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"Ish dat teh embuyro?12?" Naggehkoi screemnded wif her awrms arund Apple.

"Hrry! Geddit, Aplo-seme!" Yayo cryed owt bcuz evry1 else new dat unly Opla wuz owsum enuff to get the urmbreyo.

Bat Olap waz awlredy on hre way 2 the Umbreon. Shee uzed hre uber-aweasome pwersd 2 leep rly hi in teh ayer, but jawst ass she wuz abut to grabb et... Anuthre haynd gnawked hurs awai!

Opla falled bak 2 teh grownd, makkingf shur dat hre skurt fliped sexily 3 giv Nadehikoa panti-shoat. (A/N: REVIAWWE 2 GEEV NAAGI ANUTHR PANNTIE SHOOT!). Evurehbuddy wattchde as teh uthr peerson landd a fyew feat in frunt off dem...

"Lennofer!" Opala gaspdeded.

Teh smexi boi in frunt awff dem lukkd att thum.

"Yus, Poplar... et ish I, Lennfor... chur ulder twin brudda!"

"Nooop!" Opla say, I thut u wer ded!2 thats wut my mom alweys told me! an she sed my dad hatd us so he left us after raping us und stuf! (OMFG DON'T U Fill BAD FOR OPLA? REVIW AND TEL HER HO BAD U FEEL!)


"WAT?" she cryd all depressd and sexy... OH Y DIDN'T KAMI-SAMA MAK HER LESS SEXY?

"yah- ur adobptd! they nver told you- but our real parntz were royalty! they kidnapd u and i and our parntz wer sad and then they lookd for us but nvr foun dus! so thn they wer killed and stuff- and wer' the last surving heirs! onle our adoptif parnts trid to kill me so u could tak the trone and then thyd be famus.!1"

"oh no!"

"But dars moar," Lenflower addesd, wakking dtowards Ople and grabbing hre hadnds wif hjis hands. "Oples, mi bloved imouto, I... I larve chew!"

"Wayt, wut?": Nagy sad. i thut u wer siplings!

"we r but nothin can stop love! not eben blodd relatiuns!"

"But... ... ... I LOV HER TO!212" nagi said and evryone gapsd!

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