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Chapter 1

This was the time of day I wished I could sleep. High school. This was my own personal hell. After 109 years life can be repetitive, especially when you have no one to share it with. I didn't begrudge my family for all finding love except me. I was happy they found each other. But sometimes its hard living with 3 couples, who were destined for one another. Who would risk their very essence of life to save the other from any type of misery. Not that I wouldn't do that for them and they in return for me, but it was a different type of love. They were my brothers, sisters and even parents in a way. Obviously not my biological family, but my family still the same.

I had two brothers Emmett and Jasper and two sisters Rosalie and Alice. My parents, for all intensive purposes, were Esme and Carlisle. Carlisle was a doctor at the local hospital. He found me in 1918 dying of the Spanish influenza. I suppose you could say he saved me but I wouldn't call this life. I never resented what we were, well not as much as Rosalie. She hated what Carlisle had done to her, even though it brought her to Emmett, her mate. Jasper and Alice joined the family later. Jasper was older than I but he had a different upbringing and his mate Alice, my best friend, had no recollection of her human life. I know it upset her greatly even if she never admitted it.

So here I am, another day at Forks High School in Washington. Pretending to be an adopted 17 year old. The whole school was in up roar because a new student would be joining us today. Isabella swan. The chief of police's daughter. I hadn't seen her myself yet but I saw her in the minds of others. She seemed like every other ordinary girl, she was just a novelty. The minds of all the silly high school girls were plotting ways to become her friend and the boys mind were less than honourable. They had all imagined themselves in situations with her that showed they didn't know how to treat a lady.

I made my way to biology class, Mr Varner our teacher, if you can call him that, I could teach him more than he could ever teach me, was setting up lab partners today. Looks like I would be working on my own again. No one voluntarily got near any of my family because their sense of survival always kicked in. We screamed dangerous, even if they didn't consciously know why.

I sat down in my usual place and looked out the window composing a new piano piece in my mind. Suddenly I was hit with the most beautiful scent. I snapped my head up to see the new girl, as everyone called her, walk in to the small enclosed room. Her scent hit me feeling like someone punching me in the stomach. I let out a gasp of air as she handed a note to Mr Varner and he pointed to the only empty seat next to me. Poor girl. The strange thing was, as alluring as the scent was, it didn't make me thirsty in any way. It just smelt divine. Nothing in the world has ever smelt as good as this, not even the finest perfume. I imagined what she would taste like but quickly cleared those dangerous thoughts.

I couldn't tear my eyes away from the clearly shy timid girl walking towards me with her eyes to the floor. She was wearing dark tight jeans that sculpted her amazing thighs and her tight tank top showing off her shapely hourglass figure. It clung to the swell of her breasts perfectly and I quickly averted my eyes before she caught me leering at her. Just before she got to the desk we would share, she stumbled straight in to her chair. I heard the children giggle around her just before she turned a brilliant shade of red. It didn't evoke any dangerous thoughts in me like it should have. As practised as I am human blood still calls to me, no matter how long I go without it. Its what I am.

I still hadn't torn my eyes away from this delicate creature perched to my side. She kept her eyes down at the desk and let her hair fall, creating a curtain between us. Most humans glance at us out of curiosity, with our inhuman looks and all our seductive weaponry to make us attractive to our prey, but she just kept her head straight. She was either very shy or very rude. I was curious as to what was going through this peculiar humans head and at that moment I knew something was wrong.

I had been so caught up scent, I had failed to hear her thoughts. I tried to listen closer and concentrate, not that I ever had to do this before, but there was nothing. I looked around the room and all the other children's thoughts were bombarding me, Isabella swan being the popular choice of subject. I looked back at her as she leaned in to her chair. I saw her eyes flicker to mine so quickly if I were human, I would have missed it. Why couldn't I hear anything from her? The was total silence surrounding her. Was there something wrong with her? Or was it me? No I have never had difficulties before it must be her. I shifted closer in case it was a problem of proximity but just as I shuffled in my chair, her eyes flew to mine. The most beautiful deep brown eyes bored in to mine until a blush crept up on her cheeks and she quickly looked away, tucking her long mahogany locks behind her left ear.

The word was out of my mouth before I had realised I had uttered it, "hello". I used my quiet voice I used when I wanted to make humans more comfortable, I tried to smile without exposing any teeth, nothing more intimidating than razor sharp teeth. "I'm Edward Cullen, you must be Bella swan."She whipped her head round in my direction, her exquisite brown eyes wide with shock. I didn't understand her reaction, I had been pleasant hadn't I?

"H-h-how do you know my name? " She stuttered.

A light chuckle rose within me, did she not know she had been the centre of attention in this dull lifeless town? " I think every one knows who you are..."

"No I mean, why did you call me Bella?"

"Do you prefer Isabella?" I was puzzled because I had heard her correct everyone today when they called her Isabella, she showed her disgust for it. She leaned her head slightly to one side. She had a look on her face was torn between confusion and embarrassment, as she answered

"No I like Bella, its just I think Charlie, my dad, must be going around calling me Isabella because that's what everyone seems to know me as".

I furrowed my eyebrows as I realised my mistake. If I hadn't been listening in to others thoughts, I wouldn't have known that. I would have called her Isabella like everyone else.

"Oh" I said. Oh? Well that was a well thought out answer. She must think I'm an idiot. Hang on, why did I care? I didn't care, why would I care what anyone else thought of me. The Cullen's are freaks remember? But I didn't want her to think I was a freak. She didn't shy away from me like most humans, but she wasn't throwing herself at me either like most females did which was refreshing. Well it should have been refreshing, but instead it felt like it bothered me a bit. Bella seemed a nice girl, maybe we could be friends. Friends? Have I gone insane? I am a vampire I cant be friends with a human, I could hurt her. While my thoughts had been assaulting me I hadn't realise she was still staring at me. I smiled my crooked grin at her and decided to find out more about her.

"Its too bad about the snow isn't it?"

She smirked and replied "not really".

Well that wasn't the answer I was expecting, but then I thought back to what I had heard about her. She was from phoenix, the dry hot weather there was very different from here.

"You don't like the cold." It came out more as a statement.

"Or the wet" she agreed.

"Forks must be a difficult place for you to live."

"You have no idea" she said under her breath.

I don't think I was suppose to hear that. I tried again to decipher what she was thinking, but there was nothing. It was like she wasn't even there. Every second that went past made me more and more curious about this strange new girl. I needed more information if I was going to get inside this girls head, well that's how I justified my nosiness any-ways.

"Why did you come here then?" That sounded a lot harsher than I meant it to...

"Its complicated" she replied. She never gives the answers I expected, my curiosity got the better of me.

"I think I can keep up" trying to get her to reveal more. Perhaps common courtesy would be enough to keep her answering my questions, as long as I was rude enough to ask them.

"My mother got re-married" I suddenly felt sympathy for the girl,

"I'm sorry, you don't like the guy?"

"No Phil's great, a little young maybe" she smirked.

"so why didn't you stay with them?"

"Phil travels a lot, he plays ball for a living" she grinned and I couldn't help but smile in return. It was like her smile was infectious, I wanted to be apart of whatever her secret joke was. "He doesn't play well" she continued "just minor league".

"So your mother sent you here, so she could travel with him?" I immediately knew I had said the wrong thing, but I don't know what that was. Her shoulders straightened and her posture became stiff, she looked angry like a kitten who thought it was a tiger.

"I sent myself" she retorted back. I didn't expect her to be so defensive. I began to apologise immediately, I didn't want to upset this wonderful creature.

"I'm sorry, I just thought... I don't understand" I sighed. There was no making sense of the girl. Maybe her closed thoughts and intoxicating perfume were not the only different things about her.

"She stayed with me at first, but she missed him, it made her unhappy so I thought I should spend some quality time with my dad for a change."

"But now your unhappy,"

"and?" She snapped back.

I finally felt like I was seeing the real Bella. She was selfless and kind.

"That doesn't seem fair" I added softly.

"Hasn't anyone ever told you life isn't fair."

"I think I have heard that before" I muttered. "You put on a good show, you know. I think it causes you more pain than you let on". Silence. "Am I wrong?" I said with a smirk. More silence. "Didn't think so" I laughed.

"What does it matter to you?" She hissed at me.

"I don't know" and I truthfully didn't. Why was this girl getting to me so much. We didn't talk to humans ever and now I'm trying to force a girl to tell me her life story. She brought out strange reactions in me.

The rest of the lesson was spent listening to Mr Varner give a lecture on phases of mitosis, not that I paid much attention. I was caught up in every little thing Bella was doing. The way she bit her lip or twirled her hair in her fingers, or the blush that would make an appearance every time she looked my way. When the end of day bell went I swiftly got up to exit the room. When I got to the door, I absent-mindedly turned to look over my shoulder, Bella was struggling with her books, I stifled back a chuckle and made my way back over. I suddenly felt very nervous, my hand made its way in to my hair, pulling at the messy strands.

"Bella?" Her head snapped up toward me and her eyes went wide. " Can I help you with those? To your car?" I shifted nervously when she didn't answer, until I looked up at her.

"Err yer... um sure" she stuttered and then stumbled down the aisle past me towards the door. My eyes dropped to her gorgeous sculpted backside, but quickly realised how ungentlemanly I was being, I spun around and caught up to her. "Let me carry those, please."

"Its fine, i-i-its not far."

"Humour me" I said, as I grabbed her books and made my way down the hall. "Tell me about your mother?" A small smile suddenly graced her face, lighting it up.

"She looks a lot like me, but she's prettier." My eyebrows shot up at this statement. How anyone could be prettier than her seems impossible. "I have a lot of Charlie in me, she's more outgoing than I am, and braver. She's irresponsible and slightly eccentric, and she's a very unpredictable cook. She's my best friend." She looked sad as she remembered her mother and I felt the strange need to comfort her.

"How old are you Bella?"

"Seventeen" she said.

"You don't seem seventeen." A small giggle escaped her lips. My eyes subtly watched how her breasts jumped up and down with her laughter. "What?" I asked full of curiosity, while discreetly adjusting my now, very tight pants.

"My mum always says I was born thirty-five and I get more middle aged every year. Well someone has to be the adult". Ah now it made sense, she always looked after her mother, it was a backwards relationship. She was mature because she had to be, because her mother wasn't. "You don't seem like a junior yourself you know?" I instantly stiffened. I should haver been prepared for her asking about me. What was I to tell her? I knew I had to change the subject quickly.

"So why did your mother marry Phil?"

"My mothers very young for her age, I think Phil makes her feel even younger. At any rate she's crazy about him."

"Do you approve?"

"Does it matter? she retorted. "I want her to be happy, he is who she wants..." Interesting if she would extend the same courtesy to her selfless daughter.

"Do you think she would do the same for you? No matter who your choice was?"

"Yes, although she is the parent so things are a little different" she smiled. Her smile was truly infectious and I couldn't help myself as a grin spread over my face.

"So no one too scary" we laughed. "Do you think I could be too scary?"

"I think you could be, if you wanted." The smile immediately dropped from my face. Was she afraid of me? I hope not.

"Are you frightened now?" Her face looked puzzled at my question.

"Of course not, why would I be?" What could I say? Well Bella, I am actually a 109 year old vampire who lives with his vampire family, hey fancy going out some time? Hang on, where did that come from? Fancy going out? I didn't date anyone, let alone humans and now i'm contemplating places to take her? This human brought out emotions in me that I haven't felt in decades, emotions I don't even remember feelings when I was human. Maybe we could hang out as friends. I had only known this girl for an hour and I already found the idea of walking away impossible. We had now reached her very old, big, rusty truck and I knew my time with Bella was up.

"Hey Bella, um... what are um... I mean.. have you any plans this weekend?" I couldn't believe I had said the words. I had just asked out a human. My family is going to be pissed. But right at this moment, all I cared about was hearing Bella's answer. The shock on her face was evident. I'm sure my face mirrored hers.

"Err.. n-n-no I don't, I mean I don't really know anyone yet, apart from Charlie, um I mean my dad." she couldn't have been very close to him because she kept calling him by his first name. Its like she knew him as a random person, not as her father.

"Would you like to meet up sometime?" As each word passed through my lips, I was becoming more nervous and fidgety. Tugging at my bronze strands, a mannerism I had mastered when I was human, I done it whenever I was stressed or nervous. No sorry not nervous, terrified would be the right word. I was so scared she was going to say no but at the same time, I was terrified she was going to say yes. How would I act? Would I tell her the truth about me? No I couldn't it would scare her away. A frown graced my face as I realised if she didn't no who I truly was, then she wouldn't be in a relationship with the real me. I would be lying to her and she would fall for the fake me, a guy who didn't exist.

"Err s-s-sure I would love to" she stuttered. I snapped my head up in response and big grin spreading across my face. I couldn't believe it, she had said yes to me! I felt so happy I could scream in a very unmanly fashion.

"Great!" I practically shouted, well that's embarrassing, if I could blush I would resemble a beetroot right now. "Um Saturday? Is that OK? We could catch a movie or something? Or dinner, I don't mind whatever you would like." I was rambling like an idiot and I knew it. And by the smirk on her face, she knew it to. Shit.

"Movie sounds good" she smiled.

"Great I'll err... pick you up around seven?" Crimson flushed her cheeks as she nodded shyly. I couldn't wipe the huge grin that was plastered on my face, I haven't felt this happy since... I cant remember. "It was nice meeting you Bella, see you soon?" It came out as more of a question.

"Yer course" she muttered looking down, as she shuffled her feet. "Bye Bella."

"Bye Edward." I turned and walked away, reflexively looking over my shoulder as I walked away towards my car. She had her eyes closed with a big smile on her face. As I reached my precious silver Volvo, where Alice was waiting, she smiled at me knowingly.

"We will discuss this later Edward" she thought.

Of course Alice knew, she would have seen it. When I was with Bella I forgot anyone else even existed. I looked down with an embarrassed smile appearing. The rest of my family then appeared looking at me curiously, wondering why I looked so happy. But before they could utter a word Alice let out a large gasp and a vision shot through her mind. I read it perfectly in her head. Before I knew it, I screamed at Alice.