For all of his genius Izumi Koushirou still hadn't seen through Taichi's actions until it was too late. The leader had kept his back turned towards the group as he confidently yelled that he had a plan. Koushirou himself had seen the brunette conversing with Gennai, so he hadn't doubted Taichi, but the red head should have known. He was Taichi's best friend. He should have known. Never since they had met had Taichi not faced the group as equals. Through every battle and every victory Yagami Taichi had taken his place as the leader of the digidestined and faced them all with a cocky smirk and melting brown eyes.

And oh Taichi's eyes held the sun. They were the sun as far as Koushirou was concerned. Even now they shined brighter over any explosion, any flame that ignited on the battlefield. Taichi's eyes had special powers. They weren't exceptionally sharp, nor were they an unusual color, but the brunette's eyes had always held more of Taichi than anything else. When Taichi was happy his eyes shined, bringing happiness to others. When Taichi was sad his eyes melted making his friends immediately take notice. Taichi was not Taichi without the power of his eyes and Koushirou would have given anything then, anything at that moment to erase the anguish that exuded like beacons from Taichi's muddy irises.

Of course the Digital World was in danger again, when was it not? Just when the digidestined had begun to get on with their lives this new threat had shown up. It was unlike anything they had ever seen, a great miasma on the sky killing the clouds and the rain that weeped from them. Even with multiple jogressed, ultimate, and mega digimon their attacks fell uselessly upon its intangible shell. Taichi had been earnestly fighting with the rest of their friends before Gennai had called him away. Koushirou knew not what they spoke of, nor could he see his friends face, but Taichi's shoulders had straightened before he turned around and stiffly made his way back to the battle. He should have known it then. Koushirou knew Taichi better than anyone. Their leader never walked alone into battle if the rest of the digidestined could help it, but Taichi cut through the middle of the group, Agumon close behind, through the fires, through the rubble, each step heavier and heavier before he stopped only yards away from their new enemy.

It was then that Koushirou knew.

He knew it in his soul like he knew the nuances of his bond with Tentomon. He knew it in his heart where he kept the memories of his friends and loved ones.

Yagami Taichi had a plan, but he was not expecting to live through it.

As the black flames engulfed his best friend and his leader, Taichi turned towards Koushirou, brown eyes liquid pools of anguish, and muttered one word through broken and bloody lips.


Koushirou didn't realize he was screaming until Taichi and the miasma both faded from view, twinkling lights on the wind. And what Koushirou would always remember most about that day would always be Yagami Taichi's eyes.


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