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Minato woke-up one day to a bizarre occurrence.

He wasn't the only one in his futon this morning.

That in itself was nothing knew to him, he was used to all of his Sekirei, barring Homura of course as he's still uncomfortable about being winged by a guy, being in the same futon as him. However they had all stopped doing that after the landlady changed the rooming arrangements (while backing her decision up with her demonic-looking, mask-like aura of sorts), and back when they had done it on a nightly basis they had always gone to sleep with him, which prevented him from getting very much sleep himself. This time however, he knew that he went to sleep alone, and yet here they were, in bed with him, sleeping soundly, without a care in the world.

Or at least he assumed they were, since he hadn't found the courage to open his eyes and confirm his fears yet. However, he knew that he couldn't very well just get up and walk away from this, due in full to the fact he couldn't move without disturbing, and potentially waking up at least one of his Sekirei that he was positive were lying in his futon. So he decided to open his eyes and see exactly which of his Sekirei were in his futon with him, so that he could determine the best course of action for defusing the bomb that was about to go off in his room.

'Let's see here...' He thought as he began his appraisal of the situation. 'We have Musubi and Tsukiumi, each one trying to hold me closer to themselves than the other, no surprise there, then there's Matsu, Kusano, and Kazehana, all vying for control of my legs, with Kazehana wining it looks like, and Homura is...' His brain shorted-out at that. "Homura!" He shouted, before he quickly realized his mistake and covered his mouth, as if doing so would magically undo his outburst, but it wouldn't, and he would be stuck attempting to defuse a bomb of incredible magnitude, a fact that he was all too well aware of.

"What is it Minato?" They all said in unison, with slight variations in wording and inflection, as they groggily awoke from there slumber, only to suddenly snap into full consciousness upon seeing the situation going on around them.

"What are you all doing in here?" Shouted Tsukiumi accusingly, pointing her finger in the general direction of everybody.

"That's what I want to know!" Shouted a heavily mortified Homura, who had swiftly backed away, checking his clothes frantically.

"Are we having a sleepover?" Asked Musubi vacantly, the faint image of a bear appearing behind her.

"This would be great for some experiments, hu hu hu." Chuckled Matsu huskily, her fingers moving in a creepy typing pattern.

"Ara, the more the merrier, I always say!" Cheered Kazehana happily, hugging Minato's arm to her breasts.

"Onii-Chan." Whined Kusano cutely, hugging his leg pleadingly.

"I had a feeling that something like this was happening when I heard yelling coming from Minato's room first thing in the morning." Chimed-in the landlady disapprovingly as she opened the door. "I believe I've already told you all that I will not tolerate anything obscene going on in my inn." She spoke calmly, as the fearsome, and all too familiar image of a hanya mask appeared behind her, defusing the bomb that Minato did not, under any circumstances, want to go off.

"Miya-san!" Minato gasped, so grateful was he that a potential natural disaster of massive amounts of; water, fire, wind, vastly overgrown plants, and overall property damage, had been averted that he, unlike everyone else present, didn't care in the least about the highly dangerous presence looming over them at the moment. Rather, at the moment, it looked to him like some kind of guardian deity, sent to save him from the lions' den.

"Now would someone kindly explain what you're all doing here." Miya asked politely, the mask behind her still present.

Matsu was the first to respond. "Matsu didn't do anything! Matsu fell asleep in her own room and woke-up in Mina-tan's room." She explained as quickly as she could.

"It's the same story with me." Said Homura, who was still somewhat angry and mortified at whatever kind of prank this was. "I mean, do you really think that I'd do anything like this voluntarily."

"Even though as the legal wife I shouldn't need any reason to sleep in the same futon as my husband, I didn't come in here of my own violation." Tsukiumi explained angrily.

"Musubi is clueless!" Self explanatory on so many levels.

"Maybe we were all sleepwalking." Spoke up Kazehana. "I know that I didn't drink any alcohol yesterday, especially because I don't have a hangover today."

Kusano was too scared to speak-up, instead opting to hide behind Minato and cry a bit.

"I really don't have any idea about what's going on here either." Minato explained after he calmed down when everyone else was explaining there side of the story.

For a few seconds everyone, except Musubi, who was too stupid to understand the severity of the situation, and Minato for some other, unknown reason, were all at least a bit nervous as they waited for Miya to come to a decision based on what they had told her, but mostly based on her mood as well.

After no less than two minutes, the mask disappeared when Miya let out a sigh. "While I'm not sure exactly how much I believe your stories, the fact that Ku-chan was able to come here without my knowing may be more important than any excuses you may have."

Everyone was slightly puzzled at what she had just said, until they remembered that Ku-chan sleeps in Miya's room, and as they all know Miya is way too sensitive to her surroundings, even in her sleep, to not notice something like Kusano trying to sneak-out. Not to mention that at least a few of the Sekirei present were likely very sensitive to such things as well.

"So what you're saying, is that someone else might have done all this?" Homura managed to piece together.

"That's exactly what I'm saying." Answered Miya. "But what confuses me, is who could possibly do this, and for what purpose?" She thought this over for a bit, before realizing that she had forgotten that Minato was present, and that she was likely making him feel uneasy with her overly serious, and out of character (to his knowledge anyway) behavior, and decided to put those questions aside for the moment. "Well, enough of that, it's time for me to make breakfast, and time for all of you to get out of this room and into some decent clothes." She said with the mask, before she left her, now rather nervous boarders, to go prepare breakfast and to think over what could have caused this incredibly unusual, not to mention almost impossible to pull off, incident, but first... "That means now everyone." She called back, and was very satisfied to hear a sudden rush of six sets of footfalls as she left.

"That was weird." Voiced Minato as soon as everyone was out. 'I wonder why she didn't punish anyone by taking away breakfast, or something along those lines, like she usually would.' He pondered this as he was getting dressed, before an more pressing question worked it's way to the surface.

"Why wasn't I afraid of her?" He said aloud unknowingly.

"Why weren't you afraid of who, Minato?" Asked a groggy voice from his doorway.

"Uzume!" He startled at the sudden intrusion, and turned around to see said Sekirei, and her Ashikabi.

Blood burst from Minato's nose at the sight he saw as he rushed to close the door that his visitors had seen fit to open while wearing nothing but their underwear.

After his Sekirei had brought Chiho to the M.B.I. building to try and cure her, she'd made a full recovery, and since she had no living family to look after her, Uzume had brought her back with her to Izumo Inn. That much he was fine with, and in fact supported. The fact that they both had made a habit of walking around in their underwear in the morning however, not so much.

"Will you two please put on some clothes!" He shouted, back to the door, panicked, and red faced.

"Sorry Minato." He heard two voices chime in response simultaneously.

"Anyway, what were you talking about before Minato?" Asked Chiho.

"Oh, that, well it's not much really." He started. "It's just that all of my Sekirei were in my room this morning, and I wasn't really scared when the landlady saw it."

"What!" They shouted simultaneously, finally drawing the attention and company of everyone else in the inn, except for the landlady.

"Why are you two outside of Minato's door dressed in so little attire." Tsukiumi asked dangerously.

"Oh, well you see, we'd heard a commotion and came to see what was going on here." Uzume replied, somewhat frightened at the fact that she was outnumbered, vastly outmatched, and that at least half of these people were seriously pissed off at her right now.

"In your underwear, Uzume?" Voiced Homura. "It's bad enough that you do this on a regular basis, but the fact that your little bad habit is rubbing off on your Ashikabi is a bit too much." Tsukiumi nodded in agreement at this.

"Sowwy." Apologized Uzume, trying, to look as cute as possible to appeal to the nicer half of some of the Sekirei present. Failing that however, both she and Chiho made a quick beeline to their shared room.

A little while later, after everyone was properly dressed and ready for the day, breakfast was being served, and much to the surprise of most of the inn's residents, they were actually being allowed to eat, as opposed to being left to starve until lunch as punishment for being found in the same bed this morning.

Deciding not to look a gift horse in the mouth however, they happily went about eating their meal in their usual manner. Which is to say, Tsukiumi, Musubi, and Kusano all trying to feed Minato, despite his protests, Matsu, and Kazehana subtly eying Minato like a piece of meat on display, and Homura just trying to blend into the background. However, two people were acting differently from usual, those two being Uzume and Chiho, whose gazes shifted between Minato and Miya, the same question burning on both of their minds. 'Why wasn't he afraid of the landlady?' Even though Chiho was new to Izumo Inn, she already knew as well as all of the other residents that Miya was a terrifying person when she needed to be, even when her anger wasn't directed at you, so to both of them it seemed impossible for anyone with at least half a brain (which means Musubi clearly isn't included in this list), especially someone as timid and submissive as Minato, to not fear her. They were so lost in thought, pondering this particular question, that they hadn't noticed they'd been staring at Miya for a good two minutes already, an offense that was responded to with a quick ladle to the head for both of them.

"It's bad manners to stare you two." She said as the visage of a hanya mask appeared behind her.

Scared of the mask they were, but they also saw their chance to see weather or not Minato was telling the truth when he said he wasn't afraid of Miya. They took a quick look around the room and, sure enough, everyone, save for Musubi and Minato, were at least a little bit shaken from being in the same room as Miya when she's in a bad mood.

"How is this possible?" The pair murmured in unison.

"How is what possible?" Asked the very man they were puzzled about.

"You're not scared of the landlady." Uzume whispered out, before she quickly covered her mouth, obviously somehow getting the same, unfortunately false, idea Minato had had earlier, about how covering your mouth could magically erase the last thing you said.

A collective gasp was heard all around the room, some for different reasons than others, until someone spoke up on the subject.

"Of course he's not scared of me," Began Miya, the hanya mask behind her began getting bigger and bigger as she said this, "I'm the nice landlady who allows you all to stay here in exchange for low rent and doing chores around the house. I'm not the kind of person who anyone would ever be scared of." By the time she was done, her tone had gotten very dangerous, the hanya mask behind her was bigger than she was, and everyone in the room, save for Minato, was cowering behind something or someone. Even people like Musubi and Kazehana, who normally wouldn't duck and cover for anything short of a massive natural disaster were hiding from the wrath of Miya.

'He's really not scared of me!' Thought Miya, just as shocked, if not more so, as anyone else in the room at the sight of the somewhat confused, though definitely not scared, man sitting at the table, who was currently taking advantage of the fact that his Sekirei weren't adamantly trying to feed him by eating his fill of the food at the table. 'How is this happening? I know that I'm not losing my touch, because everyone else is quaking in their boots right now, but for some reason Minato's not even nervous.'

She was so focused on this question, that she unknowingly let the aura she was maintaining dissipate, allowing the others in the room to slowly regain their nerves. Just as they were about to ask Minato how he'd stood-up against Miya's aura without even flinching, he got up and walked over to the door, or at least they thought he was, until he stopped by the very woman who had scared them each into a corner not moments ago.

"Are you all right Miya-san? You seem a little out of it today." He asked, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.

She quickly snapped out of whatever trance she was in, stood up, and calmly responded to his inquiry. "Thank-you for your concern Minato, but I'm perfectly fine. I just have a lot on my mind right now, that's all." She answered before going to the door herself. "Now if you'll all excuse me, I have some things I have to attend to now." Leaving for her room as soon as she said this, and hopefully leaving Minato stuck having to answer the questions everyone else at the inn may have about his impossibly strong nerves of steel.

'How is this happening?' Panicked Miya when she got to her room. 'I've had this feeling described to me enough times to know exactly how it feels without ever having experienced it myself, but this can't be happening to me! It can't! It's impossible!'

'I can't be reacting to Minato!'

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