Proposal, Sex Ed. and Marriage. (J&A)

Angela: Jin we have been date 4 several months. I want u 2 have this.

Jin: r u serious, your giving me a blue feather. U know that when u give a person a blue feather, you're asking that person 2 marry u.

Angela: yes, Jin I am asking u 2 marry me.

Jin: I was looking 4 a blue feather 2 give 2 u first. But u beat me 2 it. I was hoping u felt the same way I feel about u. Angela I love u. r you sure? Do u really know how old I am? I never really told u my age.

Angela: How old r u? Never mind, that really does not make any difference 2 me. I love u.

Jin: I am 35 years old. Do u still want 2 marry me now? You're a young woman just barely 20 years old.

Angela: Yes, Jin. Marry me

Jin: I would be honored 2 be your husband. But from here 2 now I must take the lead. I want 2 ask u something.

Angela: What?

Jin: Ever since I became your doctor, why r u not scheduled 2 have any pelvic exams done? R u a virgin?

Angela: Yes.

Jin: U know, when I marry u, I will eventually have sex with u as a big symbol of my love 4 u.

Angela: Yes. I know that

Jin: R u afraid 2 have sex with me?

Angela: Yes, very afraid. Does it hurt 2 have sex 4 the first time.

Jin: That depends on a number of factors. Who is that person is you're having sex with, how your hymen is structured. What your pain tolerance is. I your case I will b the one sexing u. I promise u I won't hurt u. I love u.

Angela: Just what is a hymen?

Jin: U don't know? Everyone that has had sexual education in school should know what a hymen is. Angela were u taught sex Ed. In school?

Angela: No, I was home schooled.

Jin: If I am going 2 marry u. u must know about sex. U need to know about your body, how it works, how it reacts 2 sex and how 2 please your husband in bed. That would soon be me. I will volunteer 2 instruct u about everything u need 2 know.

Angela: OK.

Jin: Angela do u want 2 have children right away?

Angela: I would Like 2 wait at least 1 year2 have kids. I would like 2 know u better, 2 enjoy your company and 2 have fun with u before I commit 2 raising children.

Jin: That's makes sense. At my age, I am ready 4 kids. I'm glad 2 know that u want kids in the near future. Did u know I was married before?

Angela: no, tell me about your ex-wife.

Jin: OK. Her name was Demita. She was my wife. She died ten years ago, giving birth 2 our first child. Our baby died 2. I miss her so much. I did not think I would love anyone else. Then u came into my life. I'm glad. What happen 2 my wife. Inspired me 2 become a doctor. I just want everyone 2 b healthy, besides training 2 b a doctor, kept me busy, so that I didn't grieve so much over my wife. Angela I will teach u. tomorrow at noon.

(The next day, it's noon.)

Jin: U know what your female sex organs looks like. Do u know what male sex organs look like? Do u know what a penis is?

Angela: no. U have male sex organs. Can I see your sex organs?

Jin: No, because we are not married. My Grammi taught me 2 respect women. After we are married u will have the opportunity see what I look like. I am your doctor I can show u and tell u what your female sex parts are. Just take off your clothes and stand in front of the mirror. (Angela takes off her clothes and stands in front of the mirror.) Oh my I can't do this. Grammi. (Jin gets Irene 2 come 2 the door.)Grammi can u do me a favor. Angela must know about sex before I marry her. Can u teach her about sex, the human body, and the rules of Jin?

Irene: Angela should already know about sex. She is 20 years old. And why can't u teach her?

Jin: I want 2 marry Angela. But I want her 2 know about sex. But I can't I'm 2 in love with her. I'm 2 aroused by her. I have strong urges 2 sex her. U taught me that sex should only within the marital arrangement. That's the away God arranged it. I choose 2 live by those values. So until we are actually married. I would appreciate it if u would just teach Angela about her body and all about sex. Oh yes I almost forgot. Teach her about the rules of Jin.

Irene: OK. Anything 4 my grandson.

Jin: Thank u Grammi.

(Irene (the midwife) walks in)

Angela: Hi Irene. Where is Jin? Is he coming back?

Irene: Jin asked me 2 continue 2 teach u about sex.

Angela: Jin promised he would teach me about sex.

Irene: Jin cannot teach u right now. He asked me 2 teach u.

Angela: Why can't Jin teach me?

Irene: Jin is sick.

Angela: What wrong with Jin? I love him. I want 2 see him now.

Irene: Just relax Jin is physically fine.

Angela: How is he sick then?

Irene: U made him sick.

Angela: Does the way my body looks make him sick 2 his stomach?

Irene: Not at all. Jin loves your body. Matter of fact, U made him lovesick. He wants 2 marry u. But he also want u 2 know about sex and learn how 2 love him. He can't teach u right now because he is aroused by u. he wants 2 have sex with u. I taught him that it is wrong 2 have sex outside of marriage. He chooses 2 live by them values. You're not married 2 Jin yet. So I am the best person 2 teach u 4 now.

Angela: OK.

Irene: Now u will learn about your body first. Please take off the rest of your clothes. Then stand in front of the long mirror. Do u see your breast?

Angela: Yes.

Irene: Your breast is the first major sexual part that really entices a man. You man, that would be Jin after u marry him, and he will get great joy from fondling your breast. Do u see the nipples on your breast?

Angela: Yes.

Irene: Jin will desire 2 make your nipples hard though stimulation using his fingers or his tongue. He will do this because it make you crave him, and he knows that u will feel pleasure from it and most of all make u ready to have sex with him. The next sexual part Jin will focus on is your private region. Do u see your private region in the mirror?

Angela: Yes.

Irene: Do u see your split?

Angela: Yes

Irene: Within your split. Is the next sexual part Jin will focus on? Do u want 2 see what it looks like?

Angela: Yes.

Irene: Sit in this chair in front of the mirror. Now open your legs. (Irene has Angela point 2 her sex part.) Do u know what that sex part is called?

Angela: No I don't.

Irene: That sex part is called the clitoris. Jin wants u 2 crave him. So he will stimulate it 2 the max. This will make u want sex with him. It will also make u ready 4 sex. This will make his penis hard.

Angela: What does a man's penis look like?

Irene: Jin wants u 2 see 4 yourself, after u marry him. Your husband penis must be hard 2 have sex with u. His erect penis will be inserted into your vagina. (Irene shows Angela a diagram of her internal female parts. She points 2 the picture of the vagina.)Oh since we were talking about the vagina. Jin wanted me 2 size u. (Irene sizes Angela by ultrasound.)

Angela: What do u mean? why?

Irene: Listen carefully. There r so many things u don't know about Jin. He is a very modest and humble man. Jin is a very fit and healthy man. Under all that doctor's coat. People don't know that Jin has a ripped body like a body builder.

Angela: Now Irene, what does that have 2 do with sizing my vagina?

Irene: Jin has great blood circulation all throughout his body. As a result, Jin penis is large. I raise Jin as a baby. He was well endowed then. Jin needs 2 know how far in depth he can go with u. so he won't hurt u. Jin may not want me 2 tell u this, but he feels responsible 4 the death of his wife and their baby.

Angela: Please tell me more.

Irene: Jin was at least 2inches longer than his first wife's depth. I won't tell u the size of his penis. He will find it hard 2 forgive me if I did. His wife's name was Demita. She loved Jin 2 sex her hard. She said once u had sex with Jin u never forget it, he will make u throb pleasantly 4 two days. She would often make Jin angry by breaking the rules of Jin. He would not talk 2 her 4 two days. Which would be the time she needed 2 recuperate. Jin Impregnated Demita. Demita or Jin did not know they were pregnant. She broke the rules of Jin. He sexed her really hard, and she started 2 bleed heavy. She was about 4 months pregnant. When she bleed 2 death. The baby was 2 young 2 survive. That's what inspired him 2 be a doctor and a sex therapist.

Angela: I'm so sorry 4 his loss. I did not know Jin is a sex therapist.

Irene: That's why he's goes out of town from time 2time. He's very good at what he does. He highly requested. He knows the art of Kama sutra. That means he knows the art of bringing women or men 2 ecstasies. Jin has vowed 2 never let a lack of knowledge cause him 2 act unwisely and cost him the life of another loved one.

Angela: what is the rules of Jin?

Irene: You r aware that Jin has long hair?

Angela: Yes.

Irene: When Jin is making love 2 u, he wears his hair in a bow until he is ready 2 penetrate u, then he will pull out his hair ribbon. I don't know his reasoning behind this. I know what the consequences are. As I mentioned before, Jin told me the next person he marries. He will enforce the rules of Jin. But the consequences will be little different. He vows 2 never harm the person he loves. When Jin is sexing u. U cannot say anything but his name. U can moan. U can scream. Matter of fact, that's what he wants. He loves it.

Angela: How do u now all these things about Jin?

Irene: I was the most beloved person in his life until you came into his life. I'm not jealous of u. I really like u 4 Jin. Next 2 you, Jin has always let me know everything that is going on with him. U 2 will become his confident.

Angela; can I tell u something?

Irene: What?

Angela: I am afraid 2 have sex with Jin.

Irene: Why?

Angela: Because of the things u told me about Jin. I'm a virgin. I am told by many people that my first time will hurt. U mention that Jin's penis is large. I don't even know what a penis looks like. So I'm frightened. He say he promises he won't hurt me. I know it was an accident when he made his wife bleed 2 death. I'm just scared.

Irene: If Jin told u. he won't hurt u. he won't. Everybody in town will tell u he is true 2 his word. Don't be afraid of him. He longs 2 give u pleasure when u become his. Well, what I told u is all I am allowed 2 tell u. Jin will teach u. the rest. (Irene measured Angela's depth. The depth of Angela's vagina is 8 ½".)

(Jin and Angela get married a week later.)

Jin: We just got married. It's time. 2 consummate our marriage. I promised I would not hurt u. I can rupture your hymen when we go to the clinic. (Jin and Angela go 2 the clinic.) Get undressed. Then get on the examining table, put your feet in the holders, sit with your bottom at the very edge of the table. Now I will perform your first pelvic exam. (Jin pulls out of his pocket a white cloth and gets a super sharp scalpel.) Angela open your legs wide. (Angela does it. Trusting Jin won't hurt her. Jin takes the scalpel, delicately touches Angela's hymen in four places with the super sharp blade. This ruptured the hymen. She bleeds.) Do u feel that?

Angela: Yes.

Jin: Does it hurt u?

Angela: no. (Jin inserts one of his fingers inside her vagina.)

Jin: Do u feel that?

Angela: Yes. (Jin take the white cloth and cleans up her blood. He takes a tampon out of his pocket inserts it into her vagina.)

Jin: r u in any pain or discomfort?

Angela: no.

Jin: Your hymen is gone. Now r u still afraid 2 have sex with me?

Angela: Yes.

Jin: Why?

Angela: I still don't know what a penis looks like?

Jin: While we r waiting 4 your blood 2 stop bleeding. Do u want to see what my penis looks like?

Angela: No, I am afraid.

Jin: why?

Angela: Because of what your Grammi told me about you.

Jin: What did Grammi tell u about me?

Angela; She told me many things about u. the reason I am afraid 2 see u. Is because your penis is huge.

Jin: U trust me 2 keep my word 2 u. Trust me when I say I won't hurt u. When I married u, u became part of me. I definitely would not harm myself or hurt myself. Grammi measured the depth of your vagina 4 me. I have ever reason 2 believe that your almost a perfect fit 4 me.

Angela: How big is your penis?

Jin: I want u 2 see 4 yourself. Let's go home. By then the bleeding should stop. Then we can shower together, and after that we can consummate our marriage.

(Jin and Angela walk home.)

Jin: Angela let me check u. (Jin sees that the bleeding has stopped. He removes the tampon. Then they shower together. ) Let's consummate our marriage. I purchase this 4 u 2 be sexy in. (Angela puts on the sexy white panties and bra that Jin purchased 4 Angela.)Angela come sit on my lap facing me. Angela now that your mine. Anything and everything that has 2 do with your body become my affair, even your monthly cycle, if I am around. When I make love 2 u 4 the first time, this will ignite a desire in u 2 have sex from time 2 time. U realize that don't u?

Angela: I know.

Jin: This is your opportunity 2 see what I look like. I want u 2 see 4 u yourself. I'm fully aroused just by looking at u. Angela I want u 2 measure me. (Jin gives her a measuring tape.) Now unzip my pants.

(Angela hesitates. She drops the measuring tape that Jin gave her.)

(Jin takes Angela's hands and massages her palms 4 a little while 2 relax her. He smiles at her and then gives her a passionate kiss.)

Jin: (Jin picks up the measuring tape that Angela dropped, Jin in a low sexy voice.) Angela I want u. soon. Please unzip my pants and measure me. Don't be afraid 2 make love 2 me. I promise u will love all of the wonderful feelings I am about 2 put upon your body.

Angela: OK. But I want u 2 do something 4 me first.

Jin: U just name it. I will do it. Within reason.

Angela: Take off your doctor's coat and your shirt.

Jin: With pleasure. (Jin smiles at her. He carefully takes off his doctor's coat, then folds it neatly and hangs it over the chair he's sitting in, and then he rips of his shirt. His shirt is destroyed.)Now, Angela unzip my pants. (Angela does as she promised. She unzips his pants. Angela pulls off his pants and underwear.)U wanted 2 know the size of my penis.

Angela: Oh my lord. Your body is so sexy. Your grandmother was right about u. u r ripped. Your body is just beautiful. (Jin is blushing) Why do u hide such a beautiful physique? (Angela measures Jin's penis at 9 ¼".)

Jin: What can I say 2 that? Angela I am only ¾" longer than your depth. Does that give u confidence or comfort that I won't hurt u?

Angela: I will let u have your way with me. Although I am afraid of your large penis, I trust u when u said that u won't hurt me.

Jin: With that said, can I use my skills 2 love u. please. I have not had sex since I made love 2 my first wife. I want u now.

(Jin picks up Angela off his lap and carries her 2 their bed. He stands her in front of the bed. Jin gives Angela a short stem rose. She put it in her hair. Jin grabs her delicately by the waist with one hand. He runs his fingers though her hair with the other hand, then he moves in 2 give Angela a passionate kiss. Slowly parting her lips with his tongue 2 intermingle with hers. While kissing her, Jin unhooked her bra. Her bra fell 2 the floor. Angela placed her hand flat on his chest. They stop kissing. Jin lips move closer 2 her earlobe. He whispered something naughty in her ear. She smiled. He continued 2 lightly nibble on her ear. While this was happening, Jin caressed the outer edge of her breast. Slowly found his way 2 her nipple, he light squeezed and pulling it. Angela started moaning.)

Jin: U love that? (Jin whispered.)

Angela: Yes Jin I love it. (She answers in a sexy voice.)

Jin: If u loved that. U will really love this.

(Jin starts kissing right behind Angela's ear all the way down 2 her breast that he is cupping in his hand. He applies a little pressure 2 her breast 2 allow the blood 2 flow 2 her nipples 2 make them hard. Then when his lips finally reaches her nipple, his tongue emerged from his lips. He used the most texture part of his tongue and slowly rotated it across the very tip of Angela's nipple. Angela moaned little louder.)

Jin: Before I go 2 the next step with u. Have u or any one ever stimulated your clit before?

Angela: No, But why r u talking 2 me right now, your Grammi said that u would stimulate my clitoris 2 the max. I'm a little disappointed. She said u would make me feel extremely good.

Jin: Grammi is right, my intentions are 2 stimulate u 2 the max. I just want 2 consider your feelings. Since u never had clitoral stimulation before.

Angela: Jin I was looking forward 2 my first experience with u. don't spoil my moment. What u r afraid of? Should I still b afraid? R we going 2 do this or not?

Jin: I'm not afraid. And u have no reason 2 b afraid. Since u never had clitoral stimulation. You're in 4 a real treat. (Jin start kissing Angela again, 2 get her aroused again. He moves from kissing her lips 2 kissing her down 2 her breast, then he start sucking her nipple. Angela really loves this. She moans. One of Jin's hands is on her waist. The other hand is cupping her breast, the hand cupping her breast moves slowly around her breast 2 her belly. His hand flat against her belly moves slowly down 2 her panty line. He goes inside Angela's panties. He takes his middle finger and parts Angela's spit. He start stroking her clitoris in a slow up and down motion. 2 get her use 2 what she's feeling. Angela starts moaning really loud.) Do u love the sensations your feeling?

Angela: Jin this feels incredible. I love what I'm feeling. I love u and I want u give u extreme pleasure, like you're giving me extreme pleasure. But I am inexperienced at this. Please teach me how u want 2 b touched.

Jin: Start by kissing in different areas of my body. Try toying with my nipples. Also try licking different parts of my body. Massaging my body parts wherever u want.

Angela: Teach me how 2 touch your private area so that u can feel extreme pleasure.

Jin: Angela look at my penis. Do u see the head of my penis? (Angela nods her head.) Look under the head of my penis. (Jin shows her the location) Take your thumb, with moderate pressure. Massage that area. (Angela follows Jin's instructions. Jin's eyes roll 2 the back of his head. He let out a mild moan.)Angela that feels very good. Let's try something different. Lightly grab around my penis. With your hand holding my penis go in an up and down motion, working from the shaft 2 the head of my penis. (Angela does as Jin says.)Yes, that feels very good. How do u feel about oral sex?

Angela: I don't think I will do that right now. Let me think about it some more.

Jin: OK. Think about it. I personally am ok with oral sex. If you're super clean. And I know u r. because I took care of that personally myself. The doctor will show u how it's done. In the process I will make u shake violently and scream.

Angela: oh no, I don't think so. I'm not a screamer.

(Jin slowly bends down 2 his knees. He pulled off her panties, He gets close 2 Angela's pelvic area. He places his hand on her thigh. Take his thumb and opens Angela's split 2 expose her clitoris. Jin brings his lips close almost touching her private area. He then he uses the most textured part of his tongue. And makes contact with her clitoris, using moderate pressure. While stroking her super slow. So that she would feel every texture in his tongue. Angela started to tremor. Tears were coming down her face, because she never felt anything so pleasurable in her life. Jin knew she would have no choice but 2 scream if he stimulated her g-spot. So he inserted one of his fingers into her vagina and worked her g-spot. Angela shook violently and began 2 scream, just as Jin said. Jin was rock hard. All he wanted now is 2 penetrate his bride. Jin passionately kissed Angela. Then he sat Angela in their bed. He passionately took one of her breast and was lightly sucking it. He laid her in the bed. He got directly on top her. He balanced himself enough 2 pull out his ribbon in his hair. He put one finger over her mouth. Then he whispered.)

Jin: I'm enforcing the rules of Jin. Please b quiet now.

(Jin opened Angela's legs; He slowly inserted his penis into her vagina. He began 2 use slow but rhythmic thrusting movements. To get her use to his large erect penis, and also prolong her pleasure. This will make her cravings 4 him set deep inside her body. Jin wants Angela's first time 2 b an experience she will treasure and never forget. Jin is focusing now on hitting her g-spot with every thrust. It feels extremely pleasurable 2 both of them. They both moan. Jin's desire is 4 her 2 scream. So he uses one of his fingers to find and massages her clitoris using shallow slow up and down strokes. All while he's sexing her g-spot. Angela is not usually a screamer but Angela had no choice. He made her scream. I was feeling so good. Jin also made her work him. This was an indication 2 Jin 2 thrust her with a little more force and a little more speed. Jin is in tears. He is so in love with Angela. She finally had an explosive orgasm, which was what Jin was waiting 4. Then he had his explosive orgasm shortly after. )

Jin: I love u. Angela. Making love 2 u was a beautiful experience. Sleep well tonight Beautiful.

Angela: I have never felt anything this wonderful in my entire life. I see why you're a sex therapist. I don't know what I was afraid of. Jin I want u 2 give me more of u. tomorrow night.

Jin: It will be my pleasure. Next time we make love I will teach u how 2 work. Good night. Love

Angela: Good night.