The 7th Child



Before that day Izumi Koushirou could not have told you yet a lot of things about life. He could not have told you what Digimon were or how they could be the greatest of friends or the most lethal of enemies. He could not have told you what it meant to be a digi-destined nor how it felt to have the burden of two world's survival on your shoulders. He could not have told you about the alien flora and fauna of the digital world or how that world itself ran parallel with his own. He could not have told you what it was like to be a young man who had wanted to go to soccer camp but had been denied by his well-meaning mother at the last minute or how he would one day wish he had been there the day when the snow fell lightly not shielding the digivices that shot like stars from the sky into the hands of a group of oblivious but extraordinary children. He could not tell you of the adventures one might have in the DigiWorld nor how those adventures would form long lasting and true bonds of friendship.

However, Izumi Koushirou could have, that day, told you many things about how his own world functions. He could tell you how entrenched technology was into the global society. He could tell you exactly what stars were made of and why people couldn't possibly touch falling ones. He could tell you the total population of the world despite not knowing it's connection to the Digital World. He could tell you the disappointment he had felt when he was not allowed to go to camp. But most of all Izumi Koushirou could tell you as of today, with chilling clarity, what it felt like to be run over by a train or rather a tall tan boy with chocolate eyes and ferocious looking hair that seemed to reach towards heaven defying all the laws of physics.

Yes, he could tell you how that felt.

It felt as if his life had suddenly changed and there was no going back.

It was exhilarating.

-AN: I never much cared for the 'what if' scenarios, but this story idea wouldn't leave my head so here it is. More soon.