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Sapphire: Black Raven 13


Alice and Sapphire were two peas in a pod.

Sadly we don't have pod but anyways… They knew each other since elementary and now in high school they remained inseparable. They drove to school and had many late nights doing homework together. They had friends that they loved dearly but nothing could compare to a love of a "twin," as people would call them. It seemed that they had both found a lifelong friend within the other.

One night as the two looked up from the roof of Alice's home and into the night sky, they wished. They wished that they could go somewhere amazing, someplace full of "magic." They had read books on countless fairytale creatures and fantasy novels but nothing compared to Middle Earth. Since the beginning of middle school they had wanted to go there. To meet all the characters had become role models in their life. Let me list some of the role models in their lives.

Gandalf, Elrond, Arwen, Galadriel, Aragorn, Legolas and so many others. But out of those listed the ones who inspired them the most were Merry and Pippin. Yes, even though they weren't listed those two inspired them. They did what they thought was right, they had fun, they laughed when they could. Yes, they were the best role models the girls could ask for. Plus it didn't hurt to have the appetite of them.

So anyways, there sat Alice and Sapphire on a roof wishing on stars. Little did they know… their wish would come true.

"Sapphire do you see that?"

"Why is it glowing?"

"There's something in the light…"

"No wait! Don't touch-!"

Sapphire opened her eyes slowly. She held her hand to her head and rubbed her eyes.

"Alice, Alice what happened? I feel like I was run over by a truck." She moaned.

Alice sat up and looked to Sapphire with bleary eyes.

"I don't know but I feel like somebody used me for a yearlong punching bag in the gut. We didn't do anything to cause it did we?"

"Not that I know of, your parents locked up anything that could hurt us." Sapphire sat up as well.

"My back hurts!" Alice complained. Sapphire felt what was under her.

"Um, Alice, I don't think we're in your backyard anymore."

"I swear if you say we fell down a rabbit hole I'll-"

"No Alice! Shut up about your name! We're in a forest!" Sapphire yelled.

"How the hell did we get here!" Alice finally taking in her surroundings leapt to her feet. Sapphire struggled up as well. They walked around in circles looking at the trees.

"Okay, I'm definitely creeped out." Sapphire picked up an acorn and examined it. "You don't think your parents finally got rid of us?" She looked to Alice who had her back to her. "Alice?" Alice had her hands to her temples and her eyes squeezed shut as she shouted,

"There's no place like home! There's no place like home! There's no place like- "She was stopped by Sapphire's hand being slapped over her mouth.

"Shut up! We have too many corny lines in this anyways!"

"Fine, fine," Alice said raising her hands in surrender. "So… how're we getting back?"

"Beats me. How do you think we got here anyway?" Both thought back on the night before and remembered wishing on stars on the roof. "Aw hell no!" Anna moaned.

"That's… this isn't possible…" Sapphire whispered remembering the light near the edge of the yard.

"This stuff is only supposed to happen in movies and books! Why are we-?" Alice was cut short by an arrow flying an inch from her nose. She screeched in terror and her friend whipped around in the direction the weapon came from. There was nothing. The two friends looked at each other before yelling out, "RUN!" Sadly both were horribly uncoordinated and tripped on their faces the first two strides.

"Damn our unbalance!" Sapphire yelled.

They didn't even hear the crunching of leaves as the two were picked up and faced a woman who was tall and elegant. Her long dark hair suited her cool eyes and calm face. A bow was in her hand and a quiver on her back. Then Alice spotted the ears.

"OHMYGODYOU'REAELF!" She shouted and looked at the elf's bow frightened. The lady's eyebrows knitted together in confusion but her smile helped Alice calm down.

"U-uh I mean it's just that… we don't get a lot of you back home, we've only got Santa elves." She mumbled and blushed at the same time.

"Tye vende sil tul darth esse min mardi." You girls shine with white and silver light of Evan Star, come stay in our home. The Elf spoke softly but the girls heard it as clearly as ever. But then again they were human.

"Um,..We no habla espanol." Alice said. Sapphire jabbed her friend in the side and glared at her. She looked to the elf and spoke.

"I'm sorry, my friend here is an idiot." When she got no reaction she tried again.

"Eh, Mi Amiga es El Estupido?" She got a glare from her friend and smiled sheepishly. The only thing that kept Alice from strangling Sapphire was a small giggle. The two girls looked up to see the woman laughing.

"No, I'm sorry, I speak Common Tongue perfectly well. You two are very amusing."
Both the girls looked down with embarrassment.

"What I said before was you girls shine with white and silver light of Evan Star, come stay in our home."

"Where's home?" Sapphire asked as she gazed around the trees.

"You'll see." The Elf smiled once more and the girl's visions were blocked by a blind fold.

"But I can't see anything!" Alice yelled.

"It's not meant to be truly seen by outsiders." They were lifted up and spun around several times until they were dizzy, and then the Elves they had not seen marched away with the two girls.

"It's amazing!" The girls screamed in unison as the blindfolds were loosened. The city was huge and beautiful, a majesty the girls couldn't help but be amazed at what their wish had brought them.

"This is your new home." They heard a new voice say. They turned to look at who spoke and saw Arwen.

"OHMYGODIT'S-" Alice was cut off by the whack in the head she received from Sapphire.

"You will be staying with us in Rivendell. Along with the Fellowship that will destroy the One Ring. This is a place for those who have seen many great things."

"I've seen great things! Have you seen the movie Toy Story 3? It was BEAST!" Alice stopped talking as she saw the raised eyebrow of Arwen.

"Oh, um, I guess you haven't seen it yet. You should check it out sometime. Heh."

"You will stay with us and be tutored by my father, Elrond. He will lecture you on what you can and cannot do here in our city."

The girls shrugged, it wasn't that bad. They got a place to stay, food, elves, food, and…well it was mostly the food.

It had been three hours since the lecture had begun, the girls were both sitting on chairs looking at Elrond with dozing eyes. Sapphire had scolded Alice to stay awake many times during the lesson but just then she started to close her eyes she felt a thump on her shoulder.

"Okay, jeez Sapphire I'm sorry I-" Alice stopped as she saw her friend had fallen asleep on her shoulder.

"Why you little-"

"And that sums up our rules for the day." Elrond turned around to see one girl asleep and one about to curse her head off.

"This will be difficult." He sighed.

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