For Whispered Touches, happy birthday!


when he left

(so angrily)

you s c r e a m e d his name

but the cold and the wind

stole your words

.&&. he didn't even

look back


you might as well

t e a r

your heart out

because that's how it feels

because he's gone

because you don't have a clue

(not one damn clue)

where he is tonight

.&&. so you w i s h upon a star


come home to me

sit beside me

take my hand


but he doesn't come


you'll n e v e r know

where he is

.&&. when the stars come out

you scream

because they won't bring him back


your heart still


the same time as his

your fingers still


for the spaces between his

.&&. when those tiny

p. i. n. p. r. i. c. k. s.

of light

appear in the sky

it's impossible to breathe

(at all)

.&&. you feel like you're