Boy Sized Dent by Shoujo's Revenge

Summary: She's allergic to flowers, stays as far away from him as possible, loves to collect fox memorabilia and she accidentally plows into him with a car. She's the perfect mate for him. Kurama x oc

Disclaimer: Yoshihiro Togashi owns Yuu Yuu Hakusho.

Crash One: Enter Strangeness

To him, Mizuki Aoi was just another classmate of his who happened to succeed academically like him. Despite her excellent grades, she's barely noticeable since she seems to go out of her way to avoid him. She wasn't interested in his brains or beauty like his female or even male admirers. One of the only times they interacted was the day when the teacher asked her, the reluctant class president to pass out the papers so they could vote for the next class trip. Her hand accidentally touched his and she pulled back hers quickly as if she had been shocked by electricity, apologizing under her breathe. Then she had moved past his desk, distributing the rest of the papers.

"Aoi-san," one of the girls casually walked up to her one day, whispering in her ear. The next second Mizuki completely freaked out, pulling the back of her skirt down. Thankfully, their classmates hadn't noticed her skirt had been stuck in her white panty except for the ever observant Shuuichi Minamino. The same girl who told Mizuki was simply known as Miyabe. She turned around to his desk and stated plainly: "Minamino-san, you could've told her about it instead of enjoying the view." With a rose red blush, Mizuki stomped off in embarrassment rousing everyone's interests.

"What just happened?" "Why is Aoi-san so angry? That glare she directed at him sort of counted as their second interaction. It was actually an amazing sight for it was the first time she looked angry. Kurama was rather miffed about the situation himself but at the careless Miyabe. Surely he didn't have to explain to her that you didn't randomly walked up to a girl and tell her about her skirt malfunction. As a matter of fact, he did not enjoy the view of her exposed underwear. He supposed he owed Aoi an apology though it wasn't his fault for her own carelessness.

The next few times he saw her were at the school library, in the hallways, anywhere in the school but in class, he overheard from whispering girls gossiping why she begged the principal to switch to another class. In an inopportune moment the tomboyish Miyabe was passing out study guides for their upcoming midterms.

"I hope you're happy, Minamino. Aoi-san is in another class just because of your wandering eyes. Pervert." She slammed the guide on his desk. He saw the weird looks his classmates gave him. He was seriously starting to hate the new student.

Mizuki transferring out of class wasn't very interesting to him so he went on with his life. Out of sight, out of mind. After the incidents in school, he was about to go home to finish the rest of his schoolwork when Botan floated next to him on an oar. As usual there was a case in need of dire attention as he joined up with Yusuke and the others at Reikai only to find his tall gruff friend missing in action.

"His stupid cat's missing." Yusuke explained after Kurama inquired about it.

"Hn. We'll be fine without the baka." Hiei commented.

And so they went to solve the dilemma before dinnertime rolled around. It was another successful case without Kuwabara's usual loud arguments with Yusuke or Hiei or rambling on about being a man or proclaiming his love for Yukina.

In fact, he didn't get to see Kuwabara for days that stretched into a week. At the same time Mizuki ran frantically posting fliers around the school vicinity. Kurama noticed the bandaged up kitten in the black and white picture looked exactly like Eikichi.

"Excuse me, Aoi-san. I think I may know the owner of the kitten," he said after she backed nervously away from him, clutching the pile of fliers to her chest.

"Really? The cat didn't have any contact information on its collar. The owner's probably worried sick. Please tell whoever it is that the cat's fine and it's not hurt too badly."

"Too badly? It looks like it's been hit by a car." He observed. She shifted uncomfortably, staring guiltily at the grass.

"Um, well you see I really needed to get medicine before it got too dark. My older brother was at his dorm and grandpa can't drive so I had to use the car."

"You mean you-"

"It was an accident! I didn't mean to hit the little thing! Besides he just ran out of nowhere and I couldn't see properly...Ah!" She quickly scribbled her contact information on the back of a flier and handed it him.

"Here's my address and phone number. Please reassure the owner that the cat was immediately taken to the vet and he's all stitched up. The bills are all paid for and the vet says he'll be just fine. The owner can pick it up anytime." She made to run away from him but decided to bow to him. "Thanks Minamino-san. I've been feeling guilty for a week. Um, I'll see you later, I guess." This time she really did run off.

Kurama looked down at her slanted address and phone number, remembering the fox charm dangling off the end of her lead pencil.

"Kuwabara-kun will be glad to hear this," he muttered, folding the paper carefully.

He started the walk to his house while he comtemplated the strange coincidence. What were the odds of having his teammate's cat being hit by his former classmate's car?

Weeks passed after their third and (first genuine) interaction. Kuwabara had retrieved his cat from Mizuki with tears of happiness. He confided in everyone that he forgave the nervous girl because she was just a girl and Eikichi really was okay so no harm, no foul. Hiei would've said something along the lines of "baka" if he was there with them except he was starting to disappear from their assignment meetings. Kurama had to look for the Jaganshi since Botan couldn't seem to find him.

"Hiei's been acting kind of weird lately." Koenma told them after he left.

"Weird like how, Koenma-sama?" Botan asked.

"He came around this afternoon demanding me to pay him."

"Why would Hiei need money?" Yusuke asked, scratching his head.

Meanwhile, in Ningenkai, Mizuki turned around to face the cash register and found a boy clad in black and wearing a bandanna around his forehead standing there expectantly. She just started her shift at the fox themed ice cream parlor. It was her new parttime job since she used up all her savings to pay for the injured cat's operation. Thankfully, her school was lenient about her taking this job because her guardian was currently unable to work.

This boy keeps coming here everyday now. He really loves ice cream, huh?

"Welcome to the Heavenly Kitsune Ice Cream Parlor. What kind of ice cream would you like?" She said, smiling like the way the manager taught her to.

She was holding an ice cream scooper as he set down a bag on the counter. The contents of the bag jingled while she opened to see what was inside. Her eyes widened at how much coins were in the bag.

"I want to try the other flavors this time," the boy stated, looking at the colorful choices.

"O-okay but do you really want to spent all this money on ice cream?"

"Of course," he said simply.

Mizuki rushed to fulfill all his orders as he pointed to all the flavors he wanted. By the time he finished dictating his orders, she was panting slightly and leaning on the cash register. She immediately straightened up when a group of kids entered. Hiei sat at the corner booth surrounded by cups and bowls of different flavored ice cream. He calmly licked his three layer ice cream cone watching the teenage girl make a banana split sundae for a little girl. He made a mental note to order that the next time he came here.

"Thank you. Please come again," Mizuki said, waving to the kids who eagerly waved back to her.

She turned back to the register and took out the proper change for Hiei's purchases.

"Hey you forgot your change. Sorry I couldn't give it to you earlier. You really love ice cream, don't you?" She said, reaching his table.

"Hn." Was all he said.

"Okay. I'll just put it here then." She wanted to engage him in conversation when the fox shaped bell rang signifying another customer. "Gotta get back to work." She muttered.

"Hello. Welcome to Heavenly Kitsune Ice Cream Parlor. How may I help you?"

A brunette woman dressed in business attire perused the selection, smiling.

"Hmm...There are so many flavors. I'm not sure what to order. What do you recommend? Oh, my, that boy sure loves his ice cream." She commented, noticing the anti-social boy in the corner.

Mizuki bit down her lip to keep from laughing. The faint tingle of the bell made the woman turn to the entrance.

"Kaa-san, what are you doing here?" The familiar voice made Mizuki freeze.

That voice. It couldn't be...

"Oh, Shuuichi, dear. I just had a craving for ice cream so I came here. People keep recommending this place to me. The fox theme is adorable, isn't it?" The friendly woman asked.

Oh, Kami-sama! It is him. What's he doing here? The familiar redheaded boy came up next to the woman.

"Aoi-san, you work here?" Kurama just barely recognized her underneath the pink cap with faux fox ears poking out. She nodded meekly.

How embarrassing! I hope he doesn't see the tail behind me.

"Do you know this girl, Shuuichi?" Shiori asked her son.

"She's one of my classmates or rather used to be."

"We-welcome to I-ice Pa-parlor Ki-kitsune Hea-heavenly Cre-cream. H-how may I help you?" Mizuki stuttered, clasping her hands together.

"Are you all right, dear? Are you starting to feel cold?" Shiori asked. Kurama just sweatdropped.

Hiei? He finally noticed the fire youkai starting on the cup of chocolate chip ice cream.

Mizuki snapped out of it long enough to see her former classmate walk to the booth the silent boy was occupying. Shiori tried to ask her if she was okay again.

"Huh? Oh, sorry I didn't get your order. What would you like to order, ma'am?" She readied the scooper.

"I haven't ordered anything, dear. I just asked if you were okay."

"Oh, yes, yes I'm okay. You asked me what I would recommend before right?" She gave out samples of the new flavors the parlor owner came up with himself.

"Shuuichi, you should try this flavor. What was it called again?"

"The seven tailed kitsune flavor." Mizuki smiled uneasily. "It's just called that because the owner is obsessed with foxes. Who can blame him though? They're adorable."

"What about those flavors? What's in them?" Shiori pointed out at the selection way in the corner.

Mizuki looked even more uncomfortable this time. "Excessive amounts of alcohol. The owner is kind of a heavy drinker, too."

You would have to be to come up with the design of this place. Kurama thought as he went up to his mother again.

"Kaa-san, my friend and I have an appointment we have to keep. I'll see you later at home, okay? Would you mind terribly clearing up the table, Aoi-san? Thanks. I owe you one."

Kurama practically had to drag Hiei by the back of his cloak to get out of the ice cream parlor. He was not happy having to leave his sweet snow.

"Uh, thank you! Please come again!" She cried after them. That little boy forgot his change. The little fox bell jingled as they watched Shuuichi struggle with the boy. The short boy seemed to want to go back in.

"I'm going to have a talk with that boy about cleaning up after his mess." Shiori said.

Mizuki sighed. She couldn't wait until her shift ended. Hopefully, no more strange things will happen until then. Minamino-san are friends with some strange people.

And so concluded their fourth interaction which ended on an abrupt note. The forgotten change would serve as a great way for them to interact for the fifth time except Mizuki asked Miyabe to do it for her since they were in the same class.

"Minamino-san, Mizuki would like for me to give this to you." The short-haired girl placed a bag on his table. "She told me to tell you to please return the change to the little boy." Kurama looked up from his textbook.

"What little boy?" He asked.

Miyabe shrugged her shoulders. "She told me you and some little boy were at the ice cream parlor she works at. He forgot his change and she wants it returned to him."

She thinks Hiei is a little boy? He didn't think Hiei would appreciate hearing Mizuki call him that though he couldn't resist smiling.

"Thanks, Miyabe. Tell Aoi-san not to worry. I'll return his change." Kurama was about to continue reading his textbook when Miyabe blocked the words with her hand. He looked up again with a cocked eyebrow. "Was there something else you needed, Miyabe?"

"I kind of feel like you can help her." He blinked. She scrutinized his effeminate features then shook her head. Maybe she was just imagining things. "Never mind, Minamino-san. I'll tell her what you said." With that, she went back to her own desk.

Their encounter at the ice cream parlor was their last one for the month as the midterms came around. Mizuki rushed to work right after school while she snuck in studying late at night. In the morning, she had to wake up early to prepare breakfast for her grandpa and her dog. These days she couldn't afford to enjoy a nice breakfast anymore so she just settled on waiting for lunch. Her life was what one would say was complicated what with having to take care of everyone in the household including herself. The last thing she needed was a disruption in her life. What with having a fire demon going to her workplace all the time plus attending school with a plant manipulating fox demon, her life was about to get even more complicated when she meets more of "Minamino-san's" friends.

"I wonder why Botan wanted us to meet here," Yusuke said, looking up at the ridiculously cute logo of Heavenly Kitsune Ice Cream Parlor. A halo surrounded the capitalized bubble letter 'H' while a roundeyed animelike fox sat with its front paws out of the 'o' of the word 'Parlor.' "This place is way too cute." He added in distaste. It really suits Botan's taste.

"We should tell Kurama about this place. He would love the girl in the fox ears," Kuwabara said, looking at the fox girl passing a swirly ice cream cone to a little boy. Yusuke followed his gaze and laughed. The cap fell off the girl's head when the little boy reached up to touch her ears.

Kuwabara followed Yusuke into the ice cream shop after he pulled open the glass door. The mother of the little boy apologized for his behavior as Mizuki adjusted her hat. The teenage girl just waved it off. The two boys lined up after an elderly lady.

"Thank you for your patronage. Please come again." Mizuki said, bowing. The boy and his mother left the store as a man stepped forward to order.

"Ah, it's you!" Kuwabara exclaimed, pointing to Mizuki when it was Yusuke's turn to order. He turned from Kuwabara to Mizuki.

"You know her, Kuwabara?"

"She's the girl I told you about. You know the one who gave me back Eikichi." Mizuki's face dropped. She didn't want to be reminded of how she ran over a cat. Then she reminded herself she had to smile that sunny smile when she was in the ridiculous fox costume. As much as she liked foxes, dressing up like one was never on her list of fox themed things to do.

"Welcome! What would you like to order today?" Her eyebrow twitched. She was seriously getting sick of saying the long greeting over and over again. Her body's weariness was starting to affect her smile as well. It was all she could to maintain the perfect toothy smile.

"Hey, Kuwabara. Check it out! That flavor is called the seven tailed kitsune. What does that taste like?" Yusuke pointed to a pure white carton filled with many kinds of colors.

"You may try a sample if you'd like," Mizuki said.

"I would love to try a sample!" A bright voice surprised the three of them. A blue-haired girl popped her head between Kuwabara's and Yusuke's shoulders, her arms on either of their shoulder blades. Mizuki regained her composure.

Where did that girl come from? She couldn't have come in from the front door. I don't remember hearing the bell ring.

"Um, where did you come from?" Was she with them the whole time and I just didn't notice?

"Through the front door, of course!" The girl said nervously. The two boys glared at the blue-haired girl.

You couldn't have used the front door? Yusuke thought.

"Why did you want us to meet here anyway?" He asked. The three of them forgot about Mizuki who stared oddly at the trio. She could've sworn that girl wasn't there before. She was starting to think she was working too hard. It was almost the end of her shift. When was the other girl coming to replace her?

Botan ordered three banana split sundaes. "I just wanted to reward you two with something for all the hardwork last week." Mizuki overheard her say while she peeled the bananas.

"You think ice cream is enough to make it up to us?" Yusuke exclaimed.

"Shh, shh, something even better than ice cream. Kurama figured out where Hiei's been disappearing to." Botan finished with a giggle. "Believe me. Finding out his secret will make up for that." Kuwabara and Yusuke looked at each other, wondering what treat was in store for them. Whatever it was it had to be good stuff for her to look like that.

Yusuke and his friends seated themselves at a booth further away from the front door, eating their ice cream sundaes. Botan ended up paying for it. As there wasn't anybody lining up, Mizuki was slumped on a chair behind the counter. Her listless eyes looked down at her watch. Her shift was supposed to be over five minutes ago. Where was Aiko? She was on the verge of falling asleep, her eyelids drooping.

The bell ringing made her straighten her posture lest it was the boss who was coming to check on her. He does that randomly from time to time.

"This is boring. How long do we have to wait?" Yusuke asked, stirring his melted ice cream. Botan checked her watch.

That's strange. Kurama said that Hiei comes in here around this time. She twisted around in her seat, gasping. There he is! There was no way she could miss the tall black hair. She nudged Yusuke's arm and he in turn hit Kuwabara's arm. The taller boy would've spluttered something indignantly if Yusuke hadn't covered his mouth. They looked at the direction of the counter where Hiei was standing.

"Hello there," Mizuki said, not bothering to say the customary greeting. The boy didn't seemed to mind the lack of proper greeting. He just wanted ice cream (or known to him as sweet snow). "Just a vanilla cone today? You usually get the more colorful flavors." She commented, getting his order. He didn't say anything except 'hn'. It was none of her business that he decided to go with a tamer flavor since he kept getting stomaches from the excessive ice cream. Hiei held out a bill. "Oh, that's okay. You don't have to pay me today."

"You said the ice cream wasn't free two weeks ago." He said as if she was setting up some kind of trap for him.

"It's not but you spend over a year's supply worth of ice cream so that means you earn a free ice cream cone. In fact-" She ripped out a handful of coupons from behind her. "These are coupons for free ice cream cones. We have to give them out to faithful customers like you. Between you and me, this is punishment for my boss for suggesting his employees to wear shorter skirts." Hiei wasn't exactly sure what happened but as long as he got his sweet snow, he didn't care. This just meant he didn't have to go to Koenma or Kurama whenever he needed human money. With the long coupons trailing behind him and a waffle cone in his hand, he went to his usual booth.

"Hey Hiei," Yusuke said casually, waving from his seat as he passed by their booth. The laugh he had reserved for his short friend was threatening to spill from his smirk. Hiei stopped in his tracks, his eyes widening.

Mizuki didn't pay attention how Hiei looked visibly upset by his teammates discovering him in a place like this. She merely shifted herself in her seat, absentmindedly running her finger along the surface of the glass that covered the ice cream.

Aiko could've at least called ahead to say that she was going to be late. There's no one else managing the store but me. I'm hungry...sitting near ice cream doesn't exactly help either. Stop coming in already! She stood up again, grinning from ear to ear ready to greet the customer who just came in. Unfortunately, it was the person she always tries to stay away from as much as possible.

"H-hello, Minamino-san! Welcome to Kitsune Heaven place." Did I seriously just say the wrong name? I did that the last time he was here, too. Kurama chuckled.

"Hello, Aoi-san. I believe it's called Heavenly Kitsune Ice Cream Parlor.I'm just here looking- Ah, my friends are over there. Congratulations on becoming number one by the way." He added before going over to join his friends teasing Hiei.

What is he talking about? Mizuki thought, taking off her fox cap. The other part time girl just came in apologizing about being late. Mizuki quickly took the opportunity to escape. The remaining people in the parlor sweatdropped at how fast she gathered her stuff and left through the backway.

"Rough day," she muttered to herself, wiping the weariness out of her eyes. As I suspected, Minamino's friends aren't normal. Is that blue-haired girl a ninja? I swear she didn't come in through the front door. She couldn't wait until she could fall asleep in her comfortable bed.

Back at the ice cream parlor, Yusuke and his friends moved to Hiei's favorite booth.

"So Kurama, you know that girl just now? What did you say to her to make her run out like that?" Yusuke said, smiling mirthfully. Apparently, it was his turn to be embarrassed. Hiei stiffly licked his ice cream cone near the window, glaring at the people passing by. "She goes to your school, right? Kuwabara told us you happened to tell her Eikichi was his cat. What luck she ran over his stupid cat, huh?" He nudged Kurama's arm with a meaningful look, ignoring Kuwabara's "Eikichi is not stupid!" His loud tone scared the children sitting two booths away from them.

"I'm not sure what you're trying to imply," Kurama said vaguely. Mizuki was always one to avoid him. She was nothing more than a person he happened to pass by lately. "I was merely trying to do Kuwabara a favor since he was worried about Eikichi."

Miyabe pulled the door open for two junior high school girls and walked right up to the counter.

"Hey Aiko, is Mizuki still here?"

"Nah, she just rushed out the door when I came in." Aiko said, popping her gum.

"Great." Miyabe commented, moving away to allow the junior high girls to order. There's the person I wanted to see all day. She thought, looking at the corner where Kurama smiled calmly as Hiei refused to acknowledge them. "Minamino-san, I see you're looking as pretty as usual." She walked up to their table. Yusuke snickered about the pretty comment. "Can I speak to you for a bit about Mizuki?"

Kurama looked at her, perplexed. Why did she have to speak about Mizuki Aoi with him of all people? "Outside, please? That is, if your friends don't mind." Miyabe added, her eyes on the strange assortment of people. They definitely weren't the type of people his type would've hung out with.

"We don't mind," Botan said, smiling. "Go ahead."

The Meiou Private Academy students went out of the parlor. Miyabe crossed her arms. The perfect model student stood across from her, patiently waiting for her love confession. The Mizuki thing was probably an excuse in front of his friends so she won't be embarrassed. He gets one of these every few weeks. It was tiresome in the least but hey, what could one do except reject them kindly, hoping they get the hint.

"Okay, here it is..." Miyabe sighed.

Here it comes...

"Okay, this is probably a strange request but I'd like you to get close to Mizuki-chan." She put out her palm to silence him as his mouth opened. "This isn't some elaborate scheme to get you to date her. It's nothing like that. Don't worry. Kami only knows how many girls must've asked you to date them. You notice that I just said her first name but not around her. The reason for that is because of a thing that happened in junior high school. After that event, she was taken out of school. She had been homeschooled ever since. The problem is now that she's back in school, she doesn't want any friends. She hates it whenever I call her by her first name and avoids any activities that means possibly making friends with other people. I don't want to see her lonely for the rest of the school year."

"Miyabe-san, I understand why you're concerned. I just don't understand why you're coming to me about this. You would have a higher percentage of getting close to her than me. She requested to be transferred to another class just to get away from me."

Miyabe tsked. "Don't be such a drama queen, Minamino-san. You weren't the only reason she wanted to transfer." Kurama crossed his arms now.

"Oh, then pray tell me what other reason could there be?"

"It's rude to interrupt others when they're talking. I chose you of all people because you have a lot of things in common. Think about it. In terms of grades, you're both ranked in the top ten meaning you're both nerds. You're both practically loners in school. You both look like girls although you're slightly prettier than her. Plus you give off "I'm ancient" kind of vibe so you'll come up with some wise way to persuade her to become her old self. Come on, you've talked to her a couple of times. She's a good person. Just ignore that whole she seems to be afraid of you sort of thing and you'll be fine. Look, if you'll succeed then I'll, um, I'll reward you with whatever you want, just not money."

"You really care about Aoi-san but I'm afraid I cannot take you up on your offer."

"Oh, why not? You can just consider it an experiment. Nerds love that kind of thing." Kurama made to go back inside the ice cream parlor.

"I don't enjoy messing with people's lives."

"It's not my thing either but if Mizu goes on like this, she'll be alone forever. How is befriending her messing up her life anyway? Ooh, look, Minamino-san, I have nothing against you but if I have to blackmail you, I will."

He arched one of his eyebrows. Could she have possibly found out about his real identity? She took out a manilla envelope out of her school bag. He sweatdropped.

"These pictures capture your most dazzling moments in school. If you don't do what I ask, then I'll sell these to all your fangirls. I wouldn't mind having some extra cash to spend." She dangled glossy photographs of him doing random things like elegantly eating lunch, studying at the library or standing outside the school property while his locks blew in the wind. "Don't worry. I didn't take any perverted pictures. You're lucky I'm not one of your fangirls. You do as I ask and I'll get rid of these, every last one of these. Deal?"

He sighed. "I couldn't exactly resist, could I?" Miyabe smiled, giving him the pictures. "Enjoy these. I still have the originals at home. Oh, a word of advice. The one thing she's really crazy about is foxes. She has this ridiculous notion that fox spirits are real. Stupid, huh?" She didn't notice the nervous look on his face. "Anyway, what I recommend is for you to buy something with a fox on it like a lead pencil or a fox figurine. Tell her how much you like foxes. Thanks a lot, Minamino-san."

The fifth interaction between Mizuki and him was rather confusing. What did he mean by that number one comment? She was going to find out the next day in school.

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