A/N: Hello and welcome to a Starcraft 2 and Naruto X-over. This story jumped into my brain as I finished the Starcraft 2 campaign and if you are still trying to defeat the game, or plan on playing, I have to warn you about major spoilers!

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Heart of the Swarm

Meeting of Faiths


Five shadowy human forms carefully entered a writhing living tunnel that belonged to the massive Zerg Hive, the base of operations for the Zerg Queen Kerrigan. The soft whirring and thumps of the Terrans' massive nuclear-powered combat suits echoed off the pulsating walls as they made their way to the Queen's birthing chambers.

Their guns were sweeping the area methodically from one darkened corner to the next as the soldiers moved deeper into the Hive. As the light from the entryway behind them shrunk smaller and smaller, the soldiers finally entered the chamber.

Uneasiness overcame the five figures as they moved forward. They had successfully fired off the ancient Xel'Naga device just as the small Terran ground force was about to be overrun by the Zergs. And the effect of the device was immediate: Every Zerg was instantly incinerated and an eerie calm had entered the volcanic battlefield that was Char.

None of the Terrans knew if this was just another small reprieve they had been able to buy, or if the device had actually killed every last Zerg on the planet as intended. Amongst the five soldiers, one secretly hoped that the device had also accomplished the one thing thought impossible. He was promised by Prince Valerian and his Möebius scientists that the alien device could remove the infestation of the Queen of Blades. And like a fool, Jim Raynor had clung to that slim chance of seeing the greatest enemy in the Koprulu sector, the Queen of Blades, returned to her former human self. A woman, strong and powerful, one he had fallen in love with years ago; one, he had lost to the treachery of the current self-proclaimed Emperor Arcturus Mengsk.

"Kerrigan," Jim Raynor whispered her name in his mind. "I am coming for you Sarah."

And now after hours of pointlessly waiting for another Zerg attack, these five Terrans were at the heart of the Hive. They stopped as one of the marines' raised his gauntlet and ordered a halt. The squad froze, rifles raised, ready for an attack – the common reaction to the signal they had just received. But it was not an ambush the soldier had stopped them for; slowly re raised his rifle to train his laser sight on something he had caught a glimpse of in the darkness. The light rested on a human form lying still in the mist that swept across the floor of the chamber.

The squad leader instantly moved forward, shoving the soldier out of the way. The mechanical hiss of his visor's release echoed through the room, and the brown eyes of Jim Raynor appeared. Carefully he knelt beside the form in front of him, shock and surprise playing across his face.

His heart rejoiced as his eyes scanned the naked form that was once the Queen of Blades. Kerrigan was no longer the twisted hybrid, part Zerg, part human, that she was transformed into four years ago. The ancient device had done as promised – for the most part. Kerrigan's skin was no longer the sickly greenish-brown, and her hands were returned to delicate fingers instead of grotesque claws. But her fiery red hair was gone; the leatherlike appendages that took its place remained on her head. Jim then noticed a faint outline of the Zerg carapace marking her pale flesh. He frowned, and then carefully bent down to scoop her up, softly calling her name, "Sarah."

At the sound of his voice, her eyelids fluttered open, revealing an unusual and exotic blend of human and Zerg in her eyes. Jim found them to be breathtaking, and combined with her new hair and skin; she was a new and exciting beauty – one he knew he could continue to love just as he had loved her while she was the Queen of Blades.

Raynor was pulled out of his thoughts as he heard his longtime friend Tychus speak into his helmet mic, "Are you reading all this?"

"You have your orders Mr. Findlay. Carry them out," a dark voice that sounded so much like Emperor Mengsk responded. Tychus narrowed his eyes as he raised his rifle, the laser pointer aimed to the center of Kerrigan's forehead.

"Tychus," Raynor asked quietly with a hint of disgust in his voice. "What have you done?"

"I made a deal with the devil Jimmy," Tychus responded. "She dies. I go free."

"We all got our choices to make," Raynor replied cryptically as his hand slowly moved to the colt he had holstered on his right.

"Damn shame," Tychus responded and his trigger finger slowly squeezed.

Raynor instantly threw his combat suit in front of the coming shot and took the slug into his left shoulder. He spun with the impact of the shot and aggressively pulled his colt with him. In mere seconds, he straightened the revolver at his best friend and unleashed a single bullet into the open face shield of Findlay's helmet.

As the metal slug impacted Tychus's face, the massive man fell backwards in his combat suit. A gush of blood and brain fountained out from the impact wound.

"Son of a," one of the other soldiers shouted in surprise and whipped his rifle towards Raynor. Before he could fire a single shot, his fellow marines made sure he could not betray their leader; they riddled his body with bullets.

"Clear," one of the soldiers called and let his rifle drop. "Are you alright Sir?"

"Now I am," Raynor growled as he holstered his revolver and returned his attention to Kerrigan. She was now unconscious, passed out from exhaustion, but unharmed by the gunplay. "Let's get the hell out of here. I am sure Mengsk is going to nuke this planet the minute Tychus fails to report in."

"Aye Sir," the marine said again and instantly turned and started walking towards the exit.

"Sir?" the other soldier spoke up as his visor moved up into his round helmet. "Are you certain that we can trust her?"

Raynor looked at the sleeping face of his love as he stood up and cradled her in his arms like a bride. "Sarah is going to be just fine."

"If you believe so," the soldier responded not fully convinced and lowered his visor again and quickly followed his partner.

"I know so," Jim whispered as he looked at Kerrigan once more and quickly followed his two mercenaries.

A loud explosion at the Hive entrance forced him to look away from the woman in his arms. He focused on the entrance in time to the two remaining members of his squad incinerated by a laser blast that vaporized the tunnel opening.

"Mengsk," Raynor growled and immediately turned and ran deeper into the Hive, looking for an alternate exit. He knew that the massive Zerg structures could stand up to an orbital bombardment easily. Hell he had done it plenty of times himself from his flagship. As the lights on hi suit tore through the darkness, the mechanical drone of the motors and his own labored breathing were the only sounds he could hear. That was until multiple dull thuds high above him resounded through the living building. Unsure, he guessed that the Dominion ships in orbit had opted to flatten the structures with their massive batteries and he could only thank the fool that had ordered that tactical mistake. Nukes would have been a lot more efficient but he guessed the Dominion wasn't in a hurry to clean the Zerg homeworld.

He grunted in annoyance as he suddenly slipped on the living creep below his feet and cursed as he fell and slid on his side. Instinctively he tucked the unconscious Kerrigan closer to his chest and hoped he would come to a quick stop. And as faith decreed it, the ground suddenly opened up into a massive creep tumor and he was launched straight down the darkened abyss that was the tumor's capillary system. Closing his eyes, Raynor hoped the tumor would carry him far from the Hive and his hold on Kerrigan intensified as he desperately refused to give her up again.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!" Jim screamed as he suddenly felt himself fly through the air as he was catapulted out of the creep tumor. A giant flame was hot on his heels and he could only have guessed the reason. The massive Hive had been nuked from orbit after all and the shockwave of the explosion had pushed the wall of fire into every possible opening and in return helped speed his escape from the Zerg structures.

Twisting in the air with Kerrigan still protectively held to his chest, Raynor was able to perform a graceful flip and crashed into the volcanic ground. His combat suit groaned in complaint at the extensive impact but Raynor himself was able to shrug it off. He immediately scanned the area and his eyes widened in surprise as he found himself standing miles away from the Hive cluster. He watched in awe as nuclear smoke columns rose angrily into the sky.

"This is Raynor," Jim spoke into the microphone of his combat suit. "Raynor to Hyperion… can you read?"

"This is Hyperion," Matt Horner's voice came over the helmet speakers and Jim let out a sigh of relief. "What can I do for you Sir?"

"Matt this is no time for following proper military etiquette," Jim chuckled. "Just get me off this forsaken heap of molten slag."

"Am I to take it that our brief Alliance with Prince Valerian has come to an immediate end?"

"What do you think?" Jim asked sarcastically. "Is dropping nukes to you a sign of open friendship?"

"No Sir it ain't," Matt replied jokingly. "A ride is on the way. Preparing the Hyperion to jump to Hyperspace…"

"Hurry up Matt," Jim added quickly. "We need to be out of the system the second the shuttle hits the landing deck. Understood?"

"Yes Sir. Your flagship will be ready upon your return."

"Excellent," Raynor replied and looked out over the volcanic landscape. "I will certainly not miss this planet."

"Jimmy?" Kerrigan's weak voice called out to him and his eyes drifted down to the fragile form in his arms and he wondered how he was going to explain this to Matt. "What happened Jimmy?"

"Everything is going to be alright Sarah," Jim responded as he continued walking. "We're just waiting for our pickup and then we're out of here."

"S-Something is coming Jimmy," Sarah spoke weakly and fell unconscious again.

"What?" Jim asked in a panic and immediately turned in a complete circle to scan the surrounding landscape.

"Jim," Matt's frantic voice suddenly screeched over his helmet speakers and began to cut in and out. "Massive energy signature appearing on radar… trajectory showing… oh god Jim get out of there. It's heading straight for your position. Dominion battle cruisers have turned and engaged the energy source but were wiped out… Fuck Jim do you copy? Get out of there! Run! Hide! Just start moving… shuttle is only a minute away."

"What the fuck," Raynor cursed as his eyes scanned the sky. He saw hundreds of Dominion battle cruisers patrolling the sky. Then somewhere high above him, a distant red spec appeared and came crashing down towards him. He watched the beam slice through a battlecruiser, cutting it open like a sardine box without even slowing down.

"Not funny at all," Jim spoke to himself as he tore his eyes away from the massive red energy sphere and started to run.

"I'll never make it," he cursed and tried to go faster.

Jim was shocked to feel an intense heat searing his back through the battle suit – a suit designed to withstand the thermal heat of a nuclear missile. He looked down at Kerrigan and saw frown. Her eyes suddenly opened and radiated with a power that he had seen in her before and for a second he thought that the Queen of Blades had reawaken.

"Stop!" Kerrigan ordered and her hand moved up to Raynor's face. "Jimmy stop! This is not a threat. I… I feel life within it. A life force I have never felt before, one immensely powerful and in so much pain," Kerrigan continued as if she was hallucinating. But Raynor didn't stop, so Kerrigan closed her eyes and wrapped themselves in a kinetic power shield that halted Jim's running.

"Damn Sarah! Stop this," Jim cursed as he looked at the woman in his arms. "I know how powerful you are but that thing… whatever it is, has destroyed battle cruisers as if they were toys. We can't stay here!"

"Look," Kerrigan said. "Turn around Jimmy and you'll see…"

Raynor sighed and gave up and slowly turned. His eyes widened in surprise as the red sphere was about to impact the planet. "Shit," Jim shouted and threw himself onto the ground and made sure Kerrigan was protected under his combat suit.

A violent explosion shook the ground and volcanoes all around them erupted with a new intensity. Raynor gulped in fear as he imagined being swallowed whole by new lava flows. He felt the powerful shockwave rush over his armor and through some miracle, or thanks to Kerrigan's energy shield, they had remained unscathed. As the last pebbles of debris finished raining down upon them, he slowly stood up and watched a massive cloud rise into the sky.

Ash was falling everywhere and Raynor looked at Kerrigan, "Now what?"

"Take me there," Sarah responded. "And hurry, we have to move quickly."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," Sarah responded. "Go!"

"I am right on it," Jim responded and immediately sprinted towards the impact zone with Kerrigan still in his arms.

"J-Jim," Matt's voice crackled alive in his helmet. "I am seeing your tracking beacon move on the map and I can't believe it… You lunatic… how the hell did you survive that?"

"Later Matt," Jim responded in strain as the numerous sprints began to take its toll. "How far is the transport away?"

"Should cross the ridgeline to your east any second now," Matt responded.

Jim looked and nodded, "I can see the medi-vac. Excellent work Matt," Jim said and continued running towards the crater. "How is the situation up there?"

"It's hell," Matt responded. "The Dominion is disorganized. We actually might get away unnoticed."

"Did you doubt me?" Jim had to ask his second in command of his Raiders.

"Not really," Matt replied and quickly shut the communication short. "I'll see you top side. Horner out!"

Raynor chuckled and shook his head and he could already hear the roaring scream of the medi-vac's engines as the giant shuttle closed in. He finally reached the crater edge and he froze as his eyes looked out over a mile wide crater.

"Holy," Jim uttered in awe.

"Down there," Sarah said and pointed.

Jim followed her direction and was speechless at what greeted his eyes. Down at the bottom of the crater, stood a creature he had never seen before. It looked like an animal in human form with nine tails angrily swishing back and forth. He gulped and turned his head towards Kerrigan questioningly, but she simply smiled.

"Look again Jimmy," Sarah said in a whisper.

And look he did. The creature began to pulse with energy, a spine-chilling howl that even an Ultralisk would run from filled the air. Jim shuddered as if someone had just stepped on his grave. The pained roar continued, but then changed into something… human. As the sound lost its terrifying power, the creature too began to change, becoming a slim young man with blond hair. The man screamed out in pain, then fell to his knees and dropped face down into the dirt. Once the man fell, he was able to see a second form lying on the ground behind him.

"Go," Kerrigan spurned him on. "They need your help."

"Right," Jim responded and without a thought, jumped into the crater and ran down the slope as fast as he could, while keeping a firm hold on Kerrigan in his arms.

And in mere seconds, Raynor arrived at the bottom of the massive crater and stopped next to the blond man. With the boot of his foot, Jim carefully rolled him over onto his back. The man's entire body was covered in a red blistering skin that looked like it had been burned from the inside out.

He swallowed and asked, "Will he be okay Sarah?"

"He will live," Kerrigan responded as her eyes studied the man. "He is the strange life force that I sensed. Do you know anything about this?"

"He could be one of Tosh's men," Raynor said absent mindedly. "A spectre," he added for Kerrigan.

"Unlikely," Kerrigan responded. "This man has no psychic abilities what so ever."

"S-Sakura," the man suddenly croaked in pain, startling Raynor and Kerrigan.

"Shit he is conscious," Jim said in surprise and his eyes went to the second person that was lying a few feet away from him.

He immediately could tell it was a woman based on the long pink hair and like the man, she was completely in the nude. Raynor saw that the woman was bleeding profoundly from numerous wounds and his eyes fell to the one in her stomach. Jim immediately pulled out his first aid kit, realizing that all help might have been too late for the strange woman.

"Sorry I have to put you down for a minute Sarah," Jim apologized.

"Hurry Jimmy," Sarah replied and looked from the pink haired woman to the blond man and back. "I feel a strong connection between the two… She needs to live."

"Right," Jim responded and didn't understand a word between the meanings behind Kerrigan's words. But if he had learned one thing from the mighty Protoss race and from fighting Kerrigan as she was the Queen of Blades, it was that cryptic explanations tended to be very important in the distant or near future.

"Thank god the medi-vac is almost here," Jim said as he rolled the pink haired woman onto her back and he winced as he saw that the woman was already lying in a pool of her own blood. "Shit," he cursed and he frantically jammed several hypo sprays into the forearm of the woman. His next step consisted of emptying a can of medical foam into her stomach wound where most of the blood was escaping from and he hoped the crude patch would hold long enough until a real medic would arrive. In that moment, Raynor heard the arrival of his medi-vac and immediately switched to the command channel.

"I need a medic right away. I have one critical, another I don't know, and the third… well I'll explain once we're on the Hyperion."

"I am already here Sir," a medic said as Raynor almost jumped in surprise as the white combat suit of a medic appeared next to him. "I'll take care of her and have her patched up in no time."

"She just received first aid but she needs a lot more," Raynor yelled over the voice of the medi-vac's engine. "Make sure that she doesn't die. This woman might be important to us later."

"Understood Sir," the medic snapped and with the help of another crew member hoisted the pink haired woman onto a stretcher and into the shuttle.

Jim immediately took Sarah into his arms again and watched as two more crew members loaded up the blond man and everyone was back inside the medi-vac.

"Jim we're ready the minute your shuttle docks," Matt's voice came over his helmet speakers again. "May I suggest you hurry? Dominion ships are closing in and even with the scientific breakthrough of our labs, even the Hyperion won't stand up long against half the Dominion fleet."

"On our way Matt," Raynor responded and saw the pilot of the shuttle urge for him to hurry. Raynor quickly climbed the crater walls and stepped into the shuttle doors and turned around one last time with Kerrigan in his arms and said, "I hope I'll never have to set eyes on this planet again."

And with those last words, the shuttle doors rose and the lone medi-vac that wore the paint scheme of Raynor's Raiders climbed into the sky and streaked for space.

A/N: I feel the need to clear something up... This will NOT be a Naruto/Sakura or a Naruto/Kerrigan romantic story. At this point I haven't decided yet for any romantic interests for Naruto but IF he get's romantically involved it's going to be with someone from the Starcraft universe and NOT Sakura. Naruto and Sakura are close friends, teammates, etc... sure they might seem to get close to each other but there will never be anything romantically between the two. So just wait and see what I have planned for this story.

Anywho, I hope you all are as excited as I am.