The Beginning

Mrs Coulter was in the large living room in 'Coulter Manor' she sat at the window seat which was a favourite spot of hers, for at dusk you could see the sun setting behind the mountains – which created a beautiful scene. She sighed slightly to herself as she stroked her Golden monkey Daemon wishing she could go out and see Asriel, for she had met up with him since the party a few nights ago where she'd snuck off with him after he'd seen her be secretly threatened by Edward for not doing as she was told and being 'lady like', Mrs Coulter remembered all to well that evening events,

After Edward had walked away, Asriel had come up to her and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder, she gasped and turned round Asriel smiled slightly at her "you saw?" she asked him worriedly, he nodded "why do you stay with him Marisa?" he asked her, using her first name as they were alone and he was safe to do so, Mrs Coulter looked down and sighed, "he gave me everything I'd always wanted; I home, a name and protection" she said, Asriel put his hands on her face and lifted her head, he then leaned in and kissed her lovingly, Mrs Coulter was surprised and shocked – but she let the kiss go on and didn't try to pull away. Once Asriel pulled away she looked at him, into his pale blue eyes and was lost in them, he then took her hand and brought her away from the place the party was going on at and somewhere they could be alone.

Mrs Coulter had nodded off on the window seat and only awoke when she heard Edwards voice, "GET UP!" he shouted and slapped her across the face causing her cheek to go red and sore, Edward's Daemon bit the Golden monkey hard. Mrs Coulter gasped and awoke at once as did her Daemon, she stood up straight away, "im…. im sorry…I drifted off…I was just…" she said before Edward cut her off, "I don't want your excuses! Now come to bed!" he exclaimed angrily and then turned and went up stairs to the room. Mrs Coulter put her hand to her cheek and held it there for a moment, she closed her eyes wishing that would help to ease the pain, but it didn't she sighed and walked on towards the stairs.

As she was passing the front door heading to the stairs, she heard a yell. She spun her head round and ran to the door and looked out frowning wondering what had happened, she then grabbed the first footwear she could find – a pair of Wellington boots and took her coat from the coat rack and a flash light from the table by the door then ran out into the night turning on the flashlight. She wondered about for sometime not finding anything, and then she saw it – there was a figure lying on the ground ahead, she gasped and ran over, once she got to the figure she noticed it was a young women, younger than herself by the looks of it; with shoulder length brown hair and she was wearing a purple, silky, sleeveless dress – it was freezing outside but the women didn't even look like she was cold, this puzzled Mrs Coulter, she then gasped as she saw the women had an arrow sticking out her arm, she knelt beside the women and lifted her gently. She placed the women's good arm over her shoulder and half carried half walked her back to the house.

Once at the house, she laid the women on the sofa and knelt down, she then pulled the arrow with great difficulty out of the women's arm, the women was screaming and crying in pain, but once the arrow was out the wound then began to heal instantly and the women ceased her crying she looked at Mrs Coulter and smiled, "thank you" she said in a quiet, soft voice. Mrs Coulter's face looked gob smacked, "but…how did you…?" she said, she then had it "are you a witch?" she asked the women, she nodded with a smile "yes, that I am" she said, Mrs Coulter smiled but was still worried about the women, "what ever happened?" she asked her, the women managed to sit up on the sofa "I was flying with my clan, when we were ambushed" she said "I was hit…and I fell to the ground, luckily I managed to stopped myself from crashing to the ground just in time, but the rest of my clan hadn't seen me fall, so they kept on flying"

The women looked at Mrs Coulter, "I thank you very gratefully, I wish there was something I could do to repay you" she said, Mrs Coulter smiled "it really was nothing, I just heard a yell and I came out to see…and when I saw you lying there with that arrow in your arm I couldn't just leave you" the women nodded, she then stood up and went to the door "I must be on my way, I must find my clan to let them know I am alright" she said, Mrs Coulter stood up, "will I see you again?" she asked, the women faced Mrs Coulter and smiled, "I hope so, I shall tell my clan of your good deeds and you will become a great friend of the witches, we will all be truly grateful to you, for if you safe or help one witch, she safe and help a whole clan" she said.

The women went to the front door, "wait!" Mrs Coulter called to her, the women turned her head to Mrs Coulter, "what's your name?" the women smiled "my name is Ariana" she said, Mrs Coulter smiled "im Marisa Coulter" she said, Ariana smiled "Marisa, a lovely name" she said "I do hope we meet again Marisa Coulter" and with that she turned and went out the door and disappeared into the night.