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Alice twitched… she twitched again, she fiddled with her thumbs and feet. She was trying every single thing possible to keep her energy from getting the better of her. It. Just. Wasn't. WORKING! Sapphire had gone somewhere and somehow in some point in time she had consumed the dreaded sugar. She twitched again. She looked at the door of her room. She looked down at her dress and then at her jeans and combat boots. Alice grinned. Screw this! It's crazy teenager time.

Sapphire was minding her own business. She was actually having a rather interesting conversation with Merry and Pippin when she heard a very familiar noise. A shriek and a word no one thankfully understood. Oh no… not two seconds later did Alice jump down the steps and launch herself at her "twin." Sapphire fell back with a thud and glared at the grinning girl on top her. Merry and Pippin were trying to contain their laughter. Combat boots firmly on the ground Alice bent back down and shouted, "HI TWIN! GUESS WHAT?"

"You're on a sugar rush and I'm gonna kill you," Sapphire said rubbing her sore ears, she frowned at the disarray of her dress.

"Now my dear Sapph, why would you do a thing like that?" she paused, "And you're right! I'M ON A SUGAR RUSH!" Alice then fell to the ground in a loud fit of laughter, denim clad legs swinging in the air.

Sapphire rubbed her temples and rolled her eyes. What had she eaten to get her so riled up? As far as she knew, ice cream and reese's pieces didn't exist. She just hoped this was the only time this would happen. Merry and Pippin where no longer containing their laughter and were leaning on each other. Alice was singing something from Weird Al Yankovic. Dear God, what next?

Frodo and Sam.

They heard them before they actually saw the two blurs that were their female friends. The lady in the dress was yelling for her companion to stop but when the blue legged figure saw the hobbits, her pace only quickened. Frodo and Sam braced for impact as Alice slid between them and her arms came around them, pulling the two into a bear hug. "I LOVE YOU GUYS!"she screeched before falling over in a heap of giggles. Sapphire came panting up, hands on her knees and glaring. She then explained to the two very confused hobbits why Alice was acting strange… er. And then the girl in blue jeans saw Gimli.

"GIMLI!" He heard the shriek of the strange girl. He then saw her friend that began chasing after her with the halflings Sam and Frodo. She. Was. Coming. Right. At. Him. Oh bugger… He looked at the trees to the side of him and ran. Apparently this only fueled the girl's energy. She shrieked in laughter and chased after him. Leaping down more steps and speeding towards him Alice let out a whoop of excitment. Gimli screamed. Sapphire yelled and the hobbits just ran.

Boromir was once again looking over his weapons when he saw the strangest sight. A dwarf went yelling by towards a group of trees, he recognized him as Gimli and then he saw the crazy girl, Alice, running after him. Sapphire was trying to catch up to her, yelling something along the lines of "ALICE STAY! SIT! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP!" then the little halfings, Frodo and Sam, behind her just laughing. Alice caught up to the dwarf and tackled him to the ground. She then proceeded to sit on his back looking absolutely pleased with herself. He raised an eyebrow at her antics, she saw him.

Aragorn had been having a peaceful day until he saw a sight that was… hilarious! Boromir was being chased by Alice, clad in jeans. She was being chased by Sapphire who was yelling at the top of her lungs at Alice. Then Frodo and Sam where right on Sapphire's heels and yelled to him, "HIDE! ALICE IS ON A RUSH SUGAR!" What the bloody hell is a rush sugar? Then there was Gimli that was cursing heavily in Dwarf. Pippin and Merry came running up beside him.

"Oh, why hello there Strider! You better hide, Alice is on sugar rush and has been extremely active for quite some time now. She attacked Frodo and Sam!" Pippin exclaimed.

"She even tackled Gimli and Sapphire. It was quite funny." He paused, "RUN! Here she comes!" Merry said before the two began running in the opposite direction. Aragorn was very confused, then he was on the ground looking up at a flushed face and mischievous eyes.

When the conversation between the hobbits and man where progressing Alice had managed to catch up to Boromir and jumped on him, sending them both to the ground. The man glared up at the girl that grinned down at him. She turned her head to see how far behind the others where when she spotted the Ranger. She turned back to him and said, "Better luck next time, eh?" She leapt of him and sprinted for the steps leading back up to the marble path. He saw her turn around and head straight at Aragorn. Sapphire ran by saying she would explain later followed closely by Frodo and Sam. Gimli collapsed next to him and muttered a Dwarven curse he dare not repeat. Then Aragorn fell to the ground with the hyperactive girl on top.

Aragorn was in a daze. What just happened? The day was going so well… he was going to meet Gandalf in nearly an hour to discuss different routes to Mordor and now his rump hurt and there was a pressure on his chest. Like… like someone was sitting on it. He looked, there were combat boots and blue clad legs that led to tan arms and shaking shoulders, Alice. He glared up at the insane girl. It was only half hearted though. She did look rather cute (kid cute Like a five year old). He had to ask, "What are you doing Alice?"

"Oh nothing… giggle. I'm just SUPER HYPER!" She yelled and again giggled.

He raised a dark brow at this, "and this has something to do with the fact you attacked me?"


"And that is?"

She looked behind her, "IDK! Gotta go!" And she sprinted off.

The man sat up and rubbed his head. Sapphire and the hobbits ran by and Sapphire shouted her apology to him as the passed. He stood and watched them turn down a hall, leading further into the House of Elrond. What the devil is IDK?

Legolas was humming an Elvish melody to himself when he heard feet racing. Turing his head to the sound he saw Alice running. Of course she isn't wearing the proper attire, he thought to himself. As she came closer he saw she was being chased by Sapphire and twohobbits. They all looked tired, like they had been running for some time now. Alice fell to the ground and slid to a stop. Turning on her back she stayed that way. Sapphire come up next to her and dropped to her butt. Hands on the floor and head turned to face Alice. Frodo and Sam sat on the other side of her.

"Sugar pant rush pant over?" Sapphire asked.

"I pant I think pant so," Alice replied and let her head roll to the side.

Sapphire looked at Legolas, "You are pant sooo lucky. She pant would have pant pant attacked you if she was pant still pant on the rush."

"The rush?" he asked.

"Sugar rush. It means pant she ate some sugar and pant got really hyper. It pant takes awhile to wear off. She attacked just about everyone pant in the fellowship. And-." She was interrupted by Alice suddenly springing up to a sitting position.

"Never mind, sugar rush NOT over!" Alice was running down the hall before anyone could look.

Sapphire groaned and then sprung up, "NO ALICE! NOT ELROND!" She shouted after her. She was surprised she skipped attacking Legolas but that was one less apology she had to give.

Elrond had no idea giving Alice cookies would cause such chaos, but from what he had seen, it was also quite a laugh. That is, if you're not the source of amusement. But sometimes things happen. He heard Sapphire yell his name and looked up from the book in his hand. Alice was sprinting at him with a gleam in her eyes. He braced himself to be able to catch her. Sure enough the girl launched herself at him and gripped his waist in a vice like grip. Her yell was muffled by the fabric of his robes. It would have sounded something like, "BEAR HUG!" He smiled and hugged her back. Sapphire came skidding to a halt behind Alice. She grinned sheepishly and managed a weak apology to the Elven Lord.

"Not at all Sapphire. It was I who gave her the sugar in the first place," he smiled. "And I do believe the rush is over, am I right Alice?" The girl just nodded tiredly from the folds of fabric she hugged.

"Now Alice, I cannot give you anymore cookies. This isn't a way to behave in the City of Rivendell." He chided. Everyone that Alice had attacked and Legolas were now standing around the girl and Elrond.

"You only had one cookie, how could that have effected you so?" He asked her. Alice looked down at her boots and shuffled her feet.

"Well, I may have had MORE than one cookie…" She mumbled.

"Oh? And how many more did you eat?" He queried. Alice shook her head no until Sapphire grabbed her by the ear.

"OW! OOOWWW! I had eleven more cookies!" She cried. Sapphire released her ear as Legolas took a defensive hand to his Elvin ones. He looked at this girl with new found regard.

"Well, I'm sorry but we will be putting you on a limit from now on." Elrond warned. Alice nodded her head in understanding and sidled up back next to Sapphire.

"I'm sorry, it's just your cookies are SOO GOOOD!" She whined.

"The best in all the land!" Merry put in.

"And it tastes much better than mushrooms!" Pippin added. The rest started to add their opinion on the cookie.

"Wait, I still haven't had one of these yet. Are they really that good?" Sapphire asked. She shifted her eyes down as the hobbits gaped at her in disbelief. Alice's face was struck in horror and she grabbed her twin by the wrist.

"KITCHEN!" She yelled. Those present were in tow of the two teenagers within moments.

Sapphire was amazed at how large the kitchen was. The ceilings were raised high and there were people busily looking over the food and deciding what to cook for dinner that night. Sapphire opened her mouth to comment but Alice stuck a cookie in instead. She chewed and swallowed. The cookie was light and sweet like honey, Sapphire smiled.

"Those are the best cookies EVER!" She exclaimed. Everyone smiled and left the two girls alone to their delight in eating cookies.


"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Sapphire screeched. She started to run around and jump on people as Alice watched her with a broad grin. Aragorn had walked into the kitchen for a snack but found it in disarray at the hand of Alice's friend.

"Is SAPPHIRE on a sugar rush?" He asked disbelievingly.

"Yup." Alice smirked.

"How many cookies did she eat?"



"Well, she usually wouldn't get a sugar rush but I found this cool jar of Elvin sugar and put it on the cookies, I was curious," she shrugged.

"So you used your best friend as a guinea pig?"

"That's about right." Alice watched as Sapphire jumped on a chef's back and began to tell him to 'charge on ward' and what not.

"You know, Sapphire has a high sugar tolerance, but when she does get a rush, she tends to be a bit… more energetic than I am." Alice turned her head to smile at Aragorn. He paled. Just then Sapphire came up jumping up and down in front of Alice.
"Hey there Alice! Do you feel jittery? I feel jittery, hey look its Aragorn!" Sapphire then jumped on his shoulders and started to yap about how good the cookies were. Alice started to roll over in laughter. Sapphire started laughing too and tackled Alice. Alice was laughing too hard to fight back so she was pinned down as Sapphire started telling her about how she attacked the kitchen staff.
Then Sapphire heard Frodo followed by Sam. Her head went up like an animal's and she turned and gave a wicked grin. Aragorn was still processing how the mild mannered girl turned into the crazed one that jumped on him.

"Frodo! Sam!" She yelled. The two hobbits looked up and grinned at her, not knowing that she would ever have had a sugar rush, or in their case, rush sugar. The girl got up and started charging the two; at that point the hobbits knew something was wrong. They looked on in confusion as Sapphire got closer. She tackled them and gave each a lift onto her shoulders and started to tell them about how Aragorn was starting to get a little too self conscious around ran around with the two on top and stopped as she spotted Gimli.

"Dwarf!" She shrieked.

Oh, bugger. Not again. He looked in surprise to see it was Sapphire this time and not Alice. He stopped to gape, but that left him open to her attack as she smothered him in talk of cookies, Aragorn, the hobbits and much more. She saw the axe and her eyes got big.

"It's so shiny!" She snatched it up in her hands and started examining it. Everyone's eyes widened.

"Now lassie, maybe ye should put that down." Gimli said. Sapphire didn't reply. Frodo looked up and thought his plan might work as he shouted,
"Sapphire look - Legolas!" Sapphire looked up, dropped the weapon, threw the hobbits off her shoulders and started running like a cheetah. Legolas never had a chance. She jumped on his back and started talking about hey hyped up adventures. She tugged on his ears and hair as he struggled to get her off.
"You know you have hair like a girl, are you gay? You should get a haircut, do you stretch your ears to get them that way?"
"Help!" Legolas shouted. What was SAPPHIRE doing on his back? And gay? Why was she asking if he was happy? He most certainly wasn't! Alice, Aragorn, Gimli, Frodo, and Sam gazed on in amazement.

"Should we help him?" Sam asked.

"Nope, I skipped him during my sugar rush, this is payback tenfold." Alice replied. Just then Merry and Pippin walked in.

"Is that Sapphire?"Merry questioned.

"Why yes, yes it is." Alice was getting happier by the second.

"I put this cool looking Elvin sugar on her cookies, that's why she's on a sugar rush." She explained. Sapphire looked up from terrorizing Legolas and saw the cousin Halflings. She waved and shouted at them.

"Come help me tackle Legolas!" She cried. The elf looked horrified as Merry and Pippin gladly ran over to help. They each got him by his legs and started to drag him down. Frodo laughed and started running with Sam at his heals. They jumped at his arms and Legolas was now at his knees.

"Oh what the hell!" Alice sprinted over as well and jumped on Legolas and started pulling his hair. Aragorn and Gimli looked on in horror at their comrade.

"Well, that's what he gets for being such a tall elf!" Gimli huffed. Aragorn just looked on at the chaos. One thing popped up in his mind.

"Just don't tell Arwen." He said. The Dwarf looked amused and smiled.

"Aye. They're your responsibility, you better get the experience in and go stop them." Aragorn groaned as he watched the pig pile on the elf. He started to trudge his way to them.

Sapphire had calmed down later that evening, she then made it her priority to go and apologize to everyone she jumped on. She found out what Alice had done, gave her a good whack in the head, a good piece of her mind, and walked off in a huff.

She apologized to Aragorn, the Halflings, the chefs, Legolas and Gimli. She was tired, ashamed, and flustered at the end of the day. Alice felt bad and the two friends made up.



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