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Chapter 14- Plotting the Days Away


I felt something was wrong after that night of karaoke. I don't know what it was, but Rose was avoiding me, and Emmett wouldn't look at me. Alice was avoiding my text messages, but one person wasn't. Edward.

He had texted me to meet him after school in the auditorium. I agreed, mostly because I was curious about what he wanted to talk about. He didn't even insinuate that he wanted something for me; he actually seemed like he was serious. Then again, this was all through text message, so I could just be gullible as hell and be falling for a trick.

While waiting, I sat at the piano and practiced my piece for Julliard. I also thought about Jake. He was mad the other night that I had performed. He didn't like that I made myself so outgoing, which sounds bad I know. But he didn't want me to give fuel to the fire at school to be made fun of. He was looking out for me. He didn't want people to know we were dating because he didn't want people to hurt me with how he used to be. He was once a player and he scared that people will torment me about it. I told him nothing they say will hurt him or me. I trust him. But he was so sure that I wouldn't care for him anymore if everyone knew that we were together. I wish he would just trust me and try to tell me what he is feeling. It is taking some time to break down his walls. My mom has said I am silly for trying to change him, but people do change. You just have to hope that they change for the better and not the worse.

"That sounds really good." I jumped as I turned around and saw Edward walking up the stage to where I was playing on the piano, "No wonder you got an audition with Julliard you have natural talent."

I narrowed my eyes at him, "Enough with the flattery Cullen, what do you want to talk about? Your text was very cryptic." I stood up from the piano bench and crossed my arms over my chest looking up at him. I hated how handsome he was. It irritated me. He probably had everything handed to him.

He sighed, "Right." He looked at me with such serious eyes and then held out his right hand. "I would like to call a truce Swan."

Not what I was expecting, "A truce?" The confusion hit me for just a minute. What did he mean by truce?

"Yes, a truce. On hating one another. In this truce, I will stop hitting on you and tease you and you will stop making fun of me and despise me and in the end, we will be friends." Edward had the most serious face on that I had ever seen.

My mouth was hanging open. I shook my head and smiled a little, "Do you even know how to be friends with a woman?" I smirked at him now; this had to be a joke. He's Edward Cullen, a womanizer.

He laughed, "Well no. But you're Emmett's sister and you are now Ali's best friend, so we are going to be around each other a lot no doubt, so I thought it would be good for us to call a truce, and try to be friends." He looked thoughtfully, "Acquaintances at first, see how it goes then maybe we'll try being friends." He was teasing me now, but not in a disgusting way.

He was still holding out his hand I looked at him looking at any point where it proved he was just tricking me.

After a minute I finally spoke and reached for his hand, "Fine. Truce." I gripped his hand hard after he looked relieved, "We'll try being acquaintances, but if you pull any crap Cullen the truce is gone."

"Scout's honor." He held up his hand up, laughing a little. I released his hand shaking my head. This better not be a trick. "So what's your favorite color?"

I rolled my eyes and started walking, him following in suit, "It changes daily."

"What? You can't change your favorite color every day, then it's not your favorite color it's just what color do I like today." He caught up looking at me like I was crazy.

"I can do whatever I like, and yes you can change your favorite color if you want to. Things change all the time, it's the one thing that you can count on happening is change. So yes, my favorite color changes daily." He just rolled his eyes at me. He probably didn't expect me to take it that far.

"Okay fine, what is your favorite color today then?" I had to think about that one.

"Blue, today it's blue." I blurted it out not thinking of the fact that he was wearing blue today. Blue was a good color.

He genuinely looked curious as he continued to ask me question after question. I didn't realize that us becoming acquaintances would mean we would be starting right away, but I guess Edward wasted no time when it came to making friends.

Every day for two weeks and counting Edward asked me what my favorite color was. That's how he started out every morning after saying hi to me. I thought it was funny, it was our own little thing we had. When he asked in front of Alice one time she looked at him like he was crazy, and even said that my favorite color wasn't going to change, so he didn't need to keep asking. He responded with, "Change is the one thing that we can count on." And looked over at me and smiled. I didn't even realize I smiled right back.

I was starting to get used to Edward. I couldn't tell if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

He stopped hanging out with the skanker doodles, which I thought was a good judgment call. I asked him why he hung out with them in the first place, and he just sighed and said: "You never know how lonely you are until you're in a place where no one knows the real you anymore." He left it at that and I didn't push it. I can't imagine what it was like to be famous, and in all honesty, I never wanted to. It sounded scary and lonely.

Today the big news of the day were auditions. Auditions for the Aladdin at school it was a big deal. This is the first time ever that the director chose a musical from this century to be the school play. Everyone was so excited that was all that we being talked about all day.

"Are you going to audition Bella?" Alice asked me while we were on the line for lunch.

I laughed, "No, I usually just play in the orchestra on piano." I shook my head again and laughed at the thought of me auditioning for a part in the school play.

"Well, why not? You have a beautiful voice Bella, and we all know for a fact you have the dramatic factor in your genes." She smirked at me while grabbing a hamburger from the lunch ladies.

I scoffed at her, "I am not dramatic."

I heard Rose laughing behind me, "Oh please Swan, don't try to fool us, we're your friends we know your dramatic side. Let us not forget the Showdown of '02."

I felt my face go red at the mention of the said showdown, as Alice asked excitedly what she was talking about. I may or may not have broken Lauren Mallory's arm and threw a tantrum about her saying my mom wasn't my real mom. I went from being super nice, to screaming in her face. And then I acted her and blah, blah, blah.

Alice was laughing as Rose regaled the tale. I had my grumpy face on as we sat down at the table with Emmett and Edward. I just shook my head as they told Edward and Emmett and dug into my sloppy joe.

"Bella, you really should consider auditioning. You'd be really good." Edward said, trying to encourage me to do.

"Easy for you to say, you already have the part for the lead and you haven't even audition yet." I said raising my eyebrow at him, "Besides, it's not that I am nervous to audition, it's just that I don't want to. So please can we change the subject."

Rose huffed, "Fine, new subject, how was your date last night Ali with Jasper?"

I perked up and leaned towards Alice, "Oh, that's right! How was it?"

Jasper was another student that goes who at Forks High that didn't think I was a total loser. He and I were friends; he is also the cousin of Rose. When Rose asked if she thought Ali would go out with him I agreed and we set them up. I hadn't thought about it before until she had mentioned it. They would be perfect together and Ali had already mentioned him before thinking he was hot.

She blushed, "I think it went well." We both looked at her as if to say 'spill' and she burst, "Ah! Okay, it was amazing you guys! He is so sweet, such a gentlemen, and he is funny! Really funny, and at the end of the date he kissed me."

The three of us squealed with excitement, as we asked Ali for every detail. Emmett and Edward mimed killing themselves while we talked, but we didn't care. We shut up though when we saw Jasper walking towards our table smiling the whole time at Alice, "Hi Alice, mind if I join you guys?" He said looking around the whole table but then completely focusing on her.

Alice looked star struck and couldn't seem to get out words, "Of course she wouldn't mind." I spoke up smiling, "Here you can take my seat, Jasper." I got up and moved over to sit down on the either side of Rose.

"Thank you, Bella, you're too kind." He sat next to Ali, and she just smiled at him as did he. Rose and I high fived each other across the table. I had to say this was a successful matching making.

Edward and Emmett scooted over to where Rose and I were so that Jasper and Alice could have some time to themselves. "Why do you guys have to play match maker?" Emmett asked sighing to himself.

"Because! Look how happy they are? They are happy and are going to fall in love!" Rose said sighing; I raised an eyebrow at her knowing she was thinking of my dear brother as she said that.

He smiled a small smile at her, "Yeah I guess." Ever since Rose talked about wanting to go after Emmett, I had expected her to have already asked him out. When I asked her about it she said that she didn't know. That he made her nervous and confused.

In other words; Rosalie Hale was afraid to ask my brother on a date.

So I had to take matters into my own hands.

I looked over to Edward and raised my eyebrows at him smiling then looking between both Rose and Emmett and lifting my eyebrows again. He just rolled his eyes at me as if to say to leave this one alone. But I couldn't help but meddle and get these two crazy lovebirds together. "Hey, Emmett did you hear that Jimmy Eat World is in town next week?"

"No way! I love them!" He shouted it was one of his favorite bands of all time.

Smirking, I continued, "I know! Rose and I are going to the concert next week." I had a glint in my eye as I looked to Rose who narrowed her eyes at me. I made a sad sigh looking away from them all, "Only I can't go anymore."

"Why not?" Emmett asked falling into my trap.

I sighed again, "With this play coming around, Mr. Ross asked for me to play piano for all the auditions, and one of them is going to be that night." I looked at him helplessly.

"Man, that sucks Bells I'm really sorry." He said looking like he wanted to scream and say he wanted to go, but looked at Rose hesitantly.

I made my eyes wide, and jumped up in my seat smiling, "Oh my god, why don't you go for me Em?" I smiled looking over at Rose now, "You don't mind do you? I don't want to leave you alone by yourself, and you both are the ones that love the band so much not me. It would be perfect!"

Rose's face was red, "No I don't mind if he takes your place, I mean if you want to Em, I don't care." She looked down at her food as she stammered.

I looked over to Emmett raising my eyebrow waiting for his answer. He gulped, "I would love to go out with you." His eyes widened as Rose shot up to look at him after what he said, "I mean go to the concert with you, I'd love to go to the concert with you. To see Jimmy Eat World perform."

"Great! I sent you the e-mail for the concert, already." They both looked at me wide eyed. I shrugged, "I was going to originally invite everyone to come, but since I can't go, and neither can Jasper since he is also in the orchestra and Edward is auditioning, I figured Ali wouldn't want to go. So that leaves you two."

The bell rung, and I jumped out of my seat leaving a stunned Rose and Em behind me with Edward following me to class.

He shook his head at me as we walked, I raised my eyebrow innocently, "What?"

He just laughed, "Beautiful performance back there, you had them right where you wanted them. And they didn't even know it until it was too late."

"I have no idea as to what you are referring to Edward Cullen." I mock scoffed at him as I took my seat in Biology. "I had just in that exact moment remember that Emmett loved Jimmy Eat World and that I couldn't go anymore. And I couldn't possibly leave a ticket to go to waste and have poor Rosalie go by herself now could I?"

He just shook his head at me smiling the whole time, "Clever actress."

I rolled my eyes, "Shut up and get out your homework Cullen."


Getting to know Bella over these past few weeks had been quite wonderful. She was making me find myself again. I didn't want to party as much, though I still did. And I didn't care if people knew who I was as much, though they still did.

The more I got to know her though, the more I wanted to tell her the truth about her boyfriend. Rosalie was trying to get all of them together though before we told Bella.

She said Bella wouldn't believe us if we didn't have proof of it. Emmett agreed, saying that Bella was blinded by Jake, and wouldn't want to believe the truth about him at all. All I wanted to do though was tell her. Alice had stopped me already on a handful of occasions saying that Bella wouldn't believe me yet if I did tell. We were still getting to know one another and it wasn't the right time.

I just hope they got it together soon because as I talked more and more to Bella I realized she was becoming my best friend, and I wasn't good and keeping secrets from her as she pulled each and every one of them out of me without even trying to. I felt like I could tell her anything and not being about to tell her this was slowly killing me. But they were right.

We needed time on our side.

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