"Rose, I need your help again!" The timelord called across the TARDIS console room, hoping to catch the ears of the human.

"Doctor," The man sighed, he knew the tone she was using. She meant business, "I already taught you everything you need to know, what more could you possibly need?"

Her footsteps grew louder as she appeared in the doorway, holding a toothbrush in her hand. "I'm trying to get ready for bed!" Her eyes pierced his, but they both knew that she wasn't really angry.

"I can't figure out how to add a comma…" The timelord's voice trailed off at the end, as if he was afraid to say what he needed.

She sighed, but walked over to him. "You have to click this button, and then choose it from the list." Her fingertips glided over his as she showed him what to do. The touch, even though small, sent shivers up the doctor's spine.

"Thank you. I suppose you can go back to getting ready again." He smirked and looked back up at her, only to see her rolling her eyes. "Sorry."

"No worries. I'll see you tomorrow." Her footsteps faded away down the hall.


Before Rose Tyler got into bed that night, her cell phone went off.

She saw who had sent it, and smiled. Her hands slid the screen up to open the message. It read:

From: The doctor

Goodnight Rose, sweet dreams.