F. O. L. See Sample (4J&B kids)

Jin: Angela I think it is time 2 teach our children about love, the facts of life and sex.

Angela: What do u have in mind?

Jin: Do u remember when the married towns about men wanted 2 please their spouses in bed?

Angela: Yes.

Jin: Those husbands simply did not know about the fact of life or anything about sex. I don't want our kids 2 miss out in their marriages on the extreme pleasure that we share with each other in our marriage. Because of lack of knowledge.

Angela: Again, what do u have in mind?

Jin: Jinryan & Jinisha in a few short years will be old enough 2 get married Jinryan is 14. Jinisha is 13. In harmonica the legal age 2 marry is 16. They should know all about sex. They should be taught how to love their future spouses. I am a sex therapist.

Angela: I know that. For the third time, what do u have in mind?

Jin: I want 2 more kids by u. I have always wanted many kids with u. I know it took many years for u 2 get over the loss of our three children. Especially the loss of our twin daughter. I think by now it's time 2 move on with life. I was thinking both u & I could show Jinryan & Jinisha how we made them. At the same time, teach them what they 2 need know about how 2 love their mate if they choose 2 marry.

Angela: You're talking demo. In front of our kids?

Jin: Well, We did it 4 the married town people. That was a success. Why should we not do it 4 our kids.

Angela: Have u lost your mind? U also want more kids?

Jin: No, I have not. What I'm suggesting makes perfect sense. I found that most of the things I have learned in life I learned by observing. We can show our kids how 2 experience extreme pleasure in marriage and in the process make another child.

Angela: I want what u want. This will be embarrassing 2 make out in front our kids. U think?

Jin: Yes. But I want our kids 2 benefit from what we enjoy in our marriage. I know that you're now ovulating. Your nice and ready 4 the doctor 2 begin his work. We should talk 2 the kids now. (Jin calls Jinryan & Jinisha in the room) Do u both know how babies' r made?

Jinryan: All I know is that a woman can carry a baby 4 a number of months then have the baby. I just don't know how the baby gets there.

Jinisha: Yes. I too want 2 know how the baby gets into the woman.

Jin: I and your mother determine that we want 2 have another child. We also want u 2 know how babies are made, how 2 please your mate if u choose 2 marry. So today I and your mother will teach u. U both will learn by observing the both of us. First u both have 2 know about your sexual body parts. Son I will teach u. Jinisha your mother will teach u. Once u both know your body parts. The demo. Will begin.

Jinryan: What demo.

Jin: U will have 2 see later.

(Angela talk 2 Jinisha. (Privately))

Jinisha: Momma, How are babies made? I will be old enough 2 marry in 3 years. I want 2 have children. So I is important I know.

Angela: I know. First u need 2 know about your body. I & your father will show u how it is done.

Jinisha: It takes two people 2 make a baby?

Angela: Your father wants u 2 see 4 yourself. Jinisha u remember last year u started your period?

Jinisha: Yes. I have them every month. I thought something was wrong with me. Daddy told me that there is nothing wrong with me. He told me that it is normal 4 a girl my age 2 have a period every month.

Angela: What your father did not tell u is that when u start having monthly periods. U start producing eggs.

Jinisha: Egg? Momma do u have monthly periods?

Angela: Yes. I 2 produce eggs. And you produce eggs. That means u can have children. Now let's learn about your body parts. Jinisha take off all your clothes.

Jinisha: But mom.

Angela: Jinisha I know what u look like. Just do it. Stand in front of the mirror. (Jinisha stands in front of the mirror.) Jinisha it takes a married man & woman 2 make a baby. Listen carefully. When u choose 2 get married. Do u know actually what you're giving your mate?

Jinisha: Yes. I promise 2 love my mate 4 as long as live.

Angela: Your also giving your body 2 him 2 have as a symbol of love 2 him. He has the responsibility of caring 4 all of your body's wants. That means he has 2 care 4 your physical and emotional needs including the one need that he will give u when u get married.

Jinisha: What would that be?

Angela: He will give u a craving 4 his body. If he does it right. That means u will long 2 have sex with him. And he will have the responsibility of fulfilling your sexual needs from time 2 time. U will have 2 do the same 4 him.

Jinisha: How do 2 people have sex?

Angela: I and your father will demo. That 4 u later. Let's continue the lesson. 2 make a baby a married couple must have sex at the right time. (Angela shows Jinisha a diagram of the internal parts of the female.)U release a egg every month. When it is not fertilized it dies and it is removed when u have your monthly period. When u and your husband want 2 have a child. Your husband will have sexual intercourse with u 2 fertilize your egg with one of his sperm. U asked how 2 people have sex. Well, starts with kissing your husband. This makes both of u. aroused. Do u see your breast in the mirror?

Jinisha: Yes.

Angela: when your husband look at your breast. This make him further aroused. Then he wants 2 sex u. He wants 2 make sure your ready 4 sex. U see your nipples on your breast?

Jinisha: Yes.

Angela: 2 make u ready 4 sex, your husband will play with your nipples. 2 a woman this feels extremely good. This will make u want more. U see your private area?

Jinisha: Yes.

Angela: What do u see?

Jinisha: I see what looks like a split in between my legs.

Angela: Yes. In between your split is a highly sensitive sex part. (Angela takes out another diagram.)This part that I am pointing at is called the clitoris, this part is highly sensitive 2 the touch. Your husband will be even more aroused when he sees it. He will stimulate your clitoris with his fingers or his tongue. When you feel this, u may moan or scream. This feels extremely good. This will make your husband's penis hard.

Jinisha: What does a penis look like?

Angela: I and your father will demo. What sex is later, so u will know what it looks like. When your husband feels your ready 4 intercourse, He will insert his erect penis inside your vagina. (Angela points 2 the diagram.)He will thrust his penis in and out of vagina. Until u or he or both of u have an orgasm. When he has his orgasm inside of u. fluid will come out of his penis into your vagina. This fluid is called semen. Semen carries sperm that can fertilize your egg and make a baby. The fertilized egg find a spot in you uterus. That where the baby grow until it is time 4 the baby 2 come out. Jinisha there r going 2 be days when u r going 2 be on your period. Your husband has sexual needs u r responsible 4. U will need 2 know how 2 give him head.

Jinisha: What does give him head mean? And what is a orgasm?

Angela: I will tell u. an orgasm is a extremely intense throbbing feeling that starts from your sex parts and travels to the rest of your body. This happens at the very end of the sexual act. It's extremely pleasurable. When u r on your period. Most men won't sex their wife vaginally. So 2 please your husband, give him head. U would lick just under the head of his penis, in a rhythmic motion. Then suck the head his penis in a up and down motion.

Jinisha: What if I don't want 2 do that?

Angela: Early in my marriage 2 your father. I had big issues with that. There were a number of factors I had 2 consider. One, I have just as much responsibility 4 his sexual pleasure. As he took time 2 make sure I was satisfied. Even during my period. We're so in love with one another and still r. So we want 2 make sure we r always satisfied sexually. Two, your father always smells so good. Even in his private region. I don't mind giving him head. I love pleasuring him.

Jinisha: Mom your right daddy always smells good. I hope I find someone 2 marry that's just like my dad. Mom how does daddy satisfy u during you period?

Angela: Your father takes care of everything that has 2 do with my private area. He even changes my tampons. I'm not 2 do it. He says my private's r totally his. When my tampon is in. he satisfies me by giving me a clitoral orgasm. Using his fingers, he will do this during my monthly period. He won't penetrate me during my period. Jinisha I told all I know 4 now. If u have any more questions I will do my best 2 answer u.

(Jin talks 2 Jinryan privately)

Jin: Jinryan your almost old enough 2 get marry. It is very important 2 know about your body, your future spouse's body, how 2 please a wife and how 2 procreate. Do u have a female your interested in?

Jinryan: Yes dad I agree. What u mentioned r all the things I really want 2 know. And what I really need 2 know. Because I want 2 b a doctor like u. 2 answer your question, I do have a female I'm interested in.

Jin: Anyone I know?

Jinryan: Probably, but I don't want 2 say at this point. Until I'm sure this relationship is serious.

Jin: That's smart. When you're trying 2 woo a female. It's important that u have a reputation 4 smelling good all the time. I truly believe that is what attracted your mother 2 me without a word. U should also keep your breath fresh.

Jinryan: No disrespect 2 u, but I already know this. I admire u. I follow what u do. And 4 it, I already have a reputation 4 smelling good. Please let get 2 the good stuff.

Jin: Yes the good stuff. First, your body, Key body parts that r used when u r loving your wife. Your key sexual body parts r your eyes, lips, tongue, nipples, (Jinryan is giggling) hands, fingers, buttocks, penis and your balls. U giggled when I mention nipples. Some men like 2 have their wife stimulate their nipples. I can tell u that it feels good.

Jinryan: Dad!

Jin: If you're disgusted now. Your really going 2 b disgusted. Let me tell u about female body parts. (Jin takes out a diagram of female genitalia.)I'm going 2 tell what u need 2 do 2 please a wife. As I point 2 the diagram. I just want 2 say that when u decide 2 get married, your wife's whole body becomes yours. U r then, responsible 4 her mental, physical, emotional and sexual welfare. When u start making love 2 your wife.

Jinryan: How do u have sex with the person u love?

Jin: My grandmother taught me 2 that I shouldn't fornicate. Which means that u should only have sex with the person you're married 2.

Jinryan: Well then how do u have sex with the person you're married 2.

Jin: Your mother and I will demo. That 4 u later.

Jinryan: OK.

Jin: When u make love 2 your wife 4 the first time she may be a virgin.

Jinryan: What is a virgin?

Jin: A virgin is someone who has never experienced sexual intercourse before.

Jinryan: When u married mom. Was she a virgin? Were u a Virgin?

Jin: I was married once before I met your mom. So I was not a virgin when we married. However, your mother was a virgin. Females that r virgins, their first time having sex maybe very painful. Your mother really fear the thought of pain. I'm a doctor I knew how 2 make it practically painless 4 her with minor discomfort. Not everyone has the luxury of knowing that as a doctor.

Jinryan: Dad I'm really impressed by u. I really want 2 become a doctor now.

Jin: I will pay 4 your college 2 become a doctor. I'm honored. Just continue 2 get great grades in school. Now back 2 the subject at hand. U may decide 2 get married before u get your doctor's degree. U will have 2 break your wife's virginity the same way I broke my first wife's virginity. I can give u a few suggestions if u want.

Jinryan: Father tell me how u broke your first wife's virginity?

Jin: OK. When my first wife and I had sex 4 the first time I started by give her a sexy stare. Then whisper something sexy in her ears. I slowly move toward her lips. I let my lips lightly lay on hers. Then slowly part her lips with the tip of my tongue. Invite her tongue 2 meet with mine. While kissing her, I unbutton her blouse. Slipping my hands though her unbuttoned blouse. Feeling 4 her breast then lightly squeeze a few times 2 allow blood flow 2 rush 2 the nipples. This made her nipples more sensitive 2 the touch, allowing 4 more pleasure. More arousal. I wanted her nipples 2 b firm. Viewing her firm nipples, made me arouse by her. It made me want 2 have sex with her. U must make sure she is ready 4 sex when you're breaking into her virginity. (Jin points 2 the diagram) Do u know what this female sexual part is?

Jinryan: No.

Jin: This female part is called the clitoris. This is a very sensitive part. When I loved my first wife. I was still kissing and stroking her nipples. I stop kissing her lips and kiss her down 2 I got 2 her nipple. Once I got 2 her nipple. I lightly suck her nipple. While doing that. I slid my hand up her thigh until I got 2 her panties. I when inside her panties. (Jin points 2 the female part in the diagram.) I part her split with my finger. Finding her clitoris and started stimulating it. Now there are three ways 2 do that. With light pressure, using the tip of your finger. Do circle motions. Another way is light but rapid side 2 side motion. The last way and more preferred is up and down motion using light 2 moderate pressure. I was observant 2 her reactions, I had a big desire 2 insert one of my fingers in her vagina 2 test the theory that it's painful 4 virgin girls 4 the first time. I quickly found out that's true. I wanted 2 easy her pain as I could. I knew it would call 4 much lubrication and also the need 2 loosen her up. She would need 2 experience a clitoral orgasm. Once I gave a clitoral orgasm through oral sex. Then I unzipped my pants and remove my underwear from my body with the rest of my clothing and put on a condom. I had already taken off all of her clothing. I positioned myself on top of my wife and told her to take a deep breath. I thrust my penis in vagina quickly and waited 4 her 2 stop crying and yelling. (Jin point to the vagina in the diagram.) Until I felt she was out of pain. Then I start moving and thrusting rapidly inside her. She started moaning. I knew it was extremely pleasurable 4 her, as well as, 4 me. I kept thrusting until I gave her a vagina orgasm. I had an orgasm myself.

Jinryan: What is an orgasm? And what is oral sex?

Jin: It is the tail end of sex. A orgasm feel like a pleasant pulsing sensation that start from your genitals and travels 2 the rest of your body. If you ever experience an orgasm u will love it. Because this is an experience you're sharing with the person u love the most. It's just beautiful. Oral sex is using your mouth and/or tongue 2 satisfy your spouse. I will teach u more another time.

Jinryan; The whole experience sounds very pleasurable. I look forward 2 pleasing my future wife some day.

Jin: I have 2 inform u about the monthly female cycle.

Jinryan: What about it?

Jin: U want 2 have kids someday. Don't u?

Jinryan: Of course dad.

Jin: I don't mind being a grandfather under the right circumstance. U need 2 know about the female cycle. Girls start puberty at 10. Boys start puberty when they r a little older possibly 12.

Jinryan: What is puberty?

Jin: Puberty is when a child body starts 2 transform into an adult body. Girls start growing breast, broad hips, and pubic hair and get menstrual periods. Boys start getting a deeper voice, pubic hair, sometime facial hair and the ability to make semen and sperm. If u and your wife want have kid. U have 2 fertilize her egg with your sperm by having sex.

Jinryan: What if I don't want kids right away.

Jin: There r methods 2 prevent pregnancy.

Jinryan: What r the methods 4 that?

Jin: I can tell u what I used 4 that.

Jinryan: What?

Jin: I used condoms, foam spermicides, and I had my wife take birth control pills. But there r more methods. I will give u more insight on that later. That's about all I can tell u 4 now. if u have any questions. Don't hesitate 2 ask me I'm here 4 u. now it is time 4 your mother and I 2 show you how babies r made. (Jin calls Jinisha and Angela in the front room.)

Jin: Angela we need 2 freshen up 4 the demo. Jinisha Jinryan give me and mother 15 min. 2 freshen up. Oh during the demo. You can ask you mother questions before I take down my hair.

Jinryan: Why can't we talk 2 mom after u take down your hair?

Jin: Because every since your mom and I had sex early in our marriage I made her follow the rules of Jin.

Jinisha: What is the rules of Jin?

Jin: It takes a good measure of skills 2 bring your spouse 2 ecstasy. I love 2 hear my wife scream when I'm having intercourse with her. When I take down my hair. My wife cannot say anything except my name. She is allowed 2 moan and scream.

Jinisha: Why is it mom can't say anything except your name?

Jin: So I can concentrate on pleasuring you mother 2 the point of screaming. All these years u did not know that Angela.

Angela: Why did u not tell me?

Jin: U never asked me. I wanted 2 tell u.

Angela: I did not want 2 face the consequences 4 break your rules.

Jinryan: Dad what would have been the consequences 4 mom breaking your rules?

Jin: Angela please tell our son what the consequences are.

Angela: If I break your father's rules 4 sex. One, you father will not speak 2 me for two days. Two, your father would deny me clitoral stimulation 4 a week. And that is something I don't ever want 2 miss because your father has got mad skills in bed. He's not a sex therapist 4 nothing.

Jinisha: Have u ever broke daddy's rules?

Angela: Yes, One time. Your father forgave me just that one time. Only because he made me bite my tongue.

Jin: Angela let freshen up 4 the demo. Before we miss our opportunity 2 make another child.

(Jin & Angela go 2 their love retreat in back of the house2 bathe. They return 2 the house after 15 min. where Jinisha & Jinryan are waiting. Jin & Angela walk in the house wearing nothing but long black robes & slippers)

Jin: Jinisha Jinryan I want u 2 sit at the dining table and observe.

(Jin takes Angela by the hand and lead her 2 their marital bed. Jin look into Angela eye's as if 2 say "I want 2 take now. And I don't care whose watching." Jin whispers something naughty in Angela's ear. Angela giggles. Jin smiles. Jin lightly touches Angela's chin. He moves in closer, grabbing her robe, he gives her a short passionate kiss. He looks down her robe. Jin slowly unties Angela's robe. He open her robe and lift it off her shoulders. The robe drops 2 the floor. The kid's mouth also drops, since it is the first time they have ever seen their mother naked before. Angela give Jin a sexy stare as if 2 say "Take me whenever you're ready." Angela untied Jin's bath robe, opened it, and lifted it off his shoulders, the robe fall 2 the ground. Jin grabs Angela by the waist; he pulls her closer 2 his body. With one arm around her waist, he takes his other hand and lightly touch her face. His nose meets her nose. This leads into a passionate kiss. While Jin is kissing her, his fingers find the nipples of her breast. He precedes 2 lightly pinch her nipples in a rhythmic fashion 4 a few seconds. Jin get down on his knees, holding Angela's waist, with his head lying on Angela's belly.)

Jin: Jinryan come here. (Jinryan is paralyzed by the shock of seeing his parents naked and making out.)Jinryan I said come here. (Jinryan got and stood next 2 his naked father.)I want 2 show u something. I want u 2 know this technique. I going to make your mother's body shake violently and she won't be able 2 control it. It will be beyond her control. Jinryan observe. (Jin takes his thumb and part Angela's split 2 expose her clitoris. Jin's face moves closer 2 Angela's pelvic area. The most textured part of his tongue makes contact Angela's clitoris. Jin slowly flicks her clitoris. Angela starts 2 tremor and moan. But Jin is not done. With his other hand, He inserts two of his fingers in Angela vagina and start working her g-spot. Angela is shaking violently. She start 2 scream. Jin is smiling. )

Jinryan: Daddy please stop. Your hurting mom.

Jin: OK

Angela: Don't u dare stop. (She tells Jin.)

Jinryan: Mom!

Angela: I love what your father is doing 2 me. It feels good. Son do me a favor.

Jinryan: Yes. Anything u say mom.

Angela: Observe your father he can teach u many things that are beneficial 4 your well being and happiness.

Jin: Did u get that technique Jinryan.

Jinryan: Yes father.

Jin: Go back 2 the table and sit with your sister. Observe.

(Jin start getting things warmed up again. Jin is passionately kissing his wife, while he's stimulating her nipples. When they stop kissing. Angela takes her hand and places it flat 2 his chest. She runs her hand down his body until she reaches his groin area. She places her head on Jin's stomach.)

Angela: Jinisha come here please.

Jinisha: I'm afraid and embarrassed.

Angela: Jinisha there is nothing 2 b afraid of. Please come here. I want 2 show u something. U asked me what a man's penis looks like. This is your opportunity.

Jinisha: OK. (Jinisha looks down as she stands next 2 her naked parents)

Angela: Look at what I am holding. (Angela is holding Jin's firm large penis. Jinisha manages 2 take a quick glance at her father's face. Jin smiles at her. As if he were not embarrassed.)I want 2 show u how 2 give your future husband head.

Jinisha: How can u fit all of daddy's penis in your mouth? Daddy is huge. (Jin chuckles.)

Angela: I been with you father 4 years. It's not a problem. Just observe.

(The tip of Angela's tongue makes contact with the bottom of the head of Jin's penis. She lick and flicks in a firm circular motion 4 about 15 seconds. Then she start 2 sucking the head of his penis and massaging his prostate two her fingers, just under his balls. Jin started 2 work in her mouth. She began deep throating his penis. Jin started 2 moaning. Jin moaned "Oh Di that feels extremely good.")

Jinisha: Mommy, Daddy called u some other woman's name. (On hearing what Jinisha said. Angela started 2 gag. She had 2 fight the urge 2 bite into Jin's penis. Jin quickly withdrew his penis. Fearing Angela would bite him.)

Jin: Jinisha Di is your mother's middle name. (Angela is still coughing. She trying 2 catch her breath. Jin and Jinryan r giggling.)

Jinisha: ma I am so sorry. I didn't know your middle name is Di.

Angela: Jin, u know, this is your fault. (Jin is still giggling) Jin your fortunate u don't have half of a penis.

Jin: Jinisha go sit next 2 your brother and observe. Your mother and I have 2 make another brother or sister 4 u. the phase of this demo. Is no talking. If either of u have questions ask after our demo.

(Jin takes Angela by the hand walk her 2 their bed. He takes a flower out of the vase. He take the flower and light runs it across her nose. Jin walks around 2 the back of her body. With one hand he grabs her waist, with the hand that holds the flower, he run the long stem flower up her thigh. Then gives it 2 her. Angela snaps off the long stem and places the flower in her hair. Jin starts kissing the back of her neck. Jin, waste no time this time. Jin starts 2 manipulate her breast. At the same, using the other hand stimulate her clitoris in a circular motion. Jin is rock hard. He inserts his finger into Angela's vagina. He takes a quick glance see if she is still fertile and ready 4 intercourse. He sees that everything is good. He turn her around, he slowly walk her 2 the nearest wall. He gives her one quick passionate kiss. Then he reaches behind his head and pulls out his hair ribbon. Everyone know what time it is. He raises one of Angela's legs and inserts his penis into her vagina. Jin starts working Angela slow but with full force. While he works he takes his middle finger and massages her clitoris with the rapid side 2 side motion, using light pressure. Angela is screaming and moaning Jin's name. Jin does not want Angela 2 have her orgasm yet. So he lowers Angela's leg. He wants the kids 2 see a few more basic positions. Jin finds a chair and sits in it. Jin and Angela have sex in the chair with Angela on top. Jin gives her clitoral stimulation, while she's working him. Jin starts working her rapidly with much force 4 a few stokes. He knew when 2 stop. He wanted the kids 2 witness the both them ejaculate. He picks her up while still sexing her he carries her to the bed in practically the same position. He laid Angela back first in the bed, So that they are in missionary position. He placed a large pillow under her behind 2 raise her, so that he can penetrate her g-spot. He whispers in her ear 2 execute her pelvic exercises. She did what Jin asked of her. Jin began 2 thrust Angela with as much force and speed as he could. Then Jin added clitoral stimulation. Angela's body began 2 shake violently. A few seconds more of Jin, a milk white liquid substance shot from between her legs. Angela screamed like she never screamed before. About this time Jin gave in 2 a big grunting moan. He shot enough semen 2 impregnate Angela. He shot some in the air 2 be witnessed.)

Jin got Angela pregnant with twins. A boy and a girl. (Jinison Angelino Martin and Jinella Angelica Martin.)

Jin & Angela plan 2 do the same demo. 4 Jinison & Jinella. When they r old enough.

Jinryan Angelo Martin married Vivian Andrea Reyes. They are extremely happy with one another. They accredit their happiness to the knowledge they received from Jin &Angela.

Jinryan follow in his dad's footstep's and became a doctor and sex therapist. His wife Vivian became the towns mid-wife. Jin, Jinryan, Vivian and sometimes Angela now runs the towns clinic. Angela just got her doctorate degree to practice sex therapy and also, a mid-wife.

Jinisha married Matthew Lee Jones and became Jinisha Angelina Martin- Jones. Their expecting their first child. Their also, extremely happy. They own and run a fishing business.

Jin moved his sex therapy clinic in Metro to Harmonica. The clinic is called "Happy Connections." Dr. Jin Martin, Dr. Jinryan Martin, Dr. Angela Martin-Josea, Dr. Allen La Rue and Dr. Mary Berry. People from all over the world travel to Harmonica for therapy. Jin had to expand his practice. Due to the expansion of the population of Harmonica, Jin had a hospital built in Harmonica call "Martin Memorial." All babies are now born in the hospital instead of the clinic.

Jin's grandmother,(Irene L. Martin, Ph.D.) Died six months after the twin boy and girl was born. She was 91 years old when she died. The end.