Takes place during the Circus Arc.


Demons were insufferable creatures.

Always wandering aimlessly around, feasting on soul after soul like starving hyenas. They were stealing the souls right from under their noses, just to satisfy their own sick hunger. And the humans, forming cults and sacrifices to obtain one! It was absurd. They were fools for putting their lives purposely in danger in order to have a taste of that wicked lifestyle. He could only frown in disgust whenever he encountered one of those rituals, the bloody carcasses lying everywhere, brought upon themselves.

And now he was forced to share a tent with this… thing, the creature that got under his nerves like no other. Fate was a cruel and twisted phenomenon.

"Stop stepping over the line."

"I need to get to the ladder in order to reach the top bed."

"You are just trying to be clever and annoying. Demons don't require ladders."

Sebastian smiled. "Would you rather I sleep with you?"

Eyes grew wide. The man swung his death scythe towards Sebastian, the shears inches away from the demon's face. How dare he!

"Do not say such things, you fiend."

He only received a chuckle from the other party. Sebastian slipped to the corner of the tent, taking off his coat and hat, and putting them neatly on a trunk provided for clothes.

After a moment, the demon spoke. "Death Gods and demons aren't so different."

William made a 'humph' sound. "I disagree. Don't compare me to the likes of you."

"But it's true. We are just searching for the next soul, are we not?"

"I do not eat them like a savage beast."

"That's true, but you kill their vessels like any common murderer. You are just too much of a coward to take pleasure in what you do."


"You know what the best part about devouring a soul is, Mr. Spears?"


"In most cases, unlike mine for I have gone so long without it, it's not even the meal that attracts us. It's the fear. Seeing the humans slowly comprehend whats coming towards them, watching as their adrenaline-hazed minds try to decide whether to run away or towards you- humans are such ludicrous, lustful creatures. Begging, pleading… even worshipping. Seeing their eyes widening, their breathing turn ragged, their heady skin glistening with sweat, their heartbeat quickening as you move in closer. You can smell it- a delicious, sweet smell that overpowers all your senses…." He trailed off, his voice low, almost like a caress. Seductive. Then he chuckled once, darkly, a malicious smile gracing his features. "Some might call it Heaven."

Sebastian turned his crimson eyes on him, amusement flickering within, and William felt his body give a barely noticeable tremble, a shiver going down his spine.

The demon licked his lips slowly, tantalizing, and in that moment William understood the appeal of these God-forsaken creatures.

The line between fear and desire was very thin.


A/N: Written for the KuroHed community on LJ. The prompt was 'trembling.' This could be viewed as Sebastian/William, but not necessarily. Also, the rules state it has to be 500 words or less, so sorry that it is short. :3