If the idea of rape bothers you then please don't read... NOT a Logan/Kitty pairing...

Logan was sitting in the kitchen, beer in hand, waiting for his Half-Pint to get home. She had been at Lance's well over two hours, and it was approaching curfew. He glanced at the clock again. It was nearly 10:00.

"Okay I'm going to find her." He mumbled under his breath. Just as he was about to get up, she came bursting in the front door.

"Kitty where have you been?" Logan snarled angrily. Kitty stood there non-responsive. It was then he noticed the red eyes and runny nose. He examined her further to find that her hair was messy, and her shirt was miss-buttoned.

"Kit what happened?" Logan asked in a much softer tone of voice.

"Mr. Logan, Lance h-he..." She couldn't continue as the words were drowned out by her sobbing. Logan didn't like where this was going. After a while of watching her cry, he beckoned over to her.

"Come here kiddo." He used the same soft, comforting voice as before. "Talk to me."

Kitty came and sat on the chair next to Logan's. She looked up at him through tear filled eyes, and suddenly he knew. Logan's face changed in to pure fury, his eyes blazing.

"He didn't." He managed to get out.

"He tried."

"Tell me what happened." Logan replied forcefully, not out of anger, but out of worry for his little girl.

"Well, me and Lance settled down to like, watch a movie. He suggested I cook some popcorn, so I did. When it was finished I went back into the living room and found Lance trying to sneak another girl out of the house." She paused for a shaky breath. "I started to yell at Lance and he said to lighten up, he was just having some fun with her. I told him that cheating wasn't permitted in a relationship, and that was when he shoved the other girl out of the house, and threw me down on the couch. I tried to phase, but I was too scared. He ripped off my shirt, and pants."

Logan held his breath, hoping that he wouldn't hear the worst.

"I remembered to phase just as he was about to take my bra off. I ran home after that." Kitty said almost guiltily, tears still rolling down her cheeks. "He said I wanted it Mr. Logan! Lance said I wanted it, but I didn't. I know I didn't!"

Lance had just gotten two strikes. One for cheating, and one for almost... Logan couldn't even think the word. He gathered his Half-Pint in his arms, telling her everything would be okay.

"I didn't want it." Kitty repeated over and over. Finally her tears subsided, and she fell asleep. He picked her up tenderly, and carried her upstairs. One arm held her, while the other pulled back the covers to her bed. Logan laid Kitty down gently. He covered her up, and smoothed the hair back around her tear stained face.

"Everything will be okay." He whispered softly, looking down at his little girl. "Everything will be okay."

His eyes hardened as he went down the stairs. Lance was going to pay for what he did to Kitty.

"Logan don't you dare!"

Xavier was awake now. And trying very forcefully to stop Logan at the moment. In his angered state however, he was technically unstoppable.

"Get outta my head!"

The Professor had taught all of his "students" to have strong wills. Logan had always had a very strong will from the start. He wasn't tiring at all, despite Xavier's best attempts. After a while Logan was finally able to, push him out of his mind.

Logan was seeing red. He wasn't in control, and he knew that. This was when people always died. Logan had almost killed Kitty once in this rage, and he had promised to never let it happen again. Yet here he was.

"Gotta get control." He growled, clutching his head. This reminded him of the time he was under mind control. But this was all him. Someone hurting Kitty or Rogue was too much. Luckily Rogue was always protected, and Kitty should have been able to phase. His anger was taking over again, forcing him to go find Lance. He had to stop... but at the same time he didn't want to. Lance would pay one way or another.