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Author's Note: This will probably be the last chapter of this fic. Only because while Tony is still little the other's are older than Tony leaving him the only little one.

Little One's

Tony, Abby, Tim and Kelly were all on the couch watching a movie. Shannon and Gibbs were on their recliners watching the movie too. Gibbs and Shannon looked at their little one's staring intently at the movie playing on the TV especially Tony. They have all seen the movie before, but they didn't mind watching it again.

"Time for bed, Tony" Shannon said as she watched her littlest rub his eyes after the movie was over.

"I'm not tired, Mommy." Six-year-old Tony replied.

"Yes, you are Tony." Shannon said.

Tony watched his Mom and finally got up and walks upstairs. "I'll be up soon to tuck you in."

"Okay, Mommy." Tony replied as he walked up the stairs and makes his way towards his room. He quickly changed into his pajamas and then makes his way towards the bathroom. When he got back to his room his Mom was there waiting for him. She picked out a book that she would read to him. She pulled back the blankets and tucked them around the little boy. She opened the book and began to read. The little eyes closed and she hadn't even finished the book. She put it down and kissed her youngest forehead and left the room to go back downstairs.

Tony opened his eyes and listened to the noise that he had heard. He really didn't want to call out to his Mom and Dad because they might think he was a little baby and he wasn't. He was six years old and was a big boy, but right now he was a scared little boy. He was hearing a noise in his closet and he didn't like it at all. He tried to close his eyes and put his hands on his ears, but it didn't help.

Tony took a look around, but he couldn't see anything. He finally yelled for his Mom and Dad and watched as they came in.

His Mom came in and saw how frightened he was. She held him as she rubbed his back. "What's the matter Tony?"

"I heard a noise in the closet, Mommy."

"I'll check it Tony." Replied Jethro.

Gibbs made his way towards the closet and opened it. Tony didn't want to look at him as he opened his closet door. Tim, Abby and Kate peeked into the little boy's room.

"What's the matter Mom?"

"Tony heard a noise in his closet."

"I didn't find anything Tony."

"I heard something Daddy."

"Nothing's there now."

"What if it comes back?"

"Tony do you want to sleep with us?"

"Can I please?"

"Of course you can."

The little boy took his blanket and his pillow and took them to his parent's room. He hoped that whatever was in his closet would leave and not come back. He quickly fell back to sleep knowing that his parents would protect him.

The End