Goose-chan: Were bak :D

Bree: Yus. We arr bak and we hav the bestsest stori evr fore u guis to reed bcuz where su kewl an stff.

Goose-chan: this stry iz mad an dedicatd to Llama-chan, who uzed to b AmutoLuver1. Lotta peeple luvd ur storis.

Bree: Yah, pluis yu war funni. Nune of yur storis were bad, thei were al asum compeard tu ths one.

Goose-Chan: even if ths is the bst stori evr.

Bree: yeh tottly

Goose-cHan: yuh, yuh

Berr: we r bry awesm cuz we ar so cewl

Guus-chan: yah ttly. we own nothng

Bree: rembmr to reviw dis cuz its ttly asum :DD

Gooz-chan: yeah, remember to reviwe cuz dis is tottly awsum

Bree: yuh awesum


"Ring a ling long ding~!" ranged teh skewl bell signing that clas was ubout too start.

"Okai klass!" we havs a new studnt tuday" sayd Nikkaidu the clas's teachure.

"mOg! Really?" sqeeld Kukai Suma the smartestest student evar. He really lykd unikorns and fairys and lovd the kulur pink. Bekiz it wad fluffy.

"Just shat up!" Kairy told him off. Becaz he was the most popularest guy who word branded cloez cuz he was so kewl. But he was a prep su unli prep gurlz lykd him.

"Yuu guis arr so irritaitable" saidde Taduse Hottoir in a goffic voice. Becauz he was very gothc and dpprsd. All the emo gurlz lykd him cauz he was goth ic and dyd his hayr depressed color like blood red and blood black cause he was so ultra kewlio.

"EFF EM ELL!" whynd Yaaya cause she feltd fat. "I AMD FAT!" D: she grund cause she ate a chocolat chyp. (reviwe cuz Yaay juzt ait chuklat!1!11)

"Hahaha. Why'd you eat it then, silly billy bunny face?" askd Rima Mashro the cutestd gurl.

"Wateva. Mebe shell beh welling to grafeetee a kar or sumtin wif me" sayed Nageheko Fujeosako, hu waz a gangstre and nubudy lieked him cuz teyh wur all sacred off him.

"Ohhh. I hup shel'l be pertyer then mi, b'cuz I'm 2 prette!1!" crayed Amoo Himamori. She was rlly deprressd caus she was rrle prty nd al he boyz luvd hre and wantde har 2 hav there baybyes.

" Oky, Opla, u can com in nao" seded Nekaidou.

A rlly prety grl wif grene blu hayr daon 2 hre ancklez an brite prple eys wakked intu the rum. She wuz wearing nee lenthg blak butts with blac fishnets underneeth nd her skurt wuz torn bot nutt enuf that u cold c her balk undrware. (reviwe cuz Oplaa is so asum!11!)

"Kokneechehwa, my nayme is Opal Mitsuki Tara Raven Mary Sue Himanori, but I hayt the namy Mayr Su so iff yu kall meh that I'l kell u nd I can doo that cause I have thrten karas nd can tranfurm wif al of dem. I'm nut biplor ur anethin butt thirtne iz a kool numbre n dats y I hav mthe." te grill sayd, but onleh the gourdians cud here the prat abut te h chars bcayse Olap haz a speshil pwer dat only letts pple with chairs heer rhe wen shee takks abo t them.

"O, nd iff u havnt nutissed mai hayer iz like a gerneish blew nd dats calded opla un thatz hoe I gawt mi nayum. Kinda l iek hwo Ebory got t'eh naym Enoby frum her eboby colred hair. Nut that ane off u pple no whu I'm talking abut, bcuz ur nott kowl enuf to no aboutt My Immotrel!21!" she scremaded rageley. (Rview bcz Opel can kell yuu cuz ur nut revwin ths asum stuf!1)

"OMggG! Opel-shamaa!"' ' teh fanbois calld. also fangrls cuz she was so hawt nd grls cud bee lezz fur hre.


Bere: Yu guis likd it rit?

Guuze-chn: Off coarse tey deed!1 cuz thiz is suu asum an cz we re suu kewlio

Bree: of cuars silly me

Goosee-Chaan: hahahaha silly bRee

Bree: did yo guiss fin teh hiddn mssags?1 cuz we pstd yuu shuld reviwe :D

Guze-chen: duh, thy rnt duum or nyting! thy red uor usum stry dind tdy?

Bree: o yah!

Guuz-chen: we will updat cuz we r asum an cuz u ar prbl yy gun a luv ths storyy!