Chapter One

I liked working at the Library. It was a calming job. Nothing but numbers and thoughts. I had come to know many other people, the regulars. There were some teenagers, not friends, who would just sit on the floors next to shelves of books and read one after the other from opening to closing. This only happened every day during the summer, understandably, but during the school year they would come in on Saturday's. They were nice, though their styles had changed drastically since I had come to work here. One started out blond, almost platinum blond, and she had gone through the entire spectrum of the rainbow. Her nails were always painted some color or another, and she wore nothing but short skirts and tank tops with spiked jewelry. Most people would say she was into the alternative side of style, but that didn't change the fact that she was a very nice girl, always willing to help out. I once offered to get her a job here at the Library, but she declined. Said she wanted to focus more on her studies. She wanted to be a Healer.

Another dressed more normal, for this world. Her hair was always black, and she wore nothing but jeans and various T-shirts. She was also very nice, but usually left her books in the wrong place. I didn't blame her, not many people knew the Library's system of putting books in the right place.

I only got to this planet four months ago, but had adjusted very well. The job was soothing, and the people I worked with were very inviting. I did constantly think about how Earth had been before the souls ad taken over, and it was a completely different world. Back in the human days, one couldn't turn the television on without hearing about rape or murder, or someone stealing something from another person. It was quite a terrifying place. But Grace, the human, had been so at ease and so happy in that world. I would never have been able to survive.

All of her memories were so vivid. Going to school, helping friends clean their rooms, going to movies at night with boys. All the things a normal teenager would do with her life. She rarely ever fought with her parents, something her memories told me was a strange occurrence.

When I would be putting books away where they'd belong, I would delve into her memories. It was so strange, because they were so uncivilized. They had wars over things they couldn't control, children in playgrounds had fights because someone stole their toy, and teenagers were into drugs and alcohol and sex. Why, Grace had had a friend who had to undergo an abortion because she knew she wasn't in love with the man and that she wouldn't be able to take care of it. So many things that went wrong, that were horrid and violent in this world and yet all the humans loved it.

I did feel bad about taking this planet, though I didn't do it personally. But my race had interrupted an entire population's way of living. Yes, we had numbers to fill the planet, and our other planets were becoming overpopulated so we needed a new one. We had done it over and over again, and I had been to three different planets myself, but never before had I had such strong memories on those planets like this one gave me. These memories would sometime suck me in because the emotions attached to them were just so strong.

For the first time in my many lives, I had gotten angry at another soul, and they had gotten angry with me in return. We had apologized to each other, obviously, but we had gotten so angry so quickly over something so small and over something that, in the long run, didn't even matter. I had taken a parking spot that had just opened up, and while on my way to the store, he had come up to me and interrupted my path. I accidentally bumped into him, and he went off, calling me so many names Grace's memory provided as bad names to call another person. I was offended, and I felt my ears getting hot, I even felt light headed, and I started yelling back. A nearby seeker came by and broke it up. It was then that we apologized to each other and went our separate ways.

It had come on so suddenly, and I had never felt anything so strong well up inside me so that it burst. Yes, souls felt small annoyances, but we never acted upon them. I was quite scared to learn that I had it in me to use such harsh words. I had soon forgotten about it though, seeing as I was hanging out with others I knew had been on the same planets as me at some point or another.

Her memories also showed me a great sadness. She remembered the day exactly, as did everyone else it seemed, September 11. The year had escaped her, but her mind could still show me the images of a man jumping out of a building because he knew he would have a more painful death if he had stayed where he was. I could still see the two planes crashing into the impossibly large buildings, and how they swayed before catching on fire. The smoke, as floor after floor crashed in upon itself. The people on the ground were running as far away as they could possibly get, but the dust and debris swept them up, just like it swept up everything else in its way. Street after street, building after building. It all happened so fast; I couldn't understand why anyone could cause such mayhem.

Then a war on terrorism had started, and how the current leader could have even thought he could end terrorism was beyond my capability of thinking. Only we had ever ended any kind of dispute successfully. Often, when I would delve into her memories, I would wonder how the humans could have been so daft and shallow.

I know I shouldn't have made a distinction between my host, and myself but I couldn't help it. She had always been so angry, and I was just the opposite. I hated the fact I couldn't call what was hers mine, because that's what it was now. It was mine, and she didn't exist. So why did I constantly make that distinction between her and myself?

"Well that should be obvious by now, I've only been talking to you since you've gotten here," came my answer.

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