The War Against Drakath

In this chapter, our heroes shall take down Kitsune…and save everyone from the wrath of the Yokai…it's a moment we've all been waiting for, haven't we?

Chapter 36: The Yokai War

It wasn't much of a surprise when we found various adventurers battling the army of Yokai minions. It looked like there was no end to them in sight…which as it turns out was due to the fact that Kitsune had opened up a portal to the Yokai world, meaning that they could enter the world of Lore as they pleased. How were we going to stop it?

Thankfully, Kitsune had abandoned the Hanzamune sword and left it on the battlefield, so I picked it up and prepared to close the rift…

Unfortunately, the Yokai discovered what I was doing and started dogpiling me…before long they had me surrounded and I wasn't sure what I was going to do.

"Help!" I screeched. I just couldn't get them off me. I had my limits.

Thankfully, Blackmagic13 and Whitemagic7 were ready to help me…they used their magic to help take down the Yokai so that I could get through…even so however, I realized that if I didn't seal the rift, then the monsters would eventually overwhelm Yokai Island…and it would become a far different place, to say the very least.

Using a pile of monsters that my friends and I had defeated, I managed to climb up and seal the portal…but unfortunately, I was clumsy and dropped the sword, which even more unfortunately was found by Kitsune.

"You shouldn't have done that…now I'll have to reopen the rift so that I can bring in more Yokai…but that won't be a big deal…after all, once I have you out of my way, conquering Yokai Island will be made a much easier task." he said.

"Why do you hate humans so much Kitsune? What did they ever do to you?" Whitemagic7 asked.

"It's none of your business." he replied. "Now get off my island!"

Kitsune pulled out his sword, which began the battle.

For a while, he didn't seem that powerful. For one thing, I was able to counter his sword strikes with my own while Blackmagic13 casted her spells and Whitemagic7 healed us whenever we got hit.

Unfortunately, as it turns out, he was able to transform into a fox…while he was in that state, he was a lot more powerful than before, and we weren't even able to damage him.

Thankfully, it was only temporary, and he eventually returned back to normal so that we could fight him again.

"I've had enough of this!" screamed Kitsune.

Suddenly, he created four different copies of himself…we realized then that things were going to be harder than we thought.

Each of the individual clones began attacking us…which proved to be a problem for Whitemagic7, as she now had to heal all three of us at once.

Fortunately, the clones were weak, and Blackmagic13 and I were able to destroy them without too much trouble.

Kitsune was evidently frustrated, and transformed into his true form again. Once more, we were unable to harm him, and we had to wait until he transformed back to his normal form.

"Stop transforming already!" screamed Blackmagic13. Apparently she wasn't very happy whenever she did that…it was making the fight a lot longer.

Eventually however, Kitsune was defeated, and he dropped his sword on the ground. Thankfully, I was quick and picked it up.

Unfortunately, the fox wouldn't give up the fight just yet.

"How about a sneak attack?" he said. And then he turned invisible. Where did he go? I tried slashing my sword around in hopes that one would attack him…

Somehow, I managed to open up a small portal to the Yokai World, causing Kitsune to get swallowed in.

"Nooooo!" he screamed. But it was too late. His fate was sealed.

Shortly afterwards, the portal closed, and the emperor somehow returned back to normal. Apparently the spell didn't work properly when its caster was in a different world.

"What happened? I have this horrible headache…" complained the emperor, clearly unaware that he was in a trance just a few minutes earlier.

"Let's go home, father." suggested Princess Miko. It had been a long day.

I then let out a sigh of relief. I felt a bit sorry for Kitsune though. At least he probably would be better off inside the Yokai World where there would no humans. After all, he never seemed exactly fond of them.

As usual, we said our farewells to everyone that we had helped recently (which naturally was a lot of people given how populated Yokai Island was), as we set sail back to Battleon.

Suffice to say, they were rather happy to see us…but I got the feeling that Drakath was currently plotting to send another Lord of Chaos to cause well…more chaos. Where would he send one this time? They always seemed to pop up in the most random locations…

I read a newspaper about the vampires and the werewolves…apparently, they simply couldn't get along, and as usual they were preparing for war against one another. They were always trying to get each other's territory. Then again, this meant that they wouldn't be attacking innocent people, so I suppose that's a good thing at least.

Little did I know that the true threat to them was underneath their noses…

Well, that's the finale for the Yokai Arc…you should probably know what's coming next…it's going to be spooky…