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Harry collapsed on his bed. He was mentally exhausted from stretching the limits of his abilities so far. Harry had, with the help of Daphne, scoured the Hogwarts Library and Dumbledore's own private library for possible inspirations for his workings. He had used his powers to Create ancient magical relics he barely knew of. The unfamiliarity of the Creations was fatiguing, but Harry could feel the strain decreasing. His enemy – err, teacher – would return in two days and there was no way that Harry would continue to allow himself to be so easily trounced. Sleep blissfully claimed him, as his chaotic thoughts slowly faded into dreams.

As far as Harry could see, there was tan-green everywhere. On closer inspection, the sea of tan-green was composed of tiny pellets in a bean shape. He felt a faint rocking motion beneath him. "What is it with me and this dream?" Harry wondered. He took great care to memorize the image of the Crumple-Horned Snorkack he was riding. Could Pensieves recall memories of dreams? Luna probably go crazy…well, crazier, if he showed her the memory. The sea of booger-flavored beans shook and Harry was thrown off the Snorkack. He did his best not to let any of the beans into his mouth as he sunk into the mass…

Another rumble and Harry awoke to find that he'd fallen off his bed. "What in the world is going on…" he muttered as he swiftly robed. Harry opened his trunk and withdrew the Marauder's Map. "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." Harry's eyes narrowed. Lucius Malfoy and several other Death Eater names he recognized were in front of the Hufflepuff common room. No doubt they'd chosen that house for its known abundance of Muggleborns. Harry made his way down to the common room to find his fellow Gryffindors up and about.

"What's going on?" seemed to be the universal question.

"Death Eaters," Harry said quietly. Nonetheless, everybody seemed to have heard him. The noise level increased as the murmurs grew more fearful. Harry could have smacked himself. It was far too early to be diplomatic with the frightened masses.

"How did they get in?" Hermione was panicking.

"Fight now, ask later. You and Ron go get the teachers. They're attacking the Hufflepuff dorms. I'll head them off."

"Harry you can't just –" Harry ignored the rest of Hermione's warning as he rushed out of the common room and donned his Invisibility Cloak. There was no way that he was going to bring his friends into the danger with him. He ran through the passages until he happened upon twelve masked figures in black robes firing spells at the Hufflepuff dorm's portrait. Harry recognized the feel of the spell as the Drilling Spell. He whipped off his cloak and Created four massive obelisks around him and the Death Eaters. A field of magic surrounded them. Mordred's Four Betrayals were ancient artifacts that Harry had found in some texts from the Restricted Section. They prevented any sort of escape until their activator was overcome. Though Harry would've preferred to have the element of surprise, he knew that he needed to keep the Death Eaters from getting into the Hufflepuff dorms and that this was the most surefire way.

"Potter!" Lucius Malfoy exclaimed with his trademark sneer. "Take him alive, remember that the Dark Lord wishes to personally dispose of him." The Death Eaters began volleying curses at Harry. A glass barrier identical to the one that Number Eight had used before rose up and blocked the spellfire. With another wave of his hand, Harry Created several floating balls of junk metal on the Death Eaters' side of the barrier. With his teeth gritted, Harry steeled himself and roared: "Confringo!"

The Death Eaters saw the metal appear and the smarter ones sensed trouble. They tried to Portkey away, only to find that their means of escape had been nullified. Explosions rocked the area inside Mordred's Four Betrayals and shrapnel spikes whistled through the air, eliciting shrieks of pain as they ripped through the Death Eaters' magical shields and into their bodies. Only Lucius Malfoy had the insight to conjure a stone barrier rather than a spell shield. Harry had debated the ethics of this tactic before. On one hand, it was extremely effective and did not tax Harry's energy too much. On the other hand, the flying metal could potentially be lethal. In the end, Daphne managed to settle the argument for him.

"Harry you know that Stunning is useless. One simple Enervate repairs any damage you could've caused. If you want to have any chance of winning this war, you need to be able to put them down in a more permanent fashion. You will have to kill. You won't want to, nor should you. Yet the smart side, the Slytherin side to you knows that each Death Eater you put down is many potential innocent lives saved."

Harry's thoughts flipped back to the present. Now that Malfoy was the only Death Eater standing, Daphne's rationalizations no longer made sense. Harry knew that he had to take him alive. He dissolved the barrier and fired off several Stunners. Lucius Malfoy was shielded them effortlessly and attempted to pin him down with a variety of different Transfigurations and curses. It figured that someone as ruthless as Malfoy wouldn't be fazed by the sudden incapacitation of all his comrades. Harry nimbly dodged the plethora of threats. I never thought I'd be thankful that I spent my childhood dodging Dudley's punches all the time. He suppressed a scream as a Cutting Curse he hadn't dodged fast enough ripped into his side. His resultant flinch allowed a Bludgeoning curse to slam into his arm. Probably broken. Harry could feel his movements slowing. He hadn't rested enough to recover from the strain of yesterday's training and his injuries would only make things worse. I've got to end this fast.

"Tiring, Potter?" Malfoy taunted. Harry ignored him. Think…what can keep him down without killing him? "I never thought you'd use such a lethal attack, Potter. Perhaps you chose the wrong side in this war." More jets of evil-looking light burst out from Malfoy's wand. Harry's mind finally clicked on the solution he needed.

Lucius Malfoy cackled as he tossed spell after spell at the Boy Who Lived. He didn't need those incompetent buffoons who shamed the name of Death Eater anyway. He felt a slight chill emanating from the ground. Lucius Malfoy chanced a glance to see that, to his horror, spires of ice were swiftly growing from the ground all around him. He tried to cast Incendio but the ice completely encased him before he could utter the last syllables.

Harry tentatively stared at his handiwork for several minutes, still in a defensive stance. Though he knew that his spelled ice should be more than capable of containing someone of Malfoy's power level, he still wasn't quite sure whether the Death Eater would have a few more tricks up his sleeve. Finally, Harry relaxed and started levitating the bodies of the fallen Death Eaters into the center of the room. He winced; three definitely dead, two maybe dead, but the rest might be saved. Upon releasing the magic of the obelisks, Harry saw the teachers gathered around.

"Potter! What – how – " McGonagall was cut off by a determined-looking Madam Pomfrey.

"Hospital Wing! Now!" The weight of his fatigue and his injuries rushed back into him as Harry faded into darkness.


Harry opened his eyes. White. Too much white. I hate hospitals. He fidgeted a bit and his arm brushed against an object to his left. Harry shifted and saw a head of elegantly flowing blonde hair fast asleep on the side of his bed. Running a hand through Daphne's soft locks, he smiled to himself. Daphne stirred.

"Morning, sunshine."

"Actually, afternoon." Harry frowned.

"I was out that long?"

"Yes." And then Daphne smacked him. Harry put a hand to his cheek, shocked at the sudden assault. "Never do something as stupid as that again! Taking on twelve Death Eaters on your own? Don't leave me, Harry." The last words of her rant were whispered. From anyone else, Harry would have been stung by the rebuke, but the pain of Daphne's words was too apparent. Harry drew her into a tight hug.

"I know. I'm sorry." He wanted to promise her that he'd stay, that he'd always be by her side, but he just couldn't. Harry knew that if there was danger again, his conscience would demand that he leap into action and she'd be the last person he'd willingly bring. The reasonable part of him was perfectly aware that Daphne was a powerful witch who could hold her own in combat, but the "hero" part of him knew that her presence would be far too much of a distraction. They continued to hold each other in silence until a knocking on the door drew their attention. Harry sighed.


McGonagall, Flitwick, and Snape entered. Harry was pleasantly surprised that Snape lacked his usual sneer. Perhaps Harry's association with one of his House members had curbed Snape's hate toward him.

"Kindly explain the events of last night, Potter," McGonagall demanded softly.

"I woke up and heard loud noises in the castle. After checking my magical map, I found out that Death Eaters were attacking the Hufflepuff dorms. When I got there, they were in the process of drilling through. I had to put up a barrier to stop them and to get their attention. We fought and now I'm here."

"That's all well and good, but that doesn't explain how you managed to overcome twelve death eaters."

"Nor does it explain the simply marvelous prison you managed to force Mr. Malfoy into," Flitwick added with a ear-to-ear grin.

"Professor Dumbledore left behind some things for me to study. They were rather useful." It was only a half-lie. Okay, it was a total lie. But Harry was sure that Dumbledore wouldn't have minded him snooping in his office. Flitwick's eyes took on a knowing gleam but he kept his mouth shut.

"You'll be interested to know, I'm sure, that your reckless tactics resulted in three fatalities, Potter," Snape said with a disdainful look. Harry supposed that his relationship with Daphne could only go so far when it came to the Potions master.

"Yes, and I will lose no sleep over it. I did what I had to do." Harry didn't have it settled quite so firmly in his mind yet, but he refused to show weakness in front of the greasy git. Madam Pomfrey came out of her office and decided that their business wasn't quite urgent enough, so she began to bustle over Harry.

"Now, dear, does anything still hurt?" she asked as she cast a few more diagnostic charms.

"No, you did a splendid job," Harry replied with a grin.

"Spare me the flattery and try to stay healthy, for once," Pomfrey said with a sigh. Harry left the Hospital Wing and was led to the empty classroom that had been turned into a prison of sorts.

"Every one of them has been healed and interrogated with a combination of Veritaserum and Legilimancy, except for Lucius Malfoy, who still has his wand in the ice. We thought it'd be best to have everyone ready to get him after he is unfrozen," McGonagall explained. "Potter, unfreeze him when you are ready."

His teachers sunk into dueling stances. "3…2….1…Go!" Harry said as he removed the ice. Malfoy stumbled free, disoriented, as he raised his wand but was struck by four swift Stunners. Snape reaching into his dramatically billowing cloak and withdrew a vial of clear liquid. He forced the Veritaserum down Malfoy's unconscious throat, conjured ropes to bind him, took his wand, then said "Enervate". The Death Eater awoke and Snape commenced the questioning.

"How did you get into the school?"

"I blackmailed the other governors into relinquishing their positions and voting in my associates. Our positions allowed us to bypass the wards, so we walked straight in," Malfoy replied in a perfect monotone.

"What was the goal of your venture?"

"To create havoc, lower morale, and teach Mudbloods their place." Harry wanted to punch him.

"Where is your master?"

"I don't know."

"Who knows?"

"He has told nobody."

"What has he told you, with regards to his absence?"

"His orders were to remain hidden and gather forces. He said that he would return in early July to conquer the Wizarding world." The rest of Malfoy's answers gave minute details such as the total number of Death Eaters, the identities of their members, their goals, and a number of hiding places until the Veritaserum began to wear off. Snape then drew his wand once again and whispered: "Legilimens!"

After moments of silence, Snape came out of his trance, stunned Malfoy, and cast some binding spells on him.

"Everything he said was confirmed. I found no evidence of memory tampering," Snape reported.

"What's next, then?" Harry asked.

"We shall deliver the news to Fawkes. Once he knows, Professor Dumbledore will as well. Until then, Potter, please continue as you have all year. Obviously Professor Dumbledore's methods have been working for you. The prisoners will be safe here. Filius, Severus, and I have seen to that."


The next day, when Harry came down to breakfast, there was even more buzzing than usual and numerous glances were sent this way. Please don't be about last night. Harry groaned when he got to his table and saw the Daily Prophet.

Potter: Possibly Dark?

Sources say that one Harry J. Potter, known for his unstable temper and delusional tendencies, is now channeling his rage into Dark Magic. When Hogwarts Governors appeared at the school for a surprise inspection, Potter threw a fit and killed three of them. Yes, the so-called "Boy Who Lived" is now a murderer! Minister of Magic and noted philanthropist Cornelius Fudge voiced his opinion on the matter:

"I have always said that Harry Potter's celebrity will go to his head. Evidently, he now believes that he is above the law. Rest assured that this maniacal murderer will not go unpunished."

It is believed that the remaining governors are being held hostage. If there is any justice in the world, Potter will be tried by the full Wizengamot and be sent to rot in Azkaban for the rest of his life.

-Rita Skeeter

Harry muttered several curses. "I thought you had Skeeter captured?" he asked Hermione.

"I thought I did, but when I went to check the jar this morning, it was empty," Hermione answered guiltily. "I don't know how long she's been gone."

"Relax, it's fine. They would've found someone else to slander me anyway." A large brown owl swooped into the Great Hall and dropped an official-looking envelope into Harry's hands. "My trial is in three days."

"This is bollocks!" said Ron. "It was obvious that it was in self-defense and that they were bloody Death Eaters! Why can't the Ministry just see that You-Know-Who is obviously back!" McGonagall approached the table.

"Our mutual acquaintances will be sure to find you the best possible lawyer, Potter." Harry knew that she meant the Order. "Hogwarts stands by its students." There were angry murmurs coming from the Slytherin section. Personally, Harry was amazed at how blatantly biased Skeeter's reporting had become. How dumb did the masses have to be to believe this drivel?

"Thanks," he replied to McGonagall. The rest of the day was, as he predicted, awful. He was getting even more fearful looks than usual. If he so much as made eye contact with anybody, it was followed up with shrieks of "Don't kill me!". Surprisingly, Draco Malfoy had little to say on the matter. Harry then remembered that with his father missing, Malfoy had more important things on his mind than schoolboy grudges.


Harry was in Dumbledore's office with Daphne, waiting for Number Eight to arrive. It had been a long day and he was looking forward to seeing someone who wouldn't avoid him like the plague. Harry felt a spell coming behind him and he pushed Daphne away and put up a shield.

"Excellent reflexes," Number Eight commented approvingly.

"How did your mission go?" Harry asked.

"It was a success. I must thank you for the headlines. Your actions kept the 'heart attack' of the Romanian Prime Minister on the second page."

"Glad to be of service," Harry replied drily. Number Eight waved his wand and the dueling arena and barrier were produced again.

"Let us begin, then. Show me how far you have come!"


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