He asked himself in a critical yet musing tone.

Maggie felt the tears sting her eyes. She didn't cry very often but when she did it was for a good reason. "You can't control his choices, Henry," she whispered, her voice shaky as she backed away a few steps.

Henry's face shot up and his hazel eyes connected with her trembling figure. "Mags…" His tone was warm, a taste of the old Henry that she knew so well.

"If anything it's just as much my fault as yours," she interjected him guiltily, a tear rolling slowly down her left cheek. She missed Jasper so much that it hurt. "Maybe if I hadn't turned him down so many times, maybe if I'd agreed to go out with him, then maybe he wouldn't be gone." She threw the blatant statement out there, desperately trying not to cry.

A moment later she felt Henry's gentle yet strong arms go around her, pulling her into his chest. Refusing to let any more tears spill, she rested her head on her best friend's chest, inhaling his comforting scent.

"This wasn't your fault, Mags," Henry reassured her, his fingers running over her back in little circles as she clutched his shirt tighter. As soon as she couldn't see his face anymore his secure mask dropped, replaced by a confused, frightened one and he lowered his cheek into her hair, relaxing slightly.

A second later Maggie pulled away, brushing at the dark circles under her eyes. Enough was enough and at least she could stand upright, she determined. "I'm sorry," she told him, smiling for his benefit. A smile nearly equal to hers spread across Henry's face as he moved towards the kitchen.

She followed him, gratefully taking the cup from Mr. Bartlett. The smell of chamomile entered her nostrils as she inhaled slowly, a moment later taking a tiny sip. The hot drink burned a trail down her throat, but she welcomed the pain. It managed to distract her for a brief moment in time from the real problem here. "Thanks," she choked out weakly, burying her lips into the cup once more as a dull flush suffused her cheeks.

"Anytime, Maggie," the older man replied, giving her a last sympathetic look before heading upstairs to his office.

Maggie chanced another glance at her blonde friend; he wasn't paying attention to her, instead, he was gazing into space with wide eyes. "Henry?" She called out, but he gave no answer.

And that's when it happened.

Henry grasped Maggie by her shoulders, pushing her into the foyer where he landed on top of her, hiding her from human view in a protective move. A split second later there was the sound of blasting horns and a sickening crunching sound from the street and a car spun out of control into the side of the house, breaking through with a sharp crack.

Glass flew everywhere and Maggie screamed as some shards cut into her arms, legs and face, while Henry fought to shield her from the clear missiles. She heard him grunt above her and his face burrowed into her neck, his warm breath tickling her skin and making her shiver. Mr. Bartlett gave a loud, shocked yell as he stampeded down the stairs, nearly passing out as he saw the car lying in his living room.

A minute passed before Henry was finally able to move, helping Maggie to her feet and apologizing profusely for squishing her. She couldn't voice a coherent reply; her body was trembling so violently that she could barely stand on her two feet and Henry had to support her.

There was no driver in the car but other dented remains of a vehicle lay strewn in the street just outside. Maggie flew out towards the other car, her face going stark white as she saw the horrible image.

Jasper. Lying in the driver's seat. His body covered in blood.

She screamed.

Everything after that was a blur: her sprinting over to the smashed red Smart Car, desperately trying to breathe back life into her friend, her lips tasting like blood when they parted from Jasper's for the last time. She was too late.

Jasper Bartlett had already left this world.


Well, how was that for a prologue? I know, depressing, but there's more action and romance to come. Hopefully I can update soon, but you never know.