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Rachel Berry stops in front of one of the tall buildings in New York City and takes a deep breath.

-You know that this is what you have to do, Rachel. The sooner you do it, the sooner it'll be over.

Rachel takes a step into the building and goes straight to the elevator. Although she has to repeat herself some more those words, she presses the button to the fourteenth floor and the elevator doors close.

The elevator doesn't take much in getting to her floor and she exits it before the rest of the people in it start looking her suspiciously. She takes another deep breath and gets into the office, shyly.

It is a pretty office. A couple of couches to wait, with a little table, some pictures on the wall of pretty New York landscapes… She takes a look around the place until she catches the sight of the receptionist behind the desk. As she walks toward that desk, she notices that she is impossibly young…

-Good morning – says doubtfully Rachel and the little blonde girl who is sitting behind the desk snaps her head up.

-Good morning – says the little girl and she snaps back down her head as she continues painting furiously in the paper in front of her.

Rachel doesn't really know what to do next; she wasn't expecting a receptionist so young. Should she ask her if her mum is around? But before she has any chance to speak, the little girl talks again.

-My auntie is now busy. – She says, pointing to one of the doors behind her. – You can wait here, maybe she can see you. My mommy is out at the library, looking for a book for her exam, but she will be back very soon and she can give you an appointment so you don't have to wait.

Rachel's confidence in what she was going to do starts weakening. She turns to the exit door and takes a step forward. Then she stops and repeats herself "the sooner the better". She turns around again and catches the girl's eyes looking at her worried, which help Rachel to finally going to the couches and taking a seat. The girl follows her with her eyes and when she finally sits, she smiles proud of her good job and so Rachel smiles a little smile too.

-I would give you the appointment, but mommy doesn't let me event touch the computer because the other day I did something and we had to call a man to fix it.

-It's ok, I'll wait. – Rachel smiles.

Rachel starts searching in her bag for her blackberry in order to keep herself busy until something happened.

-Do you want to read something? Mom has some magazines for the clients if they want to read while waiting.

-No thanks – she smiles again.

She finally finds her blackberry and pulls it out to check her messages. She has 5 missed calls and 3 messages, all from him. She remembers now why she put it on silent mode earlier.

She tosses it again into her bag and looks around. She can't stand him anymore. Determination wins in her mind.

-I think I know who you are. – says thoughtfully the little girl, fixing her big brown eyes in Rachel.

-Do you? – She raises an eyebrow.

-I think so. My mommy took me to this Broadway musical once, Spring Awakening, and you were there.

Rachel smiles a little bit and answers.

-Yes, that could be me.

-Do you want to see my drawing? – the little girl runs to Rachel to show her the drawing she's been working all along before she even can agree to it.

Rachel takes it with both hands and examines the drawing. It's the stage on her musical and a representation of one of the most important scenes. A pretty good drawing for a… wait, how old is she? 6?

-It's very beautiful. You draw very well!

-Thanks! – The girl smiles happily and then she keeps rambling while Rachel continues watching the drawing – Mommy took me the day it opened and it was so cool. There were a lot of important people! It was hard for her to get the tickets, they were very expensive, but she got them. I've always wanted to watch one of those big musicals on Broadway and mommy told me she only would take me to the best, so she took me to Spring Awakening. – She ended with a big happy and proud smile.

-I'm glad you liked it so much.

-Mom liked it very much too. She thinks I didn't notice, but I saw some tears in her eyes and I've never seen her clapping so hard when it ended.

Rachel smiles. Now she is a Broadway star, she has the starring role on the new Broadway hit musical, but she can't make herself get used to this, although she always thought she could.

-And I want someday to sing in a musical, just like you. Mom promised me she'll sign me up for singing lessons next year – she says proudly.

-Maybe… - she starts tentatively – I could get you a couple of tickets to watch it again…

-Would you? Really? – The girl starts jumping for joy and Rachel can't help the biggest smile in weeks, she is such a cute little girl and she seems so familiar…

-Of course. – She looks for her agenda in her bag and pulls it out. – Just tell me your name and your mom's and I will bring them next time I come here.

Before the happy little girl can give an answer the doors open and a tall blonde figure enters the room.

-Beth! What have I told you about bothering the clients?

The little girl turns to her mom with a sad look and puppy eyes.

-I shouldn't. I'm sorry mom… - she said in a pitiful voice.

Rachel stands slowly from behind Beth.

-She wasn't bothering me… - she starts saying, but isn't able to finish the sentence because she notices how familiar the tall blonde mom looks.

The blonde angry eyes flick from her daughter to the woman behind her apologetically and it's then that she notices too.