Chapter 4

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As Gin closed his eyes shut, all I could do was cry harder. I knew the time was near, so near. I wanted to tell him everything. It had been a long time since we talked. I wanted him to know. But somehow, I thought he knew. He did.

We've been with together since forever. He was my first memory. He found me. He was the reason I survived. And since the he had been the reason why I lived. Through the years, I'd come to know him better, but just a little bit better. He was a mystery, an enigma. I knew he had something in his mind that I'll never know. And I think I knew it all along. I just denied the fact because I, too, had denials.

I held his hand. It was so cold, like the skin of a snake. But yes, it was smooth. It reminded me of the nights he would caress my face with his slender hands. Oh, how I missed those nights.

Oh, how I missed him so.

Gin twitched. It was as if he wanted to relay a message to me. I didn't know what. He put his right hand on his left chest. He was pointing at his heart. Does it ache Gin? Yes mine too. It hurt me so much to see him like this. He had always been identified to be evil but whenever I saw his face, I saw an angel. Yes, his face, his beautiful face was like that of an angel's. And he was my angel. I knew he was sent to save me. He was sent for me.

But now I couldn't even save him.

I didn't know what to do anymore. His time was running short. I knew this was the only time for me to tell him. Oh why, why hadn't I told him this before? We had all those years. And now I felt that all were wasted to nothing.


As his name escaped my lips, I saw a tear fall from his eye. It gave me pain.

"Please don't cry, Gin…"

"It hurts, Gin"

Gin opened his eyes one last time.

"Gin, you don't have to be sorry."

More tears fell from his eyes. With that, more tears fell from mine as well.

"I'm an idiot. I never told you, Gin…"

I tightened my grip on his hand. It was getting colder. Damn, please give me more time.

"I love you"

As I uttered those words, Gin smiled. He silently laughed. It was as if he wasn't dying. It seemed as though he was the happiest man that ever lived. I smiled as well. Somehow, we both knew those words were meant for each other. We knew we felt it all along.

And that fact saddened me. I was happy the feeling did exist. But oh how hard it is for me to accept that after this, it would be just a feeling, moreover a memory. Our dreams would never be realized. Our dreams of being together at last.

But somehow, we were together. And that would never change.

I leaned to kiss his forehead.

"Thank you"

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