Disclaimer: All characters belong to Rick Riordan. I do not own anything.

Author's Note: This is Luke's final thoughts as he gives himself to save the Olympians.

Time: The Last Olympian

Genre: Drama and Angst

Rating: G

Date Finished: May 10, 2010

He's coming. He's so strong. I can feel him. He's taking over my body.

He's inside me. I can feel him. The Lord of the Titans inside of me. I need him out. He needs to go.

Gasp! As he grows stronger, I grow weaker. Oh gods, he's going to kill me. Then, he'll kill them. Annabeth. I can't let him get to her. She doesn't deserve to die. I must protect Annabeth! He can't kill her! I can't kill her! I'd rather die.

My weak spot! It's the only way to stop him. It's the only way to kill him for now. It's my only hope. It's their only hope.

I must do it. It's the only way to save them all.

I must give myself up.

I must sacrifice myself for the good of all. To save the world.

With my lost, the prophecy will come true. I am the one. I'm the demigod who that prophecy was about. With my sacrifice everything will go back to normal, everything will be alright. The world will go back to normal.

These are my final words. This is my hero's lament. Well what do you do, I'm writing my last speech. My farewell.

Before I go, tell Hermes, my father, that I love him. Tell Annabeth.

Tell Annabeth that it's not her fault. She tired and I let her down.

Tell Annabeth….

Tell her…..

Tell her, I love her and I'm sorry.

Tell the world, that I'm so sorry.

It's time.