The War Against Drakath

Hello and welcome to my fan fiction story, the War Against Drakath! Two heroes will fight a long struggle against a villain you may know from previous Artix games...anyways, let's start the story shall we?

I was at the top of a cliff, overlooking the field beyond. I had heard lately that a ferocious dragon had kidnapped one of the princesses at Swordhaven, and I was getting ready to rescue her.

My name's Masamune34, by the way. I have been serving the knights at Swordhaven for a long period of time now, and I felt I was ready. After all, I had fought a lot of monsters before. I unsheathed my blade, and was ready to climb down the mountain to get to my destination.

Before I took my first step though, out of nowhere someone pushed me. I started falling down the mountain, with seemingly no way to stop myself. Well, almost no way. Luckily, I managed to grab onto a tree branch. I was already bruised and battered, and I was pretty sure it was a LONG way down. I looked up and saw who had pushed me down. She appeared to be some sort of spellcaster or sorceress, and she wasn't very friendly-looking. She laughed and called down to the mountain, saying "Have a nice trip!"

I was initially ticked off at her, but the anger in my body left me and was replaced with laughter as she suddenly tripped over a rock and started falling down the mountain as well. Unfortunately, the tree branch I was holding onto snapped, and we ended up both falling to our doom.

Well, OK, maybe not to our doom, but we did fall for who knows how long. It seemed like hours. None of us were gravely injured from the experience, lucky for us, but it wasn't fun. I went over to the evil sorceress and stifled a laugh as I said "I guess there is such a thing as karma after all!" "Shut up." She barked back. "Who are you anyway and why did you push me down the mountain?" I asked. I introduced myself and told him my name. "My name's Blackmagic13. Not pleased to meet you." She said that I was in her way, and she was also heading to Swordhaven.

"Interesting..." I responded. It seemed like both of us had the same interests in mind. We decided to team up for the time being, despite what had happened between us just a few minutes ago. Not long afterwards, a blue Moglin came up to us. I had seen some of them before, and heard that they were amazing healers and could heal even the most savage of wounds in a matter of seconds. But this Moglin didn't seem intent on healing us. He was holding a staff lined with skulls and had a cape, but strangely looked somehow cute. He laughed at us and said "Well well well, if it isn't for the fall-guy and the fall-girl!" He laughed at us some more. Apparently, he thought that what had happened to us was a riot.

This immediately set Blackmagic13 off. She went up to him and grabbed him by the toes, and proceeded to squeeze them so hard they lost feeling. "OUCH! Quit it! Put me down!" he said in pain. "Blackmagic13, I think you should put him down. He's just a cute little Moglin." I asked of her nicely. "Just a cute little moglin?" she spat at me. "This guy's evil! Just look at him! The skulls, the cape, the staff, this moglin's not a healer, he's a necromancer!"

"No duh, sherlock. Now would you put me down? I'm losing feeling." the moglin said. Blackmagic reluctantly put him down. He said that his name was Zorbak, and that he had apparently stopped at Swordhaven for the time being. I figured that he must live in Darkovia or another evil place, as I had hardly seen evil at all around the forest or its surroundings. We asked him for directions, and he pointed us at a narrow path over to the right. And so our adventure began...