"Miranda, we may have a problem."

"What is it now, Wilson?" snapped the Cerberus Operative, Miranda Lawson. The Illusive Man was being to try and pry information out of her about the progress of Project Lazarus wasn't helping her keep in a good mood. They were rushing to meet their deadline and they were getting careless, a simple mistake this late in the Project could be disastrous.

"It's Shepard." replied Wilson, looking over his computer terminal, "Some thing's wrong."

"What do you mean something is wrong?" again snapped Miranda, Wilson knew she could be a bit of a spoiled bitch but all this yelling was starting to rub him the wrong way.

"Something doesn't sink up. I'm not sure what." replied Wilson, trying to find what may be the culprit for the odd readings he was getting.

"Is this going to be an obvious mistake?" asked Miranda, trying to think positively.

"I don't know. It could be anything." said Wilson, "Could be colorblindness. Could be an extra toe. I won't know for sure until the process is complete."

"If I lose my job over this it will be your head, Wilson." growled Miranda before stalking out of the room.

"Bitch." muttered Wilson, looking over his schematics for the thousandth time.

This was it. Time to find out if Project Lazarus was a success. If not, well…let's just say their wouldn't be any second chances. As Wilson removed the commander from the medical equipment he instantly realized the glitch in the software. This wasn't going to be a simple mistake to cover up. Hopefully, Miranda wouldn't arrive until he had sufficient time to get himself out of the range of her sidearm.

"Wilson? Is the commander ready yet?" asked Miranda, strolling into the Med Bay.

No dice.

"Uh…" started Wilson, covering the commander with a blanket.

"What is it Wilson? Is the Project a success or not?" snapped Miranda, taking her own peak under the blanket, "Oh my god… How are we supposed to cover THIS up!"

Alarms. Screaming people. Sporadic gunfire. Yep, it was a usual day at the office for Commander John Shepard, the first Human Spectre and hero of the Citadel. He opened his eyes to the burning light of fluorescent lights, yep, it was a Med Bay. That meant he was alive? But he'd been thrown into deep space with a ruptured suit. A strange voice telling him to grab a weapon and armor from the locker on the other side of the room? Yep, he was officially on the clock again. Back to work. He slide himself over the side of the table and jogged over to the locker, the doors swung open to reveal a handgun and his suit. He quickly peeled off his T-Shirt and realized that a few pieces of his anatomy were a bit different.

He had boobs.

A quick peak down his trousers revealed that he had another piece of anatomy that wasn't his. It was official, he was a woman.

"What the fuc-"