Darkrai awoke in the middle of the night only to find something warm next to him.

It was Emily.

Darkrai blushed at this not becuase he liked her or anything. It's just she's sleeping next to him seems very unusual for him.

'wait. Isn't she supposed to be having a nightmare?' darkrai thought

He lightly shoke her. Making her wake up.

"What?" emily groned then noticed that she was sleeping next to him. With wide eyes she got out of bed quickly.

"I am sooo sorry!" she excliamed. " I was really tired and I just crawled into bed not realizing-"

"No no it's sort of all right but I have a question did have any nightmares?"

"Surprisingly no, but when i rescused you I found this." and pulled out the charm she found early that day.

Darkrais eyes widened that was a lunar wing charm that you can only get form the pokemon world.

Seeing darkrais reaction em asked " Do you know what this darkrai?"

"Yes I do. It's a lunar wing from cresselia."

"oh so that's what it is! Wow I didn't know they were this pretty!"

"Wait you know what this is?"

"Yeah I know what this is."

"from where?"

"Well in our world there this game called pokemon diamond And pearl and during the game I have-"

"Wait there's a game about pokemon?"

"Yeah! see!" Emily grabbed a black thing a small chip like thing and showed it. It was a ds and game carterage.

"Wow. so that's u knew about me."

"Yep! And over a million people know about you and all the other legendary pokemon. "

"wow this day gets weirder and werider."

Darkrai noticing how Emily looked tired he said "you look tired mabye you should go back to sleep."

She chuckled and said "hmph! the great emily nevers sleeps!" trying to imitate darkrai.

" keep that charm close to you when you sleep."

"Hm hm" and she fell asleep quickly.

Darkrai looked at the girl sleeping on the floor with no blanket or pillow. He grabbed a pillow and a blanket from her closet. Put the pillow under her head and put the blanket on top of her and floated back into her bed.

Emily awoke and looked at her bed. No darkrai.

"hm. that was some crazy dream." she said

"But it wasn't"

"Oui! Flipping cats why did you do that darkrai?"

"What scare you?"

"No spooking me! I hate that!"

"More of a reason to do it then."

Emily just glared at him and whent to the kitchen. What she didn't know darkrai was tailing Emily as a shadow.

"Darkrai I know your-" she looked behind her nothing but her shadow.

"Hm I guess-" she paused. 'Wait shadows don't apper inside the house' she thought and stomped on the shadow.

"Ow!" was what she heard.

"That's what you get darkrai!"

"Oh come on! I didn't hurt you!" he said as he reappered from her shadow.


"Emily who are you talking to?" another voice came from the hallway. It was her brother Charlie.

"just somebody on the phone!"

"Really? Ok!"

Emily took a sigh of relief and said

"Darkrai I'm going to have to tell my brother sometime on how you got here. You know."

"Forget about him tell me how did you find me?"

"ok then well I found you in my pool outside there moments after the movie I told you about."

"Yeah and.."

"Well I found you in my pool being that it's 38 degrees outside and it's a 40 degree in the pool so before you could drown i got you out of there with my clothes and all. Then I picked you up and put you in my bed, so you wouldn't get hypothermia and looks like you didn't. You know the rest of the story right?"

"Yeah. the one thing I don't understand is how did I get into your pool?"

"I do not know that. But I'll think of some possiblites. How about this I go eat and you think of somethings too."

"Ok." darkrai said shocked about what happened and started thinking of possiblites while she whent and ate.

'Hm how did I get here' Darkrai thought.

He was clueless.

While darkrai was pondering, Emily was too. She thought of somethings over munching on cereal.

'Maybe palkia transferd him to a random place in our world. Or maybe…'she thought. After finishing her breakfast she whent over to the tv and whent to the 'rise of darkrai' movie and skipped to the part when he dissinagrates.

"Hey Darkrai get over here!"


"Have you thought of anything?"

"Nope. I'm as clueless as a phsyduck."

"Well I thought of two things. One:maybe palkia tranported you to my world-"

"Nope. Palkia would have to focus on the object and transport it somewhere else, plud it wates energy. So if he did that he would lose to dialga."

"Ok then I have only one idea then. Maybe after when you made that dark viod to trap dialga and palkia. When you dissinagrate-"

"Wait? I dissinagrated?"

"Yeah darkrai you did. You didn't know that?"


"Well I have it recorded on tv. Here let me show you."

Emily played up the recorded movie and whent to the part when he's just powering towards inbetweenthe powerful attacks made by diagla and palkia.

*The tv*

Palkia and Dialga fired the powerful attacks and Darkrai got inbetween. Sucking in dialga and palkia into a nightmare. Ash and dawn noticing this and started to take advantge of the little time they have.

"This garden is for everyone!" Darkrai screamed.

With his power ditererating palkia and dialga escaped. Leaving darkrai paralyized in pain. Fired a hyper beam from dialga and an aura shpere from palkia. Causing an explsion.

Darkrais launched from the smoke and started dissolving away into thin air.

"No! Darkrai!" Alice screamed with eyes full of tears.

Everybody saw this horror happening, even ash and dawn saw this too. Amazed that he was going away from the world. Darkrai gone everybody was losing hope that they would survive.

Then it goes to comershals and it ends.

*The real world*

Minutes whent by after It ended

Darkrai looking depressed on the situation looked gloom.

Emily noticing this asked " hey darkrai are you ok?" with much concern. His eyes looked sad. He sighed out

"Yeah, I am but I need to go outside for a minute." and floated outside. Emily now regreting showing him the part of the movie and whent to her brother's room.

"Hey charlie."

"Hey em... Wow you look gloom what's up?"

"Well how do men deal with great sadness?"

"Well I kind of ingnore it really. Sort of surpressing it. Why who's sad?"

Emily thought on that for a moment before answering.

"How about I show you. Follow me."

"Ok? Can you tell me who it is at least?"


Emily led her brother to the backyard door.

"Wait here."

Emily entered the door seeing darkrai out there.

"Hey darkrai. I would like to intoduce somebody to you. Is that alright?"

He didn't reply. He was in deep thought.

"Darkrai?" Emily waved her hand in his face.

Darkrai snapped out his thought and looked at her.

"What is it that you want Emily?"

"I was saying can I introduce you somebody?"

"Yeah sure as long it isn't a pokemon trainer."

Emily chuckled at this and whent to the door.

She poked her head through the door opening.

"Charlie you can come out to the backyard now."

ok this one was a little bit bigger but only cause i made two chaps into one.