This is wellnoduh speaking! This story I have thought but I never got the chance to really write it. But its really good in my point of veiw.

Also I have written it on my ipod touch, so I was able to write it easly.

so here is my own creation. I havn't seen anybody write these kind of stories.

so here it is

A race for a home in another world, Prologe

Moments before...

"Come on Emily it's going to start any minute" Charlie exclaimed.

"Alright alright I'll be with you in a sec" she said.

"It's Starting now!"

"I'm here" Emily sat down on the couch.

While Em and Charlie were watching The Rise of Darkrai little did they know everything on the tv was live from the pokemon world.

*Pokémon world*

Darkrai knew that this move would use up all the energy that he had left, but he wasn't going to let the town fall in demetional havioc. It would only buy Ash and Dawn a little time before Dialga and Palkia destoried the little town. But the garden and the bell tower was everyones last hope, townsfolk , innocent pokemon, The garden. Darkrai's only true sanctuary from Cresselia's plot destroying. He rememeberes when Alicia said that the garden..."IS FOR EVERYONE!" he screamed after engulfing Dialga and Palkia to his dark void. Holding them both until His power weakened. dialga and palkia eventually escaped, with the pain and loss of power he couldn't move. It was the end for him. The next thing he remembers is a hyperbeam and an aura sphere hurled in his direction.


He dissenegrated leaveing the town in a teenagers hands. (isn't that great! :P!)

Enjoy! ^.^