It wasn't as cold out tonight as usual. Kenny McCormick noticed this as he stepped through the threshold of Clyde's front door. It was said Clyde's birthday today and he was turning eighteen. Yayyy. Kenny was just there for the easy girls and free everything.

Apparently when Clyde announced his parents were away and he was having a party, Bebe took over and "helped" (more like commanded like a party Nazi) Clyde plan everything, and, since Bebe was at the helm, there was plenty of loud music to leave your ears bleeding and booze to take care of the rest.

Although, Kenny had to admit it was nice to hang out with his friends at a party for once. Usually they all couldn't make it to the same party. Cartman would be too lazy, Stan would be caught up in football, and Kyle in his studies. Even Butters came along, and was surprisingly good at mingling and chatting. Kenny supposed that was really the only thing he could do since he refused to drink and didn't seem interested in sex with anybody.

After an hour of trying to figure out which girl he wanted to take up stairs, drinking who knows what out of random cups and bumping into his friends for short talk sessions before they parted ways again, Kenny noticed something odd.

Where the hell was Kyle?

Kyle drove them there. Kyle looked like he was having fun talking with his old flame Rebecca..and then, poof, he was gone.

Ken decided to look for him. He searched the house from top to bottom, and decided to head outside. He was glad he hadn't drank enough to stop caring about where the Jewish kid went. Kyle wasn't much on the sauce, but he would talk and dance with girls.

After moving around people who were hanging around the porch, he checked around back and saw something in the light snow. Something green..and orange, and red.

Kyle Broflovski, passed out in the snow on the way to his car. Kenny was more than confused, a lot more. Kyle didn't drink. Kyle didn't do drugs, and Kyle didn't pass out all willy nilly in the snow. Kneeling down beside the redhead, Kenny noticed he was breathing, and his eyes fluttered a bit. Sleeping heavily. Kenny frowned when he figured someone put something in Kyle's drink, probably to mess with him for wanting to stay sober. Kyle insisted on being their designated driver, and it bothered Kenny that someone would mess with him. He was too nice. Yeah, he got pissed easily, but he tried to help whenever he can.

"Kyle.." Kenny whispered, trying to rouse him from whatever coma he was in. Kyle just laid there. Maybe even snored, Kenny couldn't really make out the noise. So, he poked him. Nothing. He poked him again, then shook him just a teensy bit, and then rolled him onto his back. He thought maybe he was in a good enough condition to drive him home, but, doing this for Kyle, he could only think about his wishes, and the redhead wouldn't want him touching a car even if he only had a sip of alcohol. Kenny wished he could push his conscious back all the time. It was hard to with his friends...well, not Cartman, but with Stan and Kyle, it was difficult.

The McCormick ran a hand through his messy blonde hair and thought. Wondering if he would be in danger if he took him inside, or if he should do anything at all. His conclusion was he should at least help his friend out of the snow. Kenny went to pick him up, but stopped.

He ran a hand through Kyle's hair. Ken couldn't help but smirk at himself. He always wanted to do that, but he thought the Jew wouldn't let him. He took the green hat away, sitting it by his feet clad in beaten up sneakers in the snow. Kenny then gently tugged on one of the little curls, and watched it spring back. He couldn't help himself, so he played with Kyle's hair for a few more seconds, no one would see him, anyway. Not to mention, he liked it. It set Kyle apart from the other kids. Kenny started to feel guilty and stopped. Messing around with him while he should be getting him somewhere safe. He couldn't help it, though, something was clawing at him..and a word kept repeating in his mind.

"Opportunity." That was the word. "Do you know what a great opportunity this is? He's out cold, and no one is going to be here for a while." Kenny mulled over that sentence in his head for a little bit. He did find Kyle attractive. He did like him...

Of course, his courage melted every time Kyle asked him to hang out or talked to him. He wanted to tell him, but, didn't want to risk losing what they already had. Not to mention, he may have had a thing for least, Kenny assumed he did.

However, this was bad. Sweet, red-haired, green eyed, no drinking, no drugs, study hard Kyle...who was their designated driver and great friend, needed help, and he was thinking about himself and nothing else. "Dammit, Kenny McCormick, why do you have to be so selfish?"

He felt ashamed, but, with the way he lived his life, or, rather, lived through death, there were worse things than being ashamed. It was terrible to waste such a gift, and...

Who could resist a passed out Kyle?

Kenny sighed, gently picking up his friend and resting him in a sitting position leaning against the passenger door of his car. He thought about taking him into the car, but, that may have woken him up definitely. Of course, he poked him and shook him and he didn't wake up, but that was a little while ago..

Ken started to become nervous. If Kyle woke up, he'd be pissed. He'd be more than pissed. He'd be Jew-pissed, and that is an awful fate. Not to mention, if someone forgot something in their car, like Kyle probably had...and came out to get it and saw them..

Kenny shook his head. Now or never, and then he'd have the courage to confess to Kyle later. That's right, he was going to be a dirty little bastard just ONE MORE TIME, and then be on the straight and narrow, and try to be good, and hopefully get Kyle's real attention.

He never trembled when he kissed anyone. Not that he remembered, anyway. When he leaned in to kiss Kyle, though, his pale pink lips relaxed in his sleep, he shook. Kenny closed his eyes, trying to fight the nervousness and fear back, and finally kissed him. His lips were warmer than he thought they would be, just like the weather tonight. Kenny was warmer, though, and aimed to help his friend out when it came to a difference of body temperature. Without him knowing, however.

He played with Kyle's hair again, petting it while he kissed him slowly. He was surprised and absolutely ecstatic when he didn't wake up, even when he snaked his warm tongue into the sleeping boy's mouth. Kyle tasted sweet, like cola, which was probably what he was drinking before someone decided to be malicious. Kenny felt a pang of guilt. He was being malicious, too.

Kenny pulled away just to look at the Broflovski boy. He always thought he was beautiful. Yeah, yeah. It sounded gay. It WAS gay, but he did. In his opinion, Kyle was pretty. He had pale skin and shining deep green eyes, and red hair that was a lot more containable than it used to be, in little wisps and curls down to his neck. He paid more attention to the way Kyle looked than most girls.

Kenny's fingers ran from Kyle's hair, down his cheek, and then his neck. He stared at Kyle's neck for a little bit, wanting to taste it. His head was leaned off to the side just a little bit, and Kenny decided he already violated him, so why not. He leaned down, trialing kisses on Kyle's skin, and then licked and gently sucked at his flesh. He listened intently for movement, rustling, waking, anything. Nothing came. So, he got braver, nipping him and suckling harder. He was hard from the moment he started thinking about doing these thing, and pressed himself against Kyle, one of his legs under the other boy's, one over. He sighed at the friction against the Jewish boy's crotch and slowly moved himself over him, hand on the other's shoulder, still afraid he'd wake up and beat him to death. He moved a little faster, pressing himself harder into him.

He pulled away from Kyle's neck and immediately spotted a big bruise he left. "Smart, McCormick." He thought to himself as he stared at it, obscuring Kyle's skin in the most perfect way. The more the friction grew, warming the aching erection in his pants, and the more he gazed hungrily at Kyle, the less and less he cared.

He could've swore Kyle smiled. He watched his lips twitch in what for a second seemed like a grin. He was still out cold, and Kenny rejoiced inwardly to that fact. Getting less worried and more flustered, Kenny moved back a little and unzipped his pants, his hand digging into the confines to bring his member from it, hardened with need and dripping. Kenny growled softly, stroking himself, coaxing out something hidden and even a little bit embarrassed from himself. He leaned forward and kissed Kyle again, his tongue exploring his wet and (especially in this situation) compliant mouth. Kenny took to gazing at him again, moving his hand faster, listening to the small sounds of movement it made, occasionally reminding himself he was outside and looking around to see if he could spot anyone. His conscious was a lot guiltier than he ever let on.

He moved to Kyle's neck again, thinking he already left a hickie so another wouldn't be a big deal. He suckled and bit down at the space that connects the redhead's neck and shoulder. His breath coming faster now, body hot and some sweat appearing on him despite the small snow. His lust was fierce, blinding and taking control over him so easily. He felt a powerful, heated build up coil tightly inside of him. He had no intention of fighting it back. He moaned and thrusted into his hand, biting Kyle and swimming in the beauty of the situation he created for himself. The only way this could be better, is if Kyle were awake and begging Kennny to fuck him.

Kenny back away, feeling his release coming dangerously close, lifting himself up and continuing the fast and reckless work with his hand. He had a bad feeling about what was going to happen, but a good one, too, and he was done conflicting with himself. He gasped, feeling something heavy break, and a spasm inside him pound out in waves of electricity and fire, tearing through him like a torrent of pleasure.

He kept his eyes open, watching while milky hot semen landed in bursts on Kyle's face. Sweet Kyle Broflovski's sleeping, angel face. Kenny tried to repress that thought and grinned tiredly at the depravity of it. He liked his visions of dirty, longing Kyle. Of a slutty, attention wanting redheaded Jewish kid who had sex in public and shibari at the top of his turn-ons list.

Kenny hoped that this Kyle wasn't unattainable and only lived in his imagination, though. He slowly replaced himself, zipping up his pants and not being able to help but stare at the other boy. Sitting, propped up against a car, head hung slightly to the side with his eyes closed. A wet, dripping substance covering his cheek, nose, and chin. Kenny sighed, and wished he had the money to afford a cell phone because he wanted to keep this picture in front of him immortal. Very, very badly..

He wiped the offending liquid from Kyle's face, and put him in the passenger's seat.

Finding the rest of his group in the house, he told them he went off looking for Kyle, found him passed out, put him in the car and thought it was best they got him home. He left a big part out of that encounter, but that was for him and him alone. The rest of them were drinking, and Butters offered to drive them home, since he had actually just walked over to Clyde's.

Kenny loved the very few sober people in South Park. He honestly didn't like to drink too much himself. He put on a show, but, when he got really trashed, he just reminded himself of his parents. That disgusted him.

Everyone thanked the hell out of Butters and Kenny decided to stay with Kyle. Of course, since he didn't want to wake the Broflovskis, he carried, yes, carried Kyle up the tree near his window and managed to get them both in his room safely. Kyle woke up halfway through the tree journey, delusional and mumbling. Kenny just told him he was home and should get some sleep.

He undressed Kyle, confused and muttering with his eyes closed. He found pajamas for him and slipped them on, trying his outmost best not to molest the poor kid again. He managed to not touch him for the rest of the night, except right before he went to sleep, curled up on Kyle's bedroom floor. He kissed his forehead.

The next morning was explaining time. Kenny went through the routine. Passed out Kyle, sober Butters, tree, bedroom. Kyle thanked Kenny, and apologized. Yes, he apologized for something that wasn't his fault, saying he felt bad for not being able to get everyone home safely on his own accord. Again, Kenny wished he could punch his conscious right in the balls.

They decided to hang out for the day. After Kyle stepped out of the shower, Kenny looking up comics on the other boy's computer, he looked confused and pointed at his neck.

"Hey, Ken, when the hell do you think I got these?"

Oh, fuck.

"Dunno." Kenny shrugged, trying to conceal his panic. "It was probably Bebe, she still talks about your hot ass."

Kyle looked pouty and crestfallen. "I don't want to think about it."

Ah, he was adorable. Kenny decided to tease him more. "Who would you want them to be from? Rebecca?"

Kyle shrugged, looking shy now. "I don't know about that, she's more of a friend since the whole whore thing went down..."

"Come on, Kyle, who's our secret crush? I won't tell, I promise! I'll tell you mine." Kenny grinned.

Kyle rolled his eyes. "You've got to be kidding.." He sat down on his bed, thumbing through a book he picked up from his nightstand.

" CARTMAN." Kenny announced dramatically, batting his eyelashes girlishly. "I just love his figure!"

Kyle laughed, shaking his head. "Yeah, he's pretty hot, courtesy of all those cheesy poofs."

Kenny threw himself next to Kyle on his bed, collapsing with an "oof" into the pillows.

"You like Stan, don't you?"

Kyle growled. "Why does everyone think that?"

Kenny just blinked as he rolled onto his back to look at him. "Well, don't you?"

"No!" Kenny's face was introduced to Kyle's pillow.

Kenny pushed the pillow away to find Kyle close to him, nose to nose. "Yes?"

"Its you, stupid." Kyle looked at him seriously. He even looked embarrassed, cheeks turning red. Kenny couldn't help but get excited over it.

"Really? Lil' ole meee?" He pointed at himself, trying to sound like a girl again, but hopeful in truth.

"Chh..." Kyle made a weird sound from his throat. "Puh-lease, you horn dog." He stood up, walking out of the room, telling Kenny to follow him so they could get something to eat. Kyle didn't let Kenny see how red his face was. He knew the blonde wouldn't take him seriously.

Kenny had to admit, he was a bit heartbroken but followed, anyway. Maybe he could convince him some other time...when he had the balls to confess to him like he told himself he would. After all, now, he had to, or his guilt would never stop. Telling him over and over he defiled poor, defenseless, perfect Kyle. Then again, he thought it was totally worth it.