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Sasuke sat up groggily. 'What happened?' he looked around to see that he was in a vast desert.

'Where the hell am I?' he thought, rubbing his head. It was then he noticed that instead of a hand, there was a wing rubbing his head.

"What the…?" He noticed his voice had become deeper, and more hollow, like when he would use the curse seal. He looked down at his body and found that he looked like a bird.

"Well, looks like I've got another meal!" He heard a voice shout, and was able to dodge in time, as a tentacle slammed into where he had been. He saw the owner of the tentacle, which appeared to be some type of squid. The only thing Sasuke thought was weird, other than his new form, and the fact that he was fighting a squid, was that there was a mask over where it's face would be. The squid sent another tentacle after him. Sasuke took to the sky, flying high over his opponent. His opponent sent more of it's tentacles after him. Sasuke dodged, then dove down upon his opponent. He dodged tentacles left and right as he got closer to his opponent. As soon as he got to the main body, he used his feet, er, talons, to rip his opponent's face off. The squid stopped moving, and fell to the ground with a thud. As Sasuke gazed upon the dead body, he felt an odd hunger. Without a thought as to what he was doing, he began to consume the squid. As soon as he had finished his meal, he heard another voice.

"Impressive, for a newborn hollow." Sasuke turned around to see a giant white snake talking to him. In fact, it reminded him of…

"Orochimaru" he said. The snake looked mildly surprised (if that's possible).

"Ah, Sasuke-kun, I almost didn't recognize you."

"How are you here? Itachi sealed you for all eternity." Sasuke replied, clearly surprised.

"I honestly don't know. I believe that when Itachi died, the seal transferred me here. It's just a theory, though." Orochimaru said.

"Whatever. You said I'm a hollow. What's a hollow?" Sasuke asked/demanded.

And so, Orochimaru told Sasuke where and what he was. He then explained why he ate the hollow that attacked him. At the end of the conversation, things took a turn for the worse.

"Now then, so sorry, Sasuke-kun, but as I've said, we must feed to evolve. GOODBYE!" Orochimaru charged at Sasuke, attempting to eat him. Sasuke had anticipated this, and simply flew over him.

"You couldn't take me when we were alive, what makes you think you can do it now?" he taunted, only for Orochimaru to hiss and head after him again, which Sasuke merely dodged again. Seeing this, Orochimaru began powering up a cero. Sasuke then dove for him, using his talons to rip a sizeable portion of Orochimaru's flesh off, interrupting the cero. Sasuke then turned towards Orochimaru's face, and sped towards him. Distracted, he didn't have time to react before Sasuke tore Orochimaru's face off. Seeing he was dead, Sasuke began to eat. After he had eaten all of Orochimaru, he spread his wings and took off, looking for his next opponent, his next meal.

'I could get used to this place…' he mused.


Naruto was having the time of his life, er, afterlife. He was currently sparring with the 3rd seat of 11th division, Ikkaku Madarame. Said man currently had a vicious grin on his face.

"You're better than I expected, Naruto!" Ikkaku shouted, charging again. Naruto only smirked, lifting the wood blade. Ikkaku swung down, only to be blocked by Naruto. Naruto parried, then swung for his midsection. Ikkaku blocked, then swung at Naruto with his wood sword. Naruto jumped back.

'He's good. It's like fighting Lee…' Naruto thought.

Naruto charged forward. He dodged Ikkaku's strike, and hit him in the chest with the pommel of his sword, pushing him back. He then swung quickly, hitting Ikkaku in the side.

"Impressive. You're improving faster than I thought you would." Ikkaku commented, relaxing his stance. Naruto did the same.

"Thanks." It had been a month since Naruto had arrived in the Seireitei. Since then, he spent most of his time either training with Ikkaku and Yumichika Ayasegawa, the 5th seat of 11th division, or at 4th division, either visiting Unohana or healing from some of the more lethal spars. Naruto had moved into the 11th division barracks as soon as he was assigned to it. He and Unohana had become fast friends. They saw each other frequently, as Naruto's training frequently sent him to 4th division. Naruto had finally gotten used to talking to Unohana. She still reminded him of Hinata, but it no longer made him depressed.

"How's the training going, Naruto?" Kenpachi asked, having just walked in.

"It's going well, Taicho." Naruto responds. He and Kenpachi had sparred only once, but that one time reminded Naruto of when he tried to fight Orochimaru when he was 12. Kenpachi was actually the first person to send him to 4th division for healing.

"Good. I wanna fight you when you're more powerful." Kenpachi said, grinning.

"Hey, Whiskers!" a pink blur jumped from behind Kenpachi and jumped on Naruto.

"Hey, Yachiru-chan." Naruto replied, looking at the Fukutaicho, "Can you get off of me now?"

Yachiru jumps off of Naruto's stomach and turns towards Ikkaku. "Heya, Baldy!" she shouts. Ikkaku's eye twitches.

"STOP CALLING ME THAT!" He shouts at her. Naruto laughs. 'Never a dull day at 11th division…' he mused.


Sasuke bit into another Gillian. He had turned into a Gillian not long ago. How long, he didn't know. It was impossible to tell time in this world. He had been devouring Gillians since he turned. His will had been dominant from the start. His mask had retained it's shape, but that was all that had remained. He now looked like a Gillian.

Sasuke looked up from his meal. There were many other Gillians around the area.

'More food…' he mused, before lunging towards the next Gillian, towards his next meal.


Naruto got out of bed. Ikkaku had been a little rough in their last training session, and Naruto was now here for healing his broken arms and ribs. As usual, Unohana was the one healing him. She was the only one aside from her Fukutaicho that was allowed to treat him for some reason. Naruto didn't really mind, as they always talked when she healed him.

"If you need this much healing for your training, how much are you going to need when they start giving you missions?" Unohana said as she finished healing his arms.

"Well, at least it means I get to see you." Naruto says, grinning. Unohana smiles.

"True. Take your top off." she replies, making him grin even more.

"So forward, Unohana-chan." He replies, making her blush. He takes off the top of his Shihakusho and she begins to heal his ribcage.

While she healed him, they talked about his training, how things were in her division, and other common small talk. They never spoke much about his "amnesia", or his memories of Hinata. She never pushed, and he was hesitant to talk about it. Naruto knew that he would eventually have to tell her, as he valued her friendship as much as he did Hinata's when he was alive. He knew by now that he felt something for Unohana, but he was reluctant to act on it. He still missed Hinata, and felt as if he would be cheating on her.

'Too soon.' he thought. He shook his head of those thoughts and looked at his Zanpakuto. He had, so far, been unable to use any of his shinobi abilities. He also had yet to learn the name of his Zanpakuto. It had only been a few months since his training began, so it's not like he didn't have time.

"All better." Unohana said. Naruto put his robes back on.

"Thanks, Unohana-chan." he says.

"Any time, Naruto-kun." she responds, smiling. Naruto grabbed his Zanpakuto and tucked it into his obi. He turned towards the door and saw Unohana staring at him.

"Something wrong, Unohana-chan?" he asked.

"I… no-nothing, Naruto-kun. See you later." she said, before quickly dashing out the door. Naruto sighed.

'Exactly like Hinata. What am I supposed to do now?' he thought, before he left for his division.


Sasuke was currently feasting on another of his kills. He had recently evolved into an Adjuchas. When he evolved, his form mostly returned to what it was before he evolved, but much bigger. His talons were sharper, his wings were larger, and he was stronger. He had been feasting on more and more hollows, as his hunger had grown along with his power.

After he finished his meal, he took to the sky, searching for more enemies. It had become his new purpose, kill, eat, grow stronger. He didn't bother to ask why, he simply wanted to get stronger. At any cost. He saw another group of Gillians.

'feeding time' he thought. He started charging a purple cero in his beak. When he was directly over them, he released the attack, disrupting the group. He then dove down, ripping the weaker hollows to shreds, while taking small bites at the same time. When they began to gather around him, he simply flew above them, fired another cero, and dove back down. They often tried to fire ceros of their own, but the ones that tried were either ripped into before they could fire, or were unable to hit him with them. Eventually, all were either consumed or destroyed. Sasuke could feel the power building within him.

'Not enough. I will be the STRONGEST!' he thought, taking to the sky.


Naruto was sitting in the center of a field in the Seireitei with his Zanpakuto laying sheathed in front of him. He was currently trying to speak to the part of him within it. It had been a year since he had died. He had gotten much better at Kendo than he was when he arrived. He had even gotten a bit of training from Unohana in healing Kido. Not anywhere near her level, but enough that he would be able to keep people alive until help arrived.

Speaking of Unohana, he and her had gotten closer. Naruto had noticed that Unohana had begun acting more and more like Hinata around him whenever he got close to her. Naruto wasn't an idiot. He knew Unohana felt something for him, and, if he was honest with himself, he felt something for her as well. He just couldn't stop thinking about Hinata. He knew she would want him to be happy, but he still felt it was too soon. He had promised himself that he would deal with it, but now he had to focus. He looked down at his Zanpakuto.

'What's your name?' he thought.

'come in and find out' he heard a voice say. He felt the same pull in the back of his mind like when he would talk to Kyuubi, so he surrendered to it.

Naruto opened his eyes to see a place that looked almost exactly like the Hokage monument. He saw a person sitting atop the Yondaime's head, so he jumped up to investigate. When he landed, he was shocked at what he saw.

Sitting on the monument was him. Or, at least, him when he was 17. He had the same blonde hair, same blue eyes, same customized Jonin outfit. It mostly looked the same as any other Jonin outfit, save for the colors. The undershirt and pants were pitch black in color, whereas the vest itself was a very dark orange, with a red spiral on the back. There were also kunai pouches on each leg.

"Hello, other me." the teenage Naruto greeted.

"Hello. I take it you're my Zanpakuto spirit?" Naruto asked.

"Nope. I am the manifestation of your power, not that of your sword. Your Zanpakuto has no power of its own. It merely locks up what power you had when you were alive." the teen Naruto replied, standing up.

"I see. Then how do I get my power back?"

"Well, once you learn my name, you'll always have access to a portion of our power, even when the Zanpakuto is sealed in its katana form." The young Naruto responded, "once you achieve Bankai, however, you will get all of our power, even the Hiraishin. You will, however, need to re-release the Bankai to get the power."

"Wow. Thanks for the explanation. But, none of that helps me if I can't even use a portion of your power. What is your name?" Naruto asks.

"Before I tell you, answer this: why do you want power? Why are you even here? You could have simply chosen to be sent Rukon district, and you wouldn't have had to fight. You could have finally relaxed. Why did you choose to fight?" his younger self asked. Naruto's eyes narrowed.

"You're me, right? Then you should already know my answer. I choose to fight because if I don't, who will? The Shinigami king himself said that my kind of power is rare. I can prevent others suffering if I live a life of battle. Sacrifice is the life of a Shinobi. That is the life I lead." the younger Naruto smiled. Not his trademark grin, but an actual smile.

"I figured that was what you would say, but I had to be sure. Make sure to use our power wisely. Listen well, my name is…"

Naruto opened his eyes to see he was back in the field. He saw Ikkaku approaching.

"Hey, Naruto! Ready for another round?" he said. Naruto stood up, grabbing his Zanpakuto.

"You have no idea." he lunged forward, quickly drawing his Zanpakuto. Ikkaku responded in kind. Their blades clashed.

"Someone's eager." Ikkaku commented with a devilish grin.

"I just feel really energized today!" Naruto replied, grinning as well.

They jumped back. Ikkaku dashed towards Naruto, swinging down towards Naruto's head. Rather than block it, Naruto sidestepped the attack and stabbed at Ikkaku's torso. Ikkaku parried the stab with his scabbard and swung his blade at Naruto's left side. Naruto used a quick Shunpo to get back.

"Retreating, Naruto?"

"No," Naruto said, before using a Shunpo to get behind Ikkaku, "just using my head." he then kicked Ikkaku in the back. Ikkaku pitched forward, not expecting the attack. He quickly recovered, though, flipping back up and swinging his Zanpakuto at Naruto. Naruto parried the attack, however, and stabbed at Ikkaku, grazing his left side. Ikkaku rolled away and stood up.

"You've REALLY improved." Ikkaku commented, applying the ointment he keeps in his blade to the wound.

"Thanks. Here's a tip, though. Release your Shikai. If you don't, you WILL lose." Naruto said, no longer grinning. Ikkaku saw the change, and stopped grinning as well.

"All right, then. Let's see what you can really do! Grow, Hozukimaru!" Ikkaku slammed the end of his Zanpakuto into the sheath. The two merged together, and in place of the two, there was a long naginata. Ikkaku spun it around once, before taking a stance with it.

"That's more like it. Now the fun begins." Naruto said, before vanishing. Ikkaku immediately stabbed behind him, forcing Naruto to block. Ikkaku immediately shifted his staff, attacking with the staff end of the naginata. Naruto jumped back, swinging down with his blade. Ikkaku deftly spun his staff, blocking the attack. He swung the bladed portion of his staff at Naruto's right side. Naruto blocked the weapon.

"Split, Hozukimaru!" the staff then broke into three sections, the section with the blade continuing the attack. Naruto dove back, receiving a cut across the cheek.

"Damn. Almost forgot about that. Well, looks like you're serious, so I guess I should get serious, too." Naruto flipped his sword into a reverse grip and held it even with his left shoulder, his left hand moving behind his right.

"Spiral, Arashi!" Naruto became surrounded with energy, so much he was no longer visible. Ikkaku could feel the power coming off of Naruto. When Naruto was visible, Ikkaku was surprised at what he saw.

Naruto's sword had shrunk down to a kunai knife, and Naruto was now wearing a dark orange vest with pitch black pants and undershirt. Naruto was also wearing a headband with a metal plate that had an odd shape carved into it. It looked like a spiral with the upper right part of the end of the spiral sticking outwards, and the lower left part had an arrowhead attached to it (Konoha's headband).

"So, you finally found out your Zanpakuto's name, huh? Well, then, let's see what it can do!" Ikkaku said, spinning his staff. Naruto smirked.

"Lets." he dove forward, attacking with a kick. Ikkaku blocked with his staff, and had to jump back to avoid having his arm cut off by Naruto. Naruto dashed forward again, aiming for a punch. Ikkaku dodged and swung the blade of his staff at him. Naruto blocked with his kunai, and performed a spinning backhand to Ikkaku's face, sending him back.

"That weapon brings out the best in you." Ikkaku says, rubbing his cheek. Naruto smirks.

"You have NO idea." suddenly, Naruto attacked Ikkaku on the left, swinging down with the kunai. Ikkaku blocked, then out of the corner of his eye, saw that Naruto hadn't moved from his spot.

'Afterimage?' he thought, pushing back the Naruto in front of him. The Naruto that wasn't attacking at the moment charged forward, and the two Naruto's began attacking Ikkaku. Ikkaku was having great difficulty fighting off two Narutos, as he and Naruto were nearly equal in one on one combat. Ikkaku was suddenly kicked in the stomach by one Naruto, then kicked in the head via roundhouse kick from the other, sending him to the ground a fair distance away. The two Narutos stopped and looked down at Ikkaku.

"You really have improved." Ikkaku said, standing up slowly, "so you can create clones, huh? Is that your Zanpakuto's power?" Ikkaku questions.

"Not exactly. It's one of it's powers. The others can be a bit… dangerous." Naruto explains, making Ikkaku's eyes widen.

"Damn, Naruto, you got a powerful Zanpakuto there!" Naruto grinned, dispelling his clone.

"Thanks. I'm just glad I finally know his name." Naruto replied, resealing his Zanpakuto. After he sealed it, he felt himself get a bit weaker, though not as weak as he felt before he released it. Sheathing his blade, he walked towards Ikkaku.

"You alright?"

"I'll be fine. I'm going back to our division. You coming?"

"Nah. I'll be back later." Naruto began to walk off.

"Say hi to Unohana-Taicho for me!" Ikkaku shouted, then laughed when he saw his friend's blush.

"Ass." Naruto says.

4th Division (Unohana's office)

"Unohana-Taicho, Naruto-kun is here to see you." Isane said, peeking her head around the door.

"Thank you, Isane. Send him in." Isane nodded, then disappeared behind the door. After a few seconds, Naruto walked in.

"Hey, Unohana-chan." Naruto said. Unohana smiled.

"Hello, Naruto-kun. Can I help you with something?"

"Not really. Just dropped by to tell you I managed to awaken my Shikai." Unohana's eyebrow rose.

"Really? After only a year? Impressive. Have you tested it yet?" she asked.

"A little. I sparred with Ikkaku after I awoke it. I kicked his ass." Naruto said, grinning at the last part. Unohana giggled.

"So what does it do?" she questioned.

"Well, for starters, I can make clones of myself. Not illusions, real ones. That was the power I used during Ikkaku's spar. Arashi told me that it has more powers than just that, but I guess I'll just have to keep practicing to know the limits of my power." Naruto explained.

"Wow. So how powerful do you think you are now?" Unohana asked.

"I can't tell exactly, as I don't know the full extent of my powers. If I had to give an answer, I'd say somewhere between Fukutaicho and Taicho level."

"Impressive. I can tell that you are stronger than before. Your reiatsu is much more potent than before." she comments. Naruto nods.

"Yeah." Naruto looked outside. "I better get back to 11th division before Yachiru-chan comes after me"

"Naruto-kun, wait." Unohana said.

"What is it, Unohana-chan?"

"I know you've noticed I've been acting different around you lately." Naruto nodded, thinking 'Here it comes'.

"Well, I've been acting different because…I… I like you, Naruto-kun."

"I like you too, Unohana-chan." he replied. 'You can do it, Unohana-chan.'

"No, I mean, I like you." she replied, blushing.

"Oh. I see. Well, Unohana-chan, since you've finally been able to confess yourself to me, I think it's time you knew who I really am." he said, making her look confused.

"What do you mean, Naruto-kun?" Unohana asked.

"I don't have amnesia, I never went to the Shinigami academy, and I'm not from here. When I died, the Shinigami king came to me. Offered me a new life, in a manner of speaking, here, as a Shinigami. He told me not to let anyone know about how I got my powers as a Shinigami, said he didn't want to compromise his identity. As for my Zanpakuto, it's a seal for the powers I wielded when I was alive. Right now, I could probably fight even level with a Taicho, at least until they use Bankai." he paused, looking at Unohana. "Still like me? After all, I lied to you, to everyone here."

"Wow." was all she said. Naruto waited. After all, it was a lot to take in. after a minute or so, she spoke again. "Why did he come to you?"

"He said that my kind of power is rare. That I had the potential to be great."

"Why are you telling me all of this?" she asked. Naruto sighed.

"Because I don't like to lie to people I care about. And I care about you a lot, Unohana-chan." he said, with a smile. Unohana smiled back.

"I forgive you for lying to me, Naruto-kun, so long as that's all you lied to me about."

"No, no, that's everything." he said quickly.

"Good. Now, I think that we should tell Yamamoto-Sotaicho about how you got your powers. He, along with myself and Jushiro-kun and Shunsui-san are the only ones who know more than most do about the Shinigami king. He'll understand why you had to lie." Naruto nodded.

"All right." he said, "Let's go see the old man, then." the two of them proceeded to head to Yamamoto's office.

1st Division (Yamamoto's office)

"That's quite a story, Naruto." Yamamoto said. Unohana and Naruto had arrived in Yamamoto's office not ten minutes ago, and explained everything regarding his situation, and why he covered it up.

"You're telling me." Naruto remarked.

"I understand, Naruto. The king's identity must be kept secret. People know he exists, but they don't know WHO he is. If word got out that you saw him, it wouldn't end well." Naruto nodded.

"So what happens now?" Naruto asked.

"Well, first, I think that you should be moved to 2nd division. From what you've told us, you were a ninja when you were alive. Training with our Onmitsukido should help you regain some of your lost strength, as well as teach you a bit about Kido. Given how strong you are, though, I recommend that you be given a seat. Would you object to becoming the 3rd seat of 2nd division?" Yamamoto questioned, making Naruto go wide-eyed.

"3rd seat?" Naruto asked. Yamamoto nodded. "Sure! Why not?"

"Good. I'll make the announcement tomorrow. For now, get some rest." Naruto nodded, as did Unohana, and they left his office. Naruto walked with Unohana back to 4th division.

"Is there any particular reason you walked with me here?" she asked Naruto.

"Actually, there is. You said you like me. Did you mean it?" Unohana nodded. "All right. I can honestly say that I feel the same way. But, right now, we can't be together. I still can't stop thinking about Hinata. All I'm asking is that you give me time." he says, looking Unohana in the eyes. She smiles.

"I'm willing to wait for you, Naruto-kun. I understand. You need time to let go of Hinata." she cups her hands around his face. "Just don't make me wait too long." she says, kissing him lightly. Naruto smiles.

"Of course, Unohana-chan."

"Retsu-chan." she said.

"Retsu-chan." he said, smiling. He headed back to 11th division to tell Ikkaku about his transfer. Unohana watched him leave.

"Naruto-kun…" she said, smiling, before she headed into her house.


Explosions riddled Hueco Mundo. Sasuke was currently fighting a very powerful Adjuchas in the form of a bull. Said bull was also currently rapidly firing cero after cero from its horns. Sasuke had no option but to continue dodging. As he was dodging, Sasuke began to charge his own cero.

"Try this. Cero!" Sasuke fired his purple cero, which impacted with the bull's own ceros. However, Sasuke's being charged, blasted through the bull's. The bull was sent reeling back from the blast, his front legs being ripped off. Sasuke immediately dove down and began to eat, after breaking the bull's mask with his talons.

"This is becoming too easy. I need to find more powerful Hollows." he said in between bites. After he finished the hollow, he felt power begin surging within him. At first, he merely passed it off as eating a more powerful hollow than normal. When he began to feel his body changing, however, he began to wonder if he was finally becoming a Vasto Lorde. His body began to shrink. He felt his talons shrinking. His wings began to move to his back. He felt like he was growing new appendages. He looked down and saw that he had grown arms. Eventually, the feeling stopped. He looked down to examine his new body. He was now roughly the height he was before he died, he guessed. He now had arms, though he had claws instead of fingers. He looked to his back and saw that his wings now sprouted out of his shoulder blades. He flexed them. 'Still work fine.'

"He examined the rest of his body. Most of it was still white, as most other hollows, though the breaks for joints were a deep purple in color. His mask had changed shape as well. The beak was now smaller, and hooked downward more. His hair had also returned, in the same shape as before he died (Post-Itachi hairstyle).

"Finally! I am a Vasto Lorde!" he said, laughing. He then looked around. "Let's see if I can find someone to test my new power on…" he said, before taking off, searching for his newest victim.

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