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"The best things in life come in threes, like friends, dreams, and memories."


Chapter Ten


Kendall walked out of the graveyard, not even looking back. It took everything in his power not to destroy Andrew Ford's headstone, which only had his year of birth and death. Nobody put Ford's name in the headstone, just knowing he there was hard enough.

The ally that Ford had been killed in Logan had been attacked in was being filled with a small apartment building, although Kendall knows it will probably go out of business in months. The memories there are just too strong.

Kendall walked down 5th Avenue and into Dr. Albom's office. He took a seat and waited.

Logan was currently inside a room talking to his therapist, Dr. Albom, who turns out was an earlier victim of Ford's and survived. He and his girlfriend were attacked a year ago. He got away, but she didn't.

It was James who convinced Logan to see Dr. Albom. All the boys were seeing him weekly, but Logan saw him daily. In the three months since everything had ended, Logan had made excellent process.

But even Dr. Albom couldn't stop the nightmares. The fact that he woke up screaming and Kendall, James or Carlos had to run in there and comfort him. Dr. Albom didn't stop the fact that Logan would being standing in the middle of their apartment and have to grip a chair, hoping to rid the memory that was playing inside his head like a movie. Dr. Albom didn't stop the fact that he would get scared sometimes by the smallest touch from any of the boys.

Kendall heard the door open and Logan came out. He was no longer pale or thin. The dark circles under his eyes were gone and his ribs were no longer visible. Logan shook Dr. Albom's hand and walked over to Kendall, a smile on his face.

"Ready?" Logan asked.

Kendall nodded his head and stood up. They were going to meet James and Carlos for lunch at a small restaurant near their new apartment. A couple days after Ford died, they moved out of their beat down apartment and into a brand new one a couple blocks away from Dr. Albom's office. Carlos had selected the apartment right after Ford was put into prison.

Carlos. He had admitted to the boys that he had drunk and wanted to run away when things got bad. But now he was staying and has been sober for three months, and doesn't feel the urge to grab a bottle. He's energetic and fun again and wears his helmet in public, not caring when people stare. He's Carlos Garcia again, and Kendall wouldn't change a thing about him.

Kendall watched Logan ran his hand through his short, dark brown hair. Logan had gotten it cut right away after he was released from the hospital. James was growing his long again. As he put it, "If things are going back normal, then I want to be James Diamond the right away." He then whipped out his luck comb, which made the other three boys laugh.

That just left Kendall. He had apologized to Carlos and James for his actions and the fact that he had changed. Sometimes, like Logan, he woke up in the middle of the night screaming. Even James and Carlos woke up screaming too, but not as much as Kendall and certainly not as much as Logan. Kendall's nightmares would be filled with Ford's laughter. He would be running to his friends, and then the laughter would start. Then a tidal wave of blood would come through, and Kendall would never reach his friends. When he woke up, covered in cold sweat, he would remember that Ford was dead and he was Kendall Knight, a natural born leader. And he had resumed that role.

But Ford's last words still echoed through his head last night. Most of Kendall's nightmares were filled with Ford's last words that had been addressed to him. When the police did a search of Ford's apartment, they had found multiple files on Kendall. The police told Kendall that Ford viewed him as an equal, someone who could defeat him. Ford saw himself in Kendall. His last words to Kendall were actually to himself.

Kendall and Logan walked into the restaurant. Carlos was helping James into who seat, who was finally staying on his crutches and not fighting someone. All that fighting against Ford had damaged his leg more. The doctors said he would probably require knee surgery later in life, but if he followed their instructions and stay on his crutches for the next month, then he may not need surgery later on.

"Hey." Carlos greeted. He went to walk to his seat, but tripped over James's crutches. He popped up and tapped on his helmet.

"Good thing I got this baby." Carlos said with a laugh.

The boys took a seat and look over the menu, asking each other what they should get. A waitress took their orders and Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan began to talk about where they should stop first on their cross country trip that had been delayed by Ford's escape. They agreed on Las Vegas. Then they started on a four way debate over hockey, laughing and enjoying every moment. Life had never felt so right for them than it did at that moment.

The End