She hadn't meant to pull it out. She just sort of… did. One moment she had been trying to rescue Inuyasha from his half-brother, the next she had the Inu no Taisho's battered Tetsuseiga in hand.

Kagome's heart beat violently against her rib cage as she looked down at the sword, wondering how she'd been able to even get the thing out when the two brothers hadn't succeeded. She was nowhere near as strong as they were. Maybe they had loosened it enough for her.

She looked up and found the two half-brothers staring incredulously at her. Well at least it stopped Sesshoumaru from killing his younger brother. Before she could voice her own incredulity, or even an apology, a searing heat in her hand had her shrieking in pain. The hilt of the sword was burning her, yet for the life of her she was unable to let go.

The heat spread up her body, sending each nerve on fire with pain. It centered in her head, and, unable to help herself, she clawed at her scalp to make it stop. Soon the heat became too much and the last thing Kagome heard before she succumbed to the pain was Inuyasha yelling her name.


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