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Sun and Claire were asked to get Kate and if they happened to stumble upon Juliet, to bring her as well to the beach.

For that same reason, although the reason didn't seem urgent, the Korean and blonde Australian set off in the woods direction to find the fugitive.

They hurried their pace upon hearing what sounded like a strangled cry and took off worried about any of them being captured by The Others.

Because they didn't want to startle whoever could be holding one of them captive, or the other way around, they slowed down and hunched behind a set of high grass and saw Kate resting her slightly arched and clothed back on a fallen trunk with her eyes closed.

Claire moved a little to the left to get the complete picture and gasped when she saw a very familiar blonde mane buried between the brunette's legs greedily ravishing the brunette's center, eliciting the loud moans and screams they could hear from a mile away. Although she could tell Kate was trying to keep it down, Juliet's attack on her pussy left her unable to restrain herself from the moans trying to escape her mouth. Whatever Juliet was doing with her tongue, it was driving Ms. Austen crazy.

Sun turned to Claire and scooted closer when Claire motioned her to, and stared inquisitively at the smirking and blushing mother.

"What is it?"

Claire giggled and pointed 'discreetly' towards the writhing woman. "OH!" Sun let out a stream of Korean exclamations. "…!"

"Shh!" The blonde reprimanded lowering herself to the ground pulling Sun with her.

"Is that… is that Juliet?" She whispered agitatedly.

Claire giggled and was about to answer when-

"God! Juliet! Right there!"

The hidden women turned to each other blushing and opening their mouths wide.

"Oh yes… I think that is Juliet." Claire said smirking.

"Oh my God." Sun shook her head in bewilderment. "I thought they hated each other."

"Yeah, well you know what they say, there's a thin line between love and hate."

"You think they are…?"

"I don't know but-"

"Ugh! Yes!"

"You like that?" Came Juliet's husky muffled voice.

"Fuck yes!" Kate shuddered and buckled her hips harder.

They exchanged glances again.

"Never thought I would be a peeping Tom." The Aussie announced smiling goofily and constantly moving to get a better view, with Sun in tow.

The raven-haired cocked her head. "Peeping Tom?"

"You know, a voyeur?"

"At least they don't have to worry about getting pregnant." Sun giggled. "But, I don't understand, I thought Juliet was with Jack and Sawyer with Kate now."

"So did the rest of us. But, none of them are officially together, so I'm guessing they are free to do whatever they want."

"Now I understand why Kate comes out of woods sometimes stumbling and blushing."

"Sun!" Claire chastised.

"It is true! I've seen her and it's funny because whenever I saw Kate, I would see Juliet sporting a smirk and looking shamelessly satisfied. I thought it was because they had been fighting. You know how good Juliet is with words."

"Oh my, Oh God!"

"And her tongue apparently."

They giggled some more like high school girls before Sun turned to Claire. "Maybe we should give them more time to…" She trailed off blushing and gesturing with her hands. "And then we come back to get to the beach. Jack didn't say it was urgent."

"Yeah. I guess you are right, we should make some noise to let them know."

Claire guessed what they were currently witnessing explained why she would notice a goofy grin on her friend's face or why the two women currently having passionate wild sex would be missing for hours, supposedly getting fruit. They were good enough to at least come back with some.

And as Sun had mentioned, and now that she thought about it, she too did notice how Kate sometimes could barely work straight and barely from any phrase that would make sense. She used to blame it on the heat, seeing as Kate always came back sweaty and flushed from the jungle, short-breathed, and they all knew Kate had an adventurer spirit so she didn't worry about her much. Apparently it was some other type of heat.

Knowing this, it would also explain why Juliet's usually neat hair was sometimes an unusual mess and her clothes a little rumpled, with her face red, short-breathed and sweaty and she would see Kate strolling the beach wearing that devilish grin of hers for no reason apparent.

So that meant… Claire gasped; they had been doing it ever since they got back! Oh, you bet she was going to kill Kate. Why hadn't Austen talked to her about it?

Claire jumped when Sun shoulder her lightly. "What?"

"We should go." Sun raised that impish eyebrow of hers.

"Right." She said getting to her feet heading towards the creek's direction.

She couldn't deny it. She loved Kate as a sister but… woah! Kate and Juliet? Kate and Juliet? That is all kinds of hot and sexy and many lusty terms. She couldn't help if it got her a little hot under the collar and for what could see, it got her Korean friend hot as well.

"So uhm, have you ever… you know been with a girl?"She asked upon reaching the creek.

"Me?" Sun seem surprised. "No. No never."

"Huh. Really?"

"Yes. What about you Claire?"

"Is that a proposition?" She asked.

"What? No, no!" Sun blushed and shook her head vigorously.

"Hahaha. Relax Sun. I was just kidding. Yes, I've been with a woman before. You know, teenager, rebelling and all that stuff. And hormonal at best."

"Was she your girlfriend?"

"Well, she was a friend but no, we were… fuck buddies."

Sun chuckled and washed her face and hands. "I see."

"Ugh! Fuck!"

"Oh my God." Sun shook her head. "Kate's never been this loud."

"Aha… and just how would you know about that?" Claire narrowed her eyes at her. "Thought you'd never been with a woman before."

"I resent that implication." Sun swatted at Claire's hand, who laughed in response, and shook her head. "I didn't mean it like that. Two nights ago, I got up to get some water and saw Kate entering Sawyer's tent. I think I don't have to explain why she was there. Then about an hour later I saw her leave his tent and go to hers. I didn't hear anything."

"You couldn't sleep?" Her friend guessed.

"No. I was worried about what Juliet told me."

Claire placed a comforting hand on the Korean's lap. "Don't worry. Everything is going to be alright. We're gonna get off this bloody island. With the scientists here and the helicopter, you're going to have your baby far away from here."

"I really hope so." She paused contemplating the last events for the past week. "There's something about them…" She said referring to the scientists.

"I know. In any case, we should go get them. I don't think they would like Jack to find them like that, so, we are really doing them a favor."

"You just want to see them doing it." Sun accused.

"Oh, like I am the only one." Claire shrugged. "Hey, I'm just doing Jack a favor. Plus, I can't complain if I get an eyeful of what's going on. Call it…collateral damage."

Sun just chuckled along Claire and together they walked back to Kate.

Upon arrival, they noticed two things.

One, somehow the women managed to get rid of their clothing. More like tear their clothing apart judging by the discarded shredded tank top, Claire dully noticed.

Two, it was Juliet's turn to be dominated, mercilessly teased and pleasured.

The women were standing and Kate had Juliet pinned against a tree and her hand rhythmically disappeared between the blonde's legs, with one wrapped around her waist, evoking the blonde's gasps and moans.

What Sun however also noticed, was the way they stared at each other. So raw and intense that made the scene that much more appealing and interesting. How their eyes held their unique fierceness, character, and emotions and how just but a mere connection of their eyes, they could communicate to each other how they felt without the need of words. How deeply connected these women from different worlds were and how much they resembled and understood each other.

The Aussie and Korean stood a good distance away from them and moved stealthily to the path that came from the beach and slowly made their way to Kate and Juliet, speaking in a raised volume and made a lot of noise to inform the others of their presence.

As much time as they had given them, at least two minutes, to break apart and get dressed, they found the women rushing to put their clothes back on and stumbling to do so.

So when they crossed the high set of grass and stopped at the clearing, Juliet had just finished putting her shirt over her head and pasted that indifferent mastered mask of hers. Kate, on the other hand, was caught with her pants midway up, her bum in the air and a rumpled tank top on. Next to her feet, were the remains of what used to be a favorite tank top of hers and, thankfully, hidden underneath it were Juliet's (shredded) panties.

Kate froze when she saw, not one, but two of her friends staring at them in mid shock and a hint of smugness on their expressions.

Just for good measure, the women that caused them to break apart gasped as if in shock.

"I never knew collecting fruit could be this fun." The Aussie sad causing her friend to, both, glare at her and blush. "Uhm… if you two are done collecting fruit, Jack needs you at the camp." Claire raised her brows at Kate before turning away.

Sun just stared at them with the intent of making Kate nervous, which she totally succeeded at, and gave them an unreadable look before addressing them. "Kate, Juliet." And with that she left following Aaron's mother back to the beach.

Finally, Kate and Juliet met Jack, Sayid, Claire, Sun and Jin at the camp.

As usual, they had an alibi. They brought some fruit back with them.

"Great. You're here. Now…" Jack started sharing his thoughts and plans with them.

They all had arrived at the conclusion that they were wary of Dan, Charlotte and Miles, and decided someone needed to get some information out of them.

That is when Claire proposed a candidate. "Juliet seems to have a sharp and skillful tongue." She surreptitiously gave a very meaningful glance in Kate's direction. "She should do it."

Sun suppressed a chuckled and nodded her approval alongside the others.

"Alright." Jack said and moved closer to Juliet giving her one of his gentle smiles placing a hand on her shoulder. "Thank you."

"No problem." She smiled back.

Claire and Sun pretended they didn't see when Kate's back straightened and her muscles tightened when Jack approached and touched Juliet.

They also pretended not to see how she clenched her fists and glared at Jack's retreating back.

And so Claire and Sun exchanged glances over Kate's tensed shoulders before smiling to each other and going their separate ways.

It was definitely more than sex.

But then again, nothing was ever simple when it came to Juliet Burke and Katherine Austen.