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Prelude Part 2


I couldn't take it anymore. I had to fuck him. With a monumental amount of effort, I turned to face him, wrapping my arms around his body, my head just reaching up to his chin. No one paid us any attention. My knees were shaking, and my heart was beating so fast I was sure it was going to break out of my chest. I breathed in his scent, spicy, with the lingering cigarette scent of a long time smoker, by turns revolting and strangely arousing. I brought my lips up to his jaw, his stubble rasping on my skin.

"Where?" He smiled then. Fuck. I hoped he'd brushed his teeth. As if I cared if he didn't. At that point, it didn't matter if he was a freak, a psycho, or whatever. I wanted him.

"Let's get off at the next station," I said, pun intended, and he smiled again. He pressed his agreement, his cock hard against my stomach. I closed my eyes and focused on that sensation. I was tempted to just bend over and let him take me right there on the train. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Motherfucker. My phone was vibrating, interrupting my mental tirade. I pulled it out of my bag. Rosalie was looking for me. "Where are you?" the message read. "Emergency. Won't be home tonight." My hands were shaking as I typed it in. Fuck. Was I that horny? Did I want this strange man to fuck me? Fuck. Yes I did. I wanted his cock, the big, hard stick he was grinding against me.

Sumner station rolled along, an eternity later. My clit was throbbing and my leggings were soaked and I bet everyone could smell me then. He pulled me off of the train, and out of the station. I knew the town, I've been here a couple of times but a twinge of uneasiness passed through me for a second. I did not know this man and this was cold county, with lots of isolated places to dump a body. His hand was gripping my arm, his fingers digging into my flesh as he pulled me trough the thinning crowd.

He stopped. "Know a place?"

I should have asked back: "Are you going to kill me?" But when I looked at him, really looked at him, that didn't sound appropriate at all. He had the greenest eyes I've ever seen and under the week-old stubble lurked a strong, striking face. High cheekbones, full lips that made me forget about the yellowing teeth. Tats crawled up to his neck and I tried to imagine what the rest of his body looked like but couldn't, overwhelmed by a renewed surge of lust. I made the pretense of thinking for a minute, and as soon as I nodded, he started walking again, dragging me towards the direction I just pointed.

"Knights Inn," I'd said. "Couple of blocks away."

"You have money?"

Hmmmm, so I was paying. I went to the inn's main office to check us in, leaving him at the parking lot. Even in the early evening, I was the only guest in the lobby.



I only had a twenty on me, enough to get me to Tacoma where Carlisle's driver was picking me up. The inn was worth at least $45.

"You have money?" She'd better, or else she was getting fucked against the nearest wall. She nodded, looking at me like she was ready to eat me alive. Goddamn, the girl was horny. She'd better be 18, too, at least, or else I'd be going straight back to where I just came from. Fucking a minor is a sure violation of my parole. I'd been granted freedom to travel out of state for "family reasons" only because Carlisle, my uncle, was friends with the chief of police of some godforsaken town called Forks. Even the name sounded lame. Dad picked it out as it was as far as it could be from Chicago. He thought the distance would do me good, keep me out of trouble. Guess trouble has its own way of finding me.

When I'd first seen her inside the train, she'd barely piqued my interest. A small, pretty brunette with a tight ass and small tits. Looked way too young. But when she started making eyes at every asshole who happened to look her way, I knew then that she was asking for it. Begging. And I hadn't had a woman for sometime, prison and my cockblocking father had seen to that. When I stood behind her, and caught a whiff of her wet pussy, I was a goner.

She made her way back to me, after checking us in some rundown inn. The balding, fat old man behind the desk probably assumed she was checking in alone.

"Last cabin to the left." I could hear the breathless moan under her words. I gave her my best smile.

Even before the door closed, her lips were on mine and my hand between her legs. I had my finger under her skirt, through the obscene cut of her leggings, digging deep into her pussy. She moaned, grinding herself into my hand. We fell into bed, our mouths never disengaging. Slow and sensual be damned. The girl was possessed, primal, almost bestial, begging to be fucked. To be taken like an animal. To be ridden hard, and fast. I didn't bother taking her clothes off completely. The clasp of my pants wouldn't come off, so she helped me, her fingers unsteady. Finally, she was able to pull my pants down and my cock sprang free, hard and standing proudly to attention. Her eyes flickered momentarily in surprise at my thick, tangled pubic hair and I almost laughed out loud. I probably shouldn't tell her only pansies shave in prison.

I tore at her leggings and tossed them onto the floor.

"Spread 'em, sweetheart."

She spread herself wide, as wide as she could go and I positioned myself against her pussy. I slid it in slowly and fuck if I didn't nearly cream on the spot. It had been too fucking long. No one touched my cock the entire time I was in prison, save for the puta Ernesta, who I thought was clean enough, and who screamed puñeta! puñeta! as she came. This girl, however, was so tight, like her pussy hadn't been used for a while. She's no virgin, that much I knew, but damn if she didn't feel like one.

"Ohgodohgodohgod...," she whimpered, nonstop, as I ploughed into her. I was hung, my cock a little on the large size, and it was a chore getting pussies ready for it. But the girl was so wet that I slid in smoothly, as deep as I could go in one, sure stroke.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh..." So good. Damn, who do I have to thank for my fucking luck? I pulled out, before sliding in again, picking up a little speed... I slid out, slap my cock against her clit. Her moans became high pitched mewing. "Like that, huh?"

I pulled her closer, slung her legs over my shoulders and rammed myself into her so hard my balls slapped against her ass.

She screamed her first orgasm. Ahhhhs and fucks, stifled inside the train, tore themselves from her mouth with a passion. I kept going. In. Out. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Her body shook, her words became incoherent and she writhed in pleasure, like a hyena possessed. So fucking sweet.

My cock filled her up completely, her pussy walls contracting at every thrust, stimulating every single nerve-ending. She moaned and screamed obscenities at me, and I grunted and groaned back, loving her for that moment, loving the pleasure she was giving me with abandon. The feeling of freedom, of anonymity, of being primal, of having a wild fuck with a wild girl.

I pulled her up, suspended her on air until my cock was almost all the way out, (she was a light little thing) and pushed her down on me. Rough, hard. Again and again. At one point my cock slipped out of her pussy, making a wet, sloppy noise. She reached down between my legs, grabbed at it greedily and put it in again.

"Don't stop. Don't stop. Don't fucking stop. Don't stop fucking."

I didn't. I dropped her to the bed, her head lolling and pulled her tight against my crotch. She crossed her legs across my ass, pulling me even deeper. Goddammit. Impatient little bitch. I fucked her faster, harder than I'd ever fucked anyone before. Even the putas in prison didn't warrant this abuse, this bestiality. Each ram earned a scream. Each scream, a fuck. She pushed herself up, impatient that I wasn't cumming yet. She bit my neck, I squeezed her ass. She tugged on my earlobes with her teeth, her nails digging painfully into my shoulders. Then...she scratched my back. Deep, drawing blood.

"FUCK!" My entire world dissolved into her slick, tight pussy.

My hips gave way and I collapsed into her, burying my face in her neck. I was about to cum, I was cumming. I thrust like a madman, ungraceful and uncoordinated. She lifted her hips up, taking my cock deepdeepdeep inside her, our crotches pressed against each other skin-to-skin. She contracted her vagina muscles, squeezed and..

"FUCK!" Stars danced across my eyes and I grabbed her hips so hard I knew she was going to have bruises in the morning. Fuck if I didn't come so much, so hard. Spasms wracked me as hot spurts, hot streams of ropey, white cum streamed from my cock, filling her pussy.

I wanted to shout puñeta as Ernesta would have done. Puñeta. Puñeta. Fuck, fuck, fuck. It was so good. So fucking good.

I held on, as long as I could, savoring the feeling of her pussy caressing my cock as she rode out her own orgasm. I slid it out before I could crush her flat on the bed and lay down beside her, speechless. She was sprawled on her back and staring up at the ceiling, glassy-eyed. She was still fully clothed from the waist up. Below, though, was another story. She was wet and slick between her legs, her pussy abused and purple-pinkish. My cum, mixed with her juices, soaked the cheap, cotton sheet underneath. I was still wearing my shirt, missing only my pants and underwear. Her shirt somehow came open, and her breasts were poking through, her nipples hard. Her legs were still shaking, as were mine. We were both panting, out of breath.

Fuck if she wasn't the most fantastic fuck of the century. Fuck if her pussy wasn't the tightest pussy I'd ever fucked my entire fucking life. I wanted to fuck her from behind, I wanted to fuck her ass, her mouth, every open orifice. Standing up, spread eagled, upside down on the stained brown sofa. After I eat her. Jesusfuckingchrist. The thought of eating her sweet, young pussy was enough to enliven my limp cock.

She turned to me and gave me a wide smile. "Wanna take a shower?"


I'd never been this horny, so in need that I'd throw everything, caution, propriety, everything, to the wind, and let myself be taken in a cheap motel by a stranger I picked up on a train. But damn if he wasn't worth every fucking second of my lost sanity. He'd been so willing, crazed even, and it made me feel powerful, knowing someone could want me that much.

I, Isabella Fucking Swan, made a stranger cum so hard he nearly collapsed.

I looked at him and gave him a grin. "Wanna take a shower?"

He grinned back, fatigue be damned. He stood up, pulling me with him into the bathroom.

The warm water splashed against me, soothing my abused muscles a little. It didn't take long to have his hands on me, like he couldn't help himself. He grabbed the inn's small soap in his large hands and started caressing my breast with it.

"Mmmmm, that feels good," I murmured.

He soaped his own chest and pulled me closer. He started going up and down my body, the soap slick and wet. He stroked my pussy with the soap and lathered up a thick creamy foam and I couldn't help but moan, horny little whore that I am. Fuck if it didn't feel so good.

As I was savoring the sensation, he stopped and gave me the soap, ordering me to soap his entire body. I obeyed him like a child and started stroking him, staying long on his rapidly hardening cock, partly in fascination (how the fuck did he get that thing inside me) and partly making sure it was cleaned thoroughly. I was sure he was going to ask for a blow job. He was a man, wasn't he? He turned the shower on full blast, rinsing us both. He started licking my neck, his warm tongue dragging long and hard on my skin. I was wet again before I even had the chance to catch my breath. I moaned, egging him on, and he pushed me against the wall and sucked on a nipple. Hard. I bit back a scream. It hurt so fucking good. Then he went lower and attacked, yes, attacked my pussy. There was no other word for it. Teeth, lips, tongue. Sucking, biting, licking. He threw my right leg over his shoulder and shiiiiiiiiiit. I came right away. He sucked harder. On and on until I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't breath, I was barely standing. I pulled on his head and told him to stop.

"My turn," I said.

He stood up, took his cock in his hand and pointed it at me.

"Suck it, sweetheart."

I obediently knelt before him, intent on giving him the blowjob of his life. A good deed shouldn't go unrewarded, I decided, and boy, did he fucking love his prize. He moaned, and grunted, hissed and baby-ed me several times. I licked his balls, fingered his ass, ran my tongue on the spot where the sun didn't shine. It was impossible for me to take the entire length of his cock into my mouth so I lollipop licked him. Up and down his shaft. He was cut, making it easier for me to swirl my tongue on the head. After several minutes of sucking and licking, he asked me to stand and bend towards the shower. Without warning, he plunged his big, hard cock into me. I screamed. He liked it. He started thrusting, his thighs making loud slapping sounds against my ass. I could hear his cock slide in and out, my pussy making slurping noises at his thrusts. I loved it. I fucking loved it. It didn't take me long to cum again. He followed soon after.

We spent the rest of the shower stroking, petting, kissing each other lazily until the water ran cold and we had to get out of the bathroom. We went to bed naked and soon fell asleep, completely spent.

I woke up, a few hours before dawn and found the stranger still sleeping. I dressed quietly and prepared to check out, my bravado and sense of adventure leaving me completely. I didn't want him to wake, too scared he'd ask for my number or my name. I didn't want to know his. I crept out of the room and closed the door quietly.

I gave the manager another day's pay for the room just in case he needed it. I'd been tempted to leave money on the dresser, he seemed to need some help, but didn't want him to think I was paying him.

I got on the first train to Tacoma, keeping my eyes down and staying as far away from people as possible. I'd drop by my dorm, see Rosalie, and maybe go home to Forks for a few days. Hibernate. I needed it, after that surreal adventure.

I'd satisfied a craving, a curiosity. I'd had a fantasy fulfilled and it was good. So good I didn't think anything or anyone could ever top it.

But for all its worth, I didn't think I was going to repeat the experience. Once is enough.

I didn't know how wrong I'd be.