"Joker, you listening to me?"

"Wha-?" asked Joker, Shepard dragging him back into the present with his/her question.

"Exactly," Shepard replied, "You were oogling me."

"No I wasn't," Joker shot back, taking another quick peek just for good luck.

Shepard laughed, "Do you even know what we were talking about or were you too busy staring at my boobs to listen?"

"Something about how you, something - boobs. Alright, I got nothing."

Shepard laughed again, "And here I thought I was the womanizer back in the day!"

"You were," Joker replied grimly, "Doesn't mean I didn't look.."

"Alright, enough about me. It's been two years, Joker, did I miss anything important other then your joining Cerberus?" Shepard asked jokingly, delievering a soft punch to the large emblem that adorned Joker's tee-shirt.

"No, nothing major's really happened for everyone's favorite cripple," Joker said, taking a swig from his drink.

"What about you and the Yeoman, you had your eyes on her almost as much as you had 'em on me."

"What, Kelly? Their's absolutely nothing going on there, at all. None, nothing, nadda," Joker replied.

"You seem oddly defensive about this..."

"I'm not defensive okay! Just get off my back about it!" Joker snapped, downing his drink in one gulp before slamming it down on the table.

"Alright, alright. Don't worry about it, sorry I even asked," Checking his/her watch, Shepard added, "Hurph, looks like it's time to head back to the ship. Mordin Solus isn't going to recruit himself."

"Are you sure the ship needs one more nutjob onboard? I mean we've already got Miranda, and I know how you feel about taking her on missions. Especially after the 'incident'." Joker asked, hobbling along after the Commander, working doubly hard to keep up with her longer strides.

"That's exactly the reason I'm recruiting him, I always take a team of two. Plus, the Illusive Man ensures me that we absolutely need this Salarian scientist or the whole thing goes out the window." Shepard replied, "That and this Archangel fellow can probably hold his own for one more day without my assistance."

"If you say so," Joker replied.

They continued silently until the Commander spoke again, "Joker?"

"Yes, Commander?"

"Did you just grab my ass?"

"And what would happen if I was to say yes?"

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