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I got dressed in my normal clothes when my shift ended and texted my mom letting her know what was going on. She, of course, was thrilled that I was going somewhere other than the music store and my room. And that it was Esme Cullen's little girl just made it even better.

I slipped on a pair of leggings pulling on my big white sweatshirt without the hood and put on a rainbow tie-dye infinity scarf around my neck keeping my hair in a low ponytail pulling on my black rain boots. I loved keeping it comfy, I didn't really care much of what others thought about what I wear.

Alice was wearing a green dress with a brown belt around her waist and a black jacket and black stockings underneath with a red, orange, white, and blue scarf along with really cute ankle boots that had just a bit of glam. Her hair was pulled into a nice low bun now though a lot of strands hung out around her face since her hair was so short.

I walked out from the back saying bye to everyone, and surprise, surprise, Edward and the Barbie squad where leaving. How strange that worked out huh?

Alice came in then, skipping over to my side, of course when she saw Edward leaving she had to say something, "Wow how nicely planned Edward that you are leaving right this minute at 3 o'clock." She smiles sweetly, "Where are you going?"

Edward narrows his eyes at her, "To hangout with Emmett."

"Hmmm, where though exactly?" Alice pushes. She had noticed he hadn't mentioned where they were going. This better not be going where I think it is.

"To our house, is that a problem." He says snarling practically at her. I groan so loud in annoyance, not really meaning too though. He smirked at me, "Oh why Bella are you just uncomfortable with the thought of being so near me? I know it is hard to be near your crush but you will just have to bear it for a little while. I promise I'll put you out of your misery soon." He winked at me.

I felt the fire in me flare up at his words, oh he is so getting an ear full from me right now, "Seriously? Out of the million of sperms, yours was the fastest? Way to go their Lord! I swear to you, guys like you are the reason women go lesbian. Because of your stuck up attitude and douche bag ways." Alice started laughing so hard and Edwards jaw dropped to the floor. Good.

Tanya snapped at me now, oh this should be good, she looks like an angry kitten. A wet washed up angry kitten, "Who do you think you are?! Talking to the Edward Cullen like that?! You're lucky your ugly ass is even allowed in the presence of him! And in other words, who picked out your outfit anyway? A deaf guy who hates you?" She said smirking at me. Thinking she was actually insulting me.

I stare at her for a moment. She makes this way to easy. "Okay, first off Tanya its blind guy not deaf. If your going to make an insult at least say it right, and make it a good one. And by the way, Bozo the clown called, he wants his face paint back." I said scoffing at her. Her make up literally looks like it was applied on with a shotgun it's not even funny.

I started to walk out, pulling a dying of laughter Alice out with me. I went to the bed of my truck to get my guitar case out to bring to Alice's house. I never knew when I got inspired, usually just happens randomly. Alice was still laughing, "God *laughs* Bella that-that was priceless! *Haha* did you see his face ? That we to good to be true! Oh and Tanya's face? God! You should be a comedian when we graduate!"

I cracked a smile at her, and shrugged, "I watch SNL with my mom. Watch that show for a while and you will have so many comebacks up your sleeves you won't know what to do with them. The whore d'oeuvres make it way to easy for me to make fun of them. They practically hand it to me." Alice laughs again at I assume my whore d'oeuvres comment.

"I bet! Who says small towns aren't interesting." Alice says teasingly. I laugh

"So where is your car at?" I look around the parking lot then stop seeing a bright yellow car, next to a silver vovlvo. I have a feeling that is Alice's. I look at her lifting an eyebrow at the car, and she just winks at me smiling skipping over to it. I sigh, rolling my eyes and follow after her. The Cullen's don't seem to mind flashy things apparently. Wouldn't they get a long with my dad and brother.

As we pull up to the Cullen's home, I realize how closed off they are from the town. So lucky, that's for sure.

As we get out of the car, the front door opens, and out comes Esme Cullen.

"Oh! Bella dear! How are you? I see Alice has found you." She says coming over to hug me, winking at Alice.

I laugh, cause that is basically what had happened. Alice had found me. "Yeah pretty much, that's the story."

Esme smiles at me then turns to Alice, "So is Edward on his way home now? Did you find him?"

Alice rolls her eyes now, with an annoyed look, "Yes I found him, no I did not insult him. He will be here soon with Bella's brother Emmett."

Esme nods sympathetically to Alice. "Well alright then, why don't you girls head on in and grab a snack? And if you want Bella you can stay for dinner if you would like? I have plenty of food for everyone. I always cook for more than the three- will now four of us." She is smiling kindly at me. I can't help but smile back.

"Yeah I would like that Esme, I just have to check with my mom." I explained to her. She told me from day one that I was to call her Esme and nothing else or she wouldn't answer a single would I was saying to her. She was serious, she want kidding. She did that to me for over 10 minutes when we first met.

She smiled so wide, you could see the dimples in her cheeks. "Wonderful! Just let me know alight?" I nodded back to her, "Good dinner should be ready by 6 once Carlisle is off from his shift." Esme tells us as she is waling up the stairs into their house, well mansion is the proper word.

"Thanks mom! Come on Bella let's go in before it rains! I got something for you." Alice says winking from the last part.

Oh this should be good.

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