Pure True Love

Written by: Dueler312

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Chapter 1

On a November day, Cole was in their bedroom putting something away when Starr walked in. They've had a little trouble with the whole Hannah, James, and Eli problems going around. Eli was found out and was arrested. Hannah decided that she had messed with Starr and Cole's life enough, and decided to move back home, after getting off on the charge of providing false information to the police. James though was still around.

"Hey, what are you doing? " asked Starr.

Cole quickly closed the drawer and turned around, facing his beautiful girlfriend. "I'm just putting some new clothes I bought in the dresser."

"Really," she said, walking up to him, wrapping her arms around Cole. "Do you mind if I see them?"

"Yes, I do," said Cole, "because I think it would be better if I show them to you when they are on me. " Starr just laughed and they shared a quick kiss, which turned into a longer one. They would of kept it up if there wasn't someone didn't start knocking on their front door.

"Can't we just ignore them?" Starr pleaded to Cole.

"I don't think whoever it is knocking is going to stop, Starr, " Cole answered, ending with a giggle. Starr followed with a giggle of her own and a quick kiss to her boyfriend, then went to go see who was at the door. Cole took a look at the drawer for a quick second then headed out right after Starr.

Starr was already at the door and looking through the peephole when Cole came out of the bedroom. "Oh boy, its my Aunt Dorian," she told Cole, as she went to open the door.

"Hello, Starr. Hey, Cole," said Dorian, as she walked in their apartment.

"Hey Aunt Dorian. Is there a reason why you're here?" asked Starr.

"Actually, yes there is, and I'm hoping both of you would love to attend it, even though it is a month away," said Aunt Dorian.

"Attend what, exactly?" Cole wondered. Dorian answered that question by pulling out two tickets and handing one each to Starr and Cole. Starr read out loud, "You have been gracefully invited to a Grand Ball on Christmas Eve at the Palace at 7 pm. Please attend if you can." Starr looked over at Cole and asked, "Well, what do you think, Cole?"

Cole reread the invitation again, and then grinned a smile. Starr and Dorian looked at each other quizzically, and then Dorian asked, "Is everything okay, Cole?"

Cole snapped back into reality, with the goofy smile disappearing from his face. "Oh yeah, everything fine. I was just thinking it would be cool to go, because I get to see you be even more beautiful."

Starr just laughed, while Dorian just said, "Okay, Romeo. Lets save the romantics after I leave, okay." Starr just laughed even more with that comment, but then asked, "Wait, what about the Cramer women Christmas tradition we usually do?"

"Its okay, I actually decided to push that a day back so we'll have it early," Dorian explained to Starr. "Nothing ruining that day." Starr just smiled. Dorian then added, "Well, I have to go. I got other things I need to do, so I'll see you two later. And give little Hope a kiss for me, would you?" Hope was asleep in her room at the moment.

"No problem, Aunt Dorian," said Starr.

"Thanks, and I can't wait to see you guys there. I'll let myself out." And Dorian did just that headed out.

"Okay, that was weird," said Starr.

"It certainly was," Cole admitted, "but I actually like this. I mean its not like we're going to get another prom to dance to, right?"

"That's true," said Starr.

"And plus," he said, walking up to her, wrapping Starr in his arms, "it would be awesome to see you in a gorgeous gown on one of the most magical nights of the year. Starr smiled an extra long and loving smile and reached up to kiss Cole again.

Little did they know, someone was looking into their window, though far away so Starr and Cole couldn't see him. James was still seeing that Starr wasn't happy with Cole, and was still determine to show her that she would have a great life with him.

Starr had gotten rid of all those feelings she had in her for James a while back. She just remembered that she wasn't listening with her heart, and decided what it wanted, and of course, it lead directly towards the man she was in love with and their little girl. James though wasn't believing any of it, and he was still determined, even by the pleads of his brother, Robert, to have Starr at his side. James then disappeared out of there before he got caught peeping.

Back inside the apartment, Starr said, "Well I'm going to have to go find me a gown to wear, and I'm going to go look through the Cramer closet back at La Boulaie before I look anywhere else."

"Hey, I'm pretty sure there'll be something for you to wear, but no matter what you wear, you're still beautiful to me," said Cole. Starr just smiled and rested her head on Cole's front. Their little comfort zone didn't last long as Hope starting crying, signaling the young couple that she was up. "I'll get her," Cole volunteered, and headed to answer Hope's cries. Starr just sat down, and looked at a recent picture of her, Cole, and Hope, where they were in the park. Starr just couldn't imagine her life without those two. Although she got distracted when Cole called Starr for help with diaper duty. Starr just laughed and headed into Hope's room to help.

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