Wow finally…my final chapter for this story. I'm sorry I took so long to upload it…I've been having computer troubles *sob*. This epilogue was inspired by something that Ken said in "The Answer" for Persona 3 FES. From his dialogue, it was implied that they took the MC to the hospital, where they apparently couldn't find anything wrong with him, yet he still died. I decided to write my version of those events, but from the P3P point of view, aka the FeMC instead of the MC. I hope you enjoy this final chapter, and like always, reviews are greatly appreciated!

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Mitsuru, Akihiko, Junpei, Yukari, and Fuuka raced up to the rooftop. When they got there, they were shocked to see Shinjiro there as well. He was standing alone, staring off.

"Shinji…!" Akihiko yelled. "You shouldn't be out of the hospital…you just recovered!" However, Shinjiro wasn't listening. He just continued to stare off.

"Eh, Shinji!" As Akihiko was about to punch him (despite the fact that he 'just recovered'), Mitsuru stopped him.

"Wait, Akihiko. Something's not right with Shinjiro."

Yukari slowly walked up to Shinjiro. "S-Senpai?"

It was then that Shinjiro noticed their presence. Shinjiro turned to face them. He had a pained look on his face, and his eyes were red, as if he's been crying for a while.

"Shinjiro? This isn't like you…" Mitsuru said.

"Tch." Shinjiro grunted slightly and began walking towards the door. Akihiko stopped him and grabbed the collar of his pea coat.

"Shinji! What the hell is going on? And where's Aigis and Minako?"

Shinjiro turned his head away. Akihiko punched him.

"Gah!" Shinjiro, who was still weak, fell to the ground.

"Senpai!" Junpei tried to hold Akihiko back. Yukari and Fuuka went to help Shinjiro up, but he denied their help and got up on his own.

"Akihiko, unless you want me to execute you right here and now, I suggest you cease this behavior at once!" Mitsuru yelled. Akihiko gulped and cooperated. Mitsuru turned her attention to Shinjiro.

"…Shinjiro, what's going on, and where are Aigis and Arisato?"

Shinjiro stared at her for a brief moment before answering.

"…Aigis took Minako…to the hospital…"

Everyone gasped.

"Huh? Why?" Yukari yelled.

"…Minako fell asleep, but after that…" Shinjiro tried his best to maintain his usual unreadable expression.

Akihiko looked angry. "Damn it, Shinji! Mitsuru, we have to go to the hospital right away!"

Mitsuru nodded. "Yes, we must hurry. Shinjiro, you're coming too, I assume…?"

Shinjiro glared at her. "No shit!"

They all ran down to the front of the school, where a private Kirijo company car was waiting for them.

~Tatsumi Port Island Memorial Hospital~

Everyone raced to the front desk. Shinjiro walked silently behind them.

"Is there a patient named Minako Arisato here?" Akihiko yelled. The startled woman began looking through some files.

"She was just admitted a few minutes ago, but she is currently in critical condition!" The woman said. Everyone's hearts dropped. Akihiko, ignoring the woman's words, looked around the room. He spotted Aigis at the end of the hall and ran towards her. Everyone else followed. Aigis spotted them. She looked depressed.

"Aigis! What's wrong with Minako?" Yukari, Junpei, and Akihiko yelled in unison.

"Minako-san closed her eyes…and then she stopped breathing…" Aigis explained. "Her health has been getting worse every since we arrived here…"

Yukari began crying. Junpei and Fuuka comforted her, themselves on the verge of crying as well. Akihiko punched the wall.

"Dammit…why does this keep happening to me?"

Shinjiro walked up to him. "…Aki…"

Akihiko glared at him with rage in his eyes. "Just shut the hell up! I couldn't save Miki…I nearly lost you…and now I'm about to lose the only one I've ever felt serious feelings toward!" He shouted, crying.

"…" Shinjiro couldn't think of a counterargument.

Just then, a doctor came out of Minako's room. "Excuse me, but can you please lower your voices?" He asked.

"How is Minako?" Yukari yelled.

The doctor sighed. "We can't find anything wrong with her, yet her health is rapidly deteriorating. We're doing all that we can…only time will tell now." He walked down the hall. A nurse went into Minako's room.

Mitsuru turned to face Junpei. "Iori, pick up Amada…he should still be in school at this moment. Tell his teacher that Kirijo wants to speak to him."

Junpei nodded at ran out of the hospital.

A few hours had past. Everyone, including Ken, was now waiting restlessly in front of Minako's room. Then, the nurse walked out. "Excuse me, but does Arisato-san have any family members?"

Hearing that was never a good sign…

"…Arisato has no living family members." Mitsuru said.

"I see…" The nurse sighed.

"But…we're her friends, can't we go instead?" Fuuka asked. The nurse shook her head.

"I'm sorry, but only people with a relationship to her may enter."

Upon hearing that, Ken stood up. "…Do romantic relationships count?"

Everyone stared at him, then back at the nurse.

"Well, if she has no living family members, then that would be the case. However, crushes don't count as romantic relationships."

Ken got angry. "I'm not talking about me!" He looked over in Shinjiro's direction. The nurse looked at him as well.

"Are you Arisato-san's boyfriend?" The nurse asked.

Shinjiro bit his lip, but nodded.

"This way, please." The nurse led him into the room. Shinjiro glanced at Akihiko. Akihiko looked like his world was about to end.

~Minako's Hospital Room~

When Shinjiro entered the room, Minako was lying in bed. A bunch of machines were attached to her.

'Was this how I was when I was in here?'

"Arisato-san is currently in a comatose state. You make speak with her if you wish…" The nurse told Shinjiro. Shinjiro walked closer to Minako, but couldn't think of anything to say. He reached out to touch her hand: It was cold.

"…You're such an idiot…" Shinjiro began. "I was ready to die…I knew full well that I was gonna die, and yet…you saved my life. And now here you are; dying in my place…" He held her hand. One of the machines began to beep rapidly.

"…Damn it…" Shinjiro said. The nurse ran out to get a doctor.

"Please…Minako…don't…" Shinjiro couldn't bring himself to say it. '…don't leave me…'


"!" Shinjiro looked at Minako. Her eyes were barely open. She was staring at him.

"M-Minako…!" Shinjiro looked at her with a surprised look on his face.

Minako looked confused. "Why…do you look sad…?"

"…Why…? You're dying, dammit!" Shinjiro yelled.

"O-Oh…don't worry…it will be ok…" Minako said.

Shinjiro clenched his fist. "…Why did you save me? I was prepared to die; I deserved to die…so…why?"

Minako just stared at him. "…I didn't know that I would save you. But if I did, it's because I love you…"

Shinjiro couldn't bring himself to say anything. He just looked at her. The machine began beeping even faster than before.

"Minako…no matter what happens…I…I love you…!" Shinjiro held her hand, and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. When he brought his head back, Minako was smiling.

"…Shinjiro…I love you…too…" And Minako's eyes closed.


Shinjiro did his best to keep in his emotions. He gave her one last kiss.

'…Good bye…Minako…'

Shinjiro walked out of Minako's room. Everyone rushed up to him.

"Shinji! What happened with Minako?" Akihiko asked.

"…" Shinjiro remained silent. He simply pulled his beanie over his eyes. The doctor arrived and went inside. The ring of the machine echoed down the hall.

"N-No…" Yukari's eyes filled with tears.

The doctor came out of the room. "I'm sorry…" and walked off. At that moment, everyone's fears were realized.

"Damn it!" Junpei screamed. Yukari and Fuuka couldn't stop crying. Mitsuru looked as depressed as when her father died. Ken just sat on the bench, looking down at his feet. Akihiko kept punching the wall, crying in the process. However, Shinjiro showed no signs of emotion. Not sadness, nor anger. Instead, he walked out of the hospital…without looking back.

A few days past…

~Dorm Lounge, Morning~

Everyone had sullen looks on their faces.

"Arisato's funeral is this afternoon…she will be buried at Naganaki Shrine." Mitsuru said. No one said a word.

"…Has anyone seen Aragaki-senpai? He should go to the funeral too…" Fuuka said.

Mitsuru shook her head. "I haven't seen Shinjiro since Minako died…" She looked at Akihiko. "…Have you seen Shinjiro lately, Akihiko?"

Akihiko clenched his fists. "…No." He then got up and went upstairs. Everyone sighed.

"…Akihiko-senpai really loved Minako…" Yukari said, frowning.

Mitsuru nodded. "Regardless, the funeral is this afternoon. If Shinjiro comes, then good. If not, then so be it. We'll meet down here once everyone's ready." Everyone nodded and went upstairs.

~Back Alley, Afternoon~

Shinjiro was sitting by himself, tossing a bottle of pills in the air. He had the urge to take some, but willingly decided not to. He began looking around.

'…This is the place where I first talked with you…I hadn't known it back then, but this is probably where I first fell in love with you as well. Back then, all I did was protect you and those other two idiots from those back alley bastards…then I told you about Fuuka…' He stood up and walked to face a wall. He put his hand on it.

'Haha…and here is where you were…' He gritted his teeth. '…I couldn't get here in time to save you, yet you were still happy that I was just there with you…idiot…' He then walked to the middle of the alley, looking at the floor. '…And here was where I got shot and you and the others came running. I told you not to cry, and this is where you said I love you to me…tch. What's so great about me anyways…? I just don't get it…' Shinjiro frowned. '…If I knew that the time I spent with you was irreplaceable, I would have spent more time with you…' Shinjiro walked out of the alley. 'Minako's funeral must be almost over…I'm sorry…I couldn't bring myself to go…' He walked off.

~Naganaki Shrine, Afternoon~

The funeral had ended, and Minako's coffin was buried. Many of her school friends had come to pay their respects. Hidetoshi looked at her headstone and smiled. He had asked them to bury her with the lighter he had given to her. Rio bowed and began crying. Yuko and Kenji comforted her. Even Bébe traveled back to Japan just to attend the funeral. He left the fan he always carried with him on her headstone. When everyone else left, the members of SEES surrounded her headstone and prayed for her wellbeing. Akihiko was the last one to remain. He kneeled next to her headstone.

"I'm sorry I couldn't save you…I really am pathetic, aren't I? …I just wanted to let you know that thanks to you, I managed to move on in life…" He began to cry. "…I didn't have the courage to tell you this when you were still alive…but I just wanted to let you know…that I loved you. I still love you, and I probably will always love you…" He stood up and was about to leave. "…Tell Miki I said 'Hi.'" He then left the shrine, the sun almost setting.

~?, Evening~

Shinjiro was walking alone, on his way to Paulownia Mall. The streets were busy for the evening. Shinjiro got to a crosswalk and was waiting for the light to turn green.

"Hey, wait for me!"

Shinjiro jolted his head towards the voice. "…Minako…?"

But on the other side of the crosswalk, he only saw a girl that looked nothing like her…yet the voice was almost the same.

"Come on, Hamuko, you're so slow!" Her friends teased and ran off. The girl desperately tried to keep up, but was smiling nonetheless. Shinjiro just stared at her.

"Hey, Mister, the light's green."

Shinjiro came back to his senses and crossed. Once on the other side, he stared up at the sky. He tried his best to not to shed a tear. He then felt a drop on his cheek.


It began to rain. Shinjiro walked all the way to Paulownia Mall, and made refuge at Club Escapade.

~Club Escapade, Evening~

Shinjiro arrived, nearly drenched from the rain.

"Well, hello there. You're quite charming…" A young woman said seductively. Shinjiro gave her a death glare, which scared her off. Shinjiro then sat down at the bar. He ordered an Oolong Tea, but didn't drink it.

"…Normally, one would come to a bar to drink."

Shinjiro turned his attention to a man sitting next to him. He had messy black hair and wore an off-white jacket with a pink shirt. He also had what looked like a cigarette in his mouth.

"…Yeah, well, I'm not like most people…" Shinjiro replied rather coldly.

The man sighed. "You're not the first one, trust me. I remember this one girl who used to come here just to talk to a monk…and sometimes she would even hear me out on all the problems I've been having lately…"

"…" Shinjiro looked annoyed.

The man didn't notice and continued. "…That girl was very kind actually…she even told me that cheating on someone is human nature, and that it's not a sin. Course, she could have just been saying that to make me feel better. You wouldn't expect a highschool girl to say something like that, afterall."

Shinjiro's eyes widened. "A highschooler would visit you…?"

The man nodded. "She was a cute girl. Had her brunette hair tied back in a ponytail, and had crimson eyes. She also wore hairpins on one side of her head in the form of 'XXII'."

"!" Shinjiro stared at him. "Was this girl's name…Minako, by any chance?"

The man nodded. "Yeah…but she hasn't been around lately…not since March 4th as a matter of fact…"

Shinjiro finally lost his nerve. He got up and picked the guy up from his jacket collar.

"Nngh…" The man stared at him.

"Why did she see you?" Shinjiro yelled. Luckily, not very many people were in the club at the time.

"…If you put me down, I'll tell you."

Shinjiro released him. The man fixed his jacket.

"She told me to hold onto these…" He pulled something out of his pocket. Shinjiro was shocked. What the man had pulled out of his pocket were Minako's headphones and mp3 player.

"…Why would she ask you to hold onto those…?" Shinjiro asked.

The man looked at him. "…Are you by any chance, Shinjiro Aragaki?"

Shinjiro flinched. "…How did you…?"

The man gave a faint smile. "She told me to give these to you, but she didn't expain why she gave them to me instead of to you face to face…she also gave me a message for you: "If by some chance you wake up and see me before I leave, don't regret what I did for the world and for you, and to not blame yourself for what happened." Oh, and she wants you to tell that to the rest of your friends as well. She also said that she wants you to listen to the song on her mp3, saying that it would always cheer her up when she felt down."

Shinjiro took the mp3 player from the man.

"Well, it's about time I leave…I hope I don't fall asleep on the train ride back…Damn it, I've been having some weird dreams lately…" He headed for the door.

"…Hold it. What's your name?" Shinjiro asked. The man turned his head to look at him. His face became depressed.

"…Vincent." He walked out the door.

Shinjiro walked out shortly after. By that time, the rain had stopped. The warm sunlight touched his face. He put the headphones on, and turned on the mp3 player. The song read: Kimi no Kioku (Memories of You)

Shinjiro grunted. 'This does seem like the type of song whe would like…'

He pushed play…a catchy piano tune began playing in the background. Shinjiro began listening intently to the words being sung…

Kaze no koe hikari no tsubu madoromu kimi ni sosogu (The voice of the wind sheds drops of light onto you as you doze off)

Wasurenai yasashii hohoemi kanashisa ni kakushita hitomi wo (I won't forget your kind smile or your eyes hidden with sorrow)

Negau koto (tsurakutemo) tachimukau yuuki kimi ni moratta yo dakara yuku ne (Even though it hurts (to make a wish), I received the courage to fight from you, so I will go)

Yume no naka (mezametara) mata aeru yo (If I awaken (from a dream), I'll be able to see you again)

Tooi kioku mune ni hime utau (I will hide my distant memories in my breast and sing)

Hakanaku tayutau sekai wo kimi no te de mamotta kara (Because you protected this ephemerally floating world by your own hand)

Ima ha tada tsubasa wo tatande yukkuri nemuri nasai (Now simply fold your wings and sleep peacefully)

Eien no yasuragi ni tsutsumarete love through all eternity (Be wrapped in an eternal tranquility, and love through all eternity)

Yasashiku mimamoru watashi no kono te de nemuri nasai (Sleep, by this hand of mine that gently watches over you)

Waratteta naiteta okotteta kimi no koto oboete iru (I remember you laughing, you crying, you angry)

Wasurenai itsumademo kesshite until my life is exhausted (I will never forget for all the time until my life is exhausted)

Kousaten kikoete kita kimi ni yoku nita koe (At a crosswalk, I heard a voice very similar to yours)

Furimuite sora wo aogimiru koboresou na namida koraete (I turned around and looked up at the sky, holding my tears back from overflowing)

Ashita koso (itsu no hi ka) mou ichido kimi ni aeru to shinji hitori mayoi (Tomorrow for sure (one of these days), I believe I can see you once more as I wander alone)

Ame no yoru (hareta asa) machitsudzukete (Through rainy nights (and sunny mornings), I keep on waiting)

Wasurenai yo kakenuketa yoru wo (I won't forget the night we ran through)

Mabayaku kagayaku hitotoki minna to issho datta (That brightly shining moment, I was with everyone)

Kakegae no nai toki to shirazu ni watashi ha sugoshita ita (I spent that time without knowing it was irreplaceable)

Ima na tada taisetsu ni shinobu you I will embrace the feeling (Now, so that I'll just recall it fondly, I will embrace the feeling)

Kimi na he tashika ni ano toki watashi no soba ni ita (You were definitely by my side back then, you know)

Itsudatte itsudatte itsudatte sugu yoko de warette ita (You were always, always, always smiling right next to me)

Nakushitemo torimodosu kimi wo I will never leave you (Even if I lose you, I'll get you back, I will never leave you.)

As the chorus began to repeat itself, Shinjiro took off his beanie.

"…Most of the stuff that was said in this song happened to me…you knew this was gonna happen, huh?" He began walking in the direction of the dorms.

"…Minako…I promise that no matter where you are…I'll never leave you. And if I see you again in the future, dead or alive, I swear to stay with you…and to protect you…for all eternity…"

He took off her headphones and put them around his neck, the way Minako did. He continued walking.

"…Shinjiro…" A voice called out.

"!" Shinjiro stopped and looked around. No one was there.


It was then that he looked up at the sky. The breeze picked up, blowing his hair gently. Then, he imagined her face in the heavens.

"…Only you…Shinjiro…" Minako called out to him.

A faint smile appeared on his face.

"…Only you…Minako…"

And then, at that time, he didn't care if people saw him. He couldn't hold back his emotions any longer. Shinjiro began crying…real, genuine tears…


A huge door was in the middle of an empty room. A girl was standing at the bottom of it. She began crying tears of joy.

"I hope I can see you again too…Shinjiro…" Minako said.

A young man appeared beside her. He was pale-faced, his black hair was sleaked back (with the exception of one lone stand sticking up), and a long, yellow scarf was wrapped around his neck.

"That was touching…but what did you mean when you said, Only You…?" The boy asked. Minako wiped away her tears and turned to face him.

"It meant two things…one, that he's the only one for me, and nothing can change that."

"…And the second one…?" The boy sounded hurt.

"…I have a feeling that in about a year from now, a new wild card will awaken, giving rise to a new savior. He will accomplish a great task, and in doing so, will obliterate any and all desire for death in the hearts of all humans. Once he does that, Nyx will no longer be a threat, and thus my being the Great Seal is no longer needed. However, in order for me to be released, the memories I lost when I 'died' will have to be returned to me…it's essential for me to regain my memories with everyone, or else I won't remember them if I awaken naturally. However, Shinjiro's the only one that can transfer those memories to my body as the seal." Minako explained.

The boy looked confused. "And why is that?"

Minako blushed. "He's shared the most memories with me…he's the first person I've ever loved…and in order to transfer the memories to me, he'll have to kiss the seal…" She touched her lips. The boy nodded.

"So how are they going to get to you to give you those memories, assuming that your predictions come true?"

"They won't be able to do it alone…they will need the help of the next wild card in order to unlock the door to the place where my memories are being kept. They will also need your help as well, Ryoji-kun…" Minako smiled.

The boy was surprised. "M-me…? Why?"

Minako stared at him. "You lived within me…and when the time comes, you will be their guide to bringing my memories back…I trust you…"

The boy blushed. "R-Right…you can count on me…" The boy disappeared.

Minako sighed. "I hope that the old and the new will get along with each other…and I hope that Shinjiro will cooperate with everyone…cause without him and the wild card, my memories will never reach me…" Minako turned to face the door, and floated up to the middle. Chains went around her body, and she was sealed to the door, waiting for the moment when she could be released once again, and to see all her friends…and Shinjiro…her beloved...


I hope you all enjoyed my story and the final chapter! Now, onto the second part of business…I am planning on writing a sequel to this story (I have already started writing the prologue to it). I have decided that it will be a Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 crossover story, but since they're both part of the same world, it will NOT be in the crossover category. If this last chapter hints anything, the characters of Persona 4 and Persona 3 will meet with each other and work together to…well, I'll let you find out (if you haven't figured it out already). Oh yeah, just to let you know, in my story, Shinjiro will survive (instead of dying from the effects of the pills like some might claim have happened to him afterwards) and will indeed be in my sequel (his first appearance will be in the prologue, but won't meet the other characters until a few chapters later). So, I hope that readers of this story will stay tune for my sequel! Just keep your eyes open for another story written by me! And thank you all for reading, and for the wonderful reviews! I really appreciate it! Anyways, I hope you liked my story, "Only You"!